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  1. I wouldn't worry about this at all. There are no uniform police.
  2. So jealous of all these experiences. We are allowed groups of no more than five, so no camping and very little in the way of get togethers until, I guess, there's a vaccine. It's Zoom meetings for the foreseeable future.
  3. I wish someone would tell our governor that. But then, practicality has never been her strong suit.
  4. In NM we are on stay at home orders until there is a vaccine. Restaurants are still not allowed sit down service, and masks in public are mandatory. I cannot imagine our governor welcoming visitors from out of state. Also, all big announcements are made at the last minute. Church services were cancelled the day before Easter. Restaurants were under the impression that they might be able to open on Friday, until the governor's news conference at 4:00 on Wednesday. Forget planning and preparation.
  5. Yeah, I would expect Philmont to be closed. Our governor has declared that our whole state is in this together. More than half our cases and deaths are concentrated in two counties (northwest part of the state--lots of reservation land) but she is not willing to consider different regions. Also, while eyeing a reopening that will be based on "our behavior," this week she has already chastised us for not doing what we are supposed to do, based on "data and personal observations." We are still limited to gatherings of five. If your family has more than 5 people, you can be at home together, but not in public together. Even before the spike in northwest NM I was not hopeful that Philmont would open. It would be a long trip too if you flew here, because the executive order says you have to quarantine for 14 days if you arrive in a plane. I don't see any of this changing enough, in time, for this summer.
  6. I was just talking to my kids about this, but in the context of school. If a school's primary goal is safety, why would I send them there? If that's my priority, I can do a much better job of that at home. I send them to school for an education, and to interact with and learn from lots of other kids and teachers, etc., not to be "safe."
  7. As a family we're using the time off from school to work at the food bank--lots of volunteers not showing up but folks need the food now. We're around other people but what the heck else are they gonna do? Before this my son had been looking for a conservation-type service he could do for rank, but they're shutting down the outdoors here so that'll have to wait.
  8. What about using a bedsheet, as though the Scout had to wrap up in it when they took his clothes? Or a bathrobe if you can bring in props ahead of time. . . might not be funny enough though. . .
  9. Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace are Webelos requirements.
  10. I was thinking about this too, as I make the program for our Crossover celebration. I'll list all my Webelos IIs as earning AoL, but how do I word it for the Scouts crossing to a troop? Congratulations, Scouts, now you are Scouts? I think I will just call them Boy Scouts. They are boys, they are Scouts, in an organization called BSA (Boy Scouts of America). If the people getting paid couldn't come up with something better, how can anyone expect a lowly volunteer to?
  11. What's wrong with a boy thinking of himself as a boy, or a girl thinking of herself as a girl? They don't become genderless when the Scout meeting begins.
  12. Change is hard. Whether it's school or Scouts or a job, making a jump is hard. But after you do it, you'll wonder what took you so long.
  13. There is a movement now, a big movement, to accept statements of identity from kids at face value, without question. This movement expects ALL to comply--parents, doctors, teachers, anyone in contact with the kid. We are told that to not accept these statements, and to not encourage them along this path, is harmful. However, this is not "settled science." This movement is social in nature, and the evidence that accepting as fact a new self-identity is helpful, is not there. There is a call for more research. As Scouters, are we helping or harming these kids by encouraging them along this path, as this new social movement demands? Some feel that doing something is better than doing nothing--the child can always change back later, if he was wrong. Unless he goes too far, and biological changes are made before full maturity, self-realization, and the capacity to make huge, life-altering decisions are reached. Unless the social implications turn out to be too much for a child to deal with. As a person of responsibility in a child's life, I do not want to be complicit in encouraging a such a decision before maturity. So what, as Scouters, are we to do with these kids? How do we accept them for who they are, when they can't yet know, with certainty, who they are at this stage? How do we stand up for them, and their need for space and time to mature, when the social tide is pushing them to make decisions they are not ready for?
  14. "It's about keeping kids safe." What is about keeping kids safe? The Scouting program? The concept of free range kids is exactly not that--it's not about keeping kids safe. It's about giving kids the freedom to grow. Now, you can add some safety in there. But that's not what free range is about. Free range accepts risk as an inherent and necessary part of life. When safety becomes the foremost concern, you've lost free range.
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