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  1. Thanks guys. I have an idea of what it entails but yeah we have no 'official' treasurer. Our troop is very very small and so any 'exorbitant' monies missing couldn't happen as we just dont have those funds in the account. And our former charter rep is the one who stepped down and into the committee chair position. We have an excellent assistant scoutmaster whose son is 16. Our current scoutmaster is young, 25 and IMO too immature for that position but even he agrees to me coming back in. I was like, "I thought I was done once my son made Eagle and 18". Apparently not. Thanks for the
  2. I was asked to come back to be the committee chair for our small troop since Im the only one that remembers how they should be run and has been committee chair and secretary. Basically there has NOT been a committee meeting since my son made Eagle in June 2016. To write checks they basically called each other. I believe that at the least I should get some sort of approval record on paper for the spending of monies. But how do I deal with the time in between? thanks
  3. We have a boy who is not disabled and can swim he just will not jump in over his head and do the swim test. Because of this, he is at Tenderfoot rank for about 2 yrs. We have tried a number of times to help him get over this fear but its not working. Can he use a life jacket when he jumps in and/or face mask that covers his eyes and nose? Like I said he CAN swim its just the jumping in that is the problem. CAN he use the life jacket?
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