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  1. This is no joke. This spring, during the pine siskin irruption and concurrent salmonella outbreak, online birding groups sounded just like online corona discussions. One I'm in had to ban "feeder shaming" when people who'd never seen a sick bird did not go above and beyond recommendations and remove all their feeders for a month. People posting old pictures of birds at feeders felt the need to qualify their descriptions by explaining that the photos were not recent. Lots of ugliness.
  2. They get along okay. . . They tend to expect the worst of each other. One wants to turn everything into a competition, but not the kind that makes you better. I find myself saying, "It's not a competition" way more than I should. I know he will insist that his troop is better. They enjoy different aspects of Scouting and I think they pretty much ignore each other at events. They've never seemed to mind going together. I want the days back when they were best friends.
  3. Anyone have two kids in different troops? We moved and my boys have zeroed in on two separate troops. We can do it but I worry about brotherly harmony. Would love some advice from someone who's been there.
  4. Do people really think that it's not okay for a Scout to tent with his parent? I mean, I get the separation if you are running a regular program. But when there are suddenly rules that say that the Scouts themselves are not allowed to be near one another, and the solution is to invite more people on a campout, the problem is that people who live in the same house can't sleep in the same tent?? Please tell me I misunderstood the original question.
  5. "Most questions were 70% to 90% in favor of adding girls. " This is true. The QUESTIONS were in favor of adding girls. We don't bother with BSA surveys any more. They're already sure of our answers.
  6. I wouldn't worry about this at all. There are no uniform police.
  7. So jealous of all these experiences. We are allowed groups of no more than five, so no camping and very little in the way of get togethers until, I guess, there's a vaccine. It's Zoom meetings for the foreseeable future.
  8. I wish someone would tell our governor that. But then, practicality has never been her strong suit.
  9. In NM we are on stay at home orders until there is a vaccine. Restaurants are still not allowed sit down service, and masks in public are mandatory. I cannot imagine our governor welcoming visitors from out of state. Also, all big announcements are made at the last minute. Church services were cancelled the day before Easter. Restaurants were under the impression that they might be able to open on Friday, until the governor's news conference at 4:00 on Wednesday. Forget planning and preparation.
  10. Yeah, I would expect Philmont to be closed. Our governor has declared that our whole state is in this together. More than half our cases and deaths are concentrated in two counties (northwest part of the state--lots of reservation land) but she is not willing to consider different regions. Also, while eyeing a reopening that will be based on "our behavior," this week she has already chastised us for not doing what we are supposed to do, based on "data and personal observations." We are still limited to gatherings of five. If your family has more than 5 people, you can be at home together,
  11. I was just talking to my kids about this, but in the context of school. If a school's primary goal is safety, why would I send them there? If that's my priority, I can do a much better job of that at home. I send them to school for an education, and to interact with and learn from lots of other kids and teachers, etc., not to be "safe."
  12. As a family we're using the time off from school to work at the food bank--lots of volunteers not showing up but folks need the food now. We're around other people but what the heck else are they gonna do? Before this my son had been looking for a conservation-type service he could do for rank, but they're shutting down the outdoors here so that'll have to wait.
  13. What about using a bedsheet, as though the Scout had to wrap up in it when they took his clothes? Or a bathrobe if you can bring in props ahead of time. . . might not be funny enough though. . .
  14. Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace are Webelos requirements.
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