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  1. @5thGenTexan -- great job! Thank your for working with the boys.
  2. Sorry, I used the down to show disagreement, and wasn't sure if I'd make my own post about skorts or not.
  3. I will throw 2 cents in and say -- I think the skorts and socks are fabulous. Now, they may not be practical for camp wear, but they are modest, appropriate and good-looking for meeting wear, they give girls an opportunity NOT to look like the boys, and they make a great look for photographs. Yes, photographs, and we live in a Facebook - Instagram digital camera world where there will be many photos of girls in Cubs. Personally I was hoping for dusty purple shirts for the girls (LOL), but keeping the navy uniform and adding a skort is great, IMO. There's no harm, and sharp uniforms
  4. I'm curious because I haven't much experience with council -- what does a high revenue event look like? Our events seem mostly reasonably priced.
  5. Sorry, uniforming is above your pay grade. Don't stress over skorts. The scout shops will have what is proper, and your unit can push the official uniform as their standard.
  6. Our Pack has not even discussed girls yet. We have other stuff to work on, specifically Blue and Gold and Pinewood Derby. After that we will likely talk about girls for the next school year's planning.
  7. For $25,000 you can get a Lapel Pin! Cha-ching! The Second Century Society https://www.bsafoundation.org/donor-information/secondcentury/ And for $100,000+ to $1 million gifts, there are other goodies -- Rockwell prints, crystal, etc. And probably a lifetime of letters and emails asking for more donations.
  8. Well, I'm a person who might buy a knot someday, just because I feel like it, and whatever you choose to think of me, I'm not that concerned. You should focus on your own achievements. I didn't go for the den leader knot, won't have enough time in service as Cubmaster to go for the unit leader award, I might not get to enough roundtables for the Scouter Training award and our unit doesn't do JTE. So I'm not really going to get any knots, and that's OK. I don't mind a simple uniform, and I wear a 4 year service star (when I remember to put it back on after laundry). But if I wanted to
  9. I think this is cool, and perhaps not that different from what Philmont was already doing. As I understand it, if a leader was going for training programs, they have programs in place for family members of leaders including girls.
  10. It's not all that different. You donate $100 to PBS and get a $3 towel, or you donate $100 to PBS. The towel is an incentive, and it works.
  11. That is what the true concern is. Is wearing the knot a display of wealth, or a display of support for the council, a display of an honor given, or all or any of the above? Is it like wearing a Rolex or carrying a designer purse? (though those cost a lot more) How people will view it depends on their own attitudes. ETA: Here's the thing, the BSA doesn't just run on volunteer support, they need financial support too.
  12. But if you work to save up $1,000+ and donate it to your council, isn't your labor the earning part? I agree that it's an example of thrifty and generosity that fits into Scouting. If I wanted to donate $5k and put a knot on each of my family members, I could, and, I really love our council camps and would not mind supporting the council in that way. It is a different kind of knot and perhaps the oddest knot, but I don't think it's wrong or bad. Wearing a weird knot might be fun and only the nerdy Scouters would look it up -- you know who you are! LOL. And I don't think many
  13. Oh baloney. We are going to our library's wine tasting party next month and sponsoring a table. (It's not very expensive to do so.) A local liquor store and their vendors donate all the wine and spirits, and local restaurants donate all the food, and it's a wonderful event, and the names of the donors are on the tables. It's a great way to do fundraising. Some charitable giving is quiet, other giving is not quiet. Neither is wrong.
  14. I've looked at this, isn't it interesting? I don' t have any knots, but I could Buy-A-Knot with a $1,000+ donation to our Council. It is a little weird, but I don't see it as bad. Donors should be thanked, and everybody likes bling.
  15. I think I should edit out my two personal peeves -- the food and adults talking. It's cleaner and less about my preferences. The den leaders can manage these things.
  16. I view snack time as a tool to keep the kids busy and chewing so they can listen to some boring content from the handbook. Sometimes you have to give a short talk, and it's easier for them to listen when they are stuffing their faces. We did not always do snack, but when we did snacks, I tried to use the time strategically.
  17. I am more concerned with the kid bringing in an apple or fast food and finishing dinner at the beginning of the meetings.
  18. Ah! No above the knee skirts! I think the dress code where I worked once was 2" above the knee max. This one is a little short.
  19. convicted or conflicted? LOL. This one and the bringing in food were my two biggest pet peeves as a DL. Kid coming in with a slurpee and seriously, slurping during a presentation -- doh! For talking parents should be social but they have to keep their voices down or go in the hall so the kids can hear the meeting without distraction.
  20. Our council runs two great camps, and they offer great programming for kiddos. So it's not all bad. I appreciate those camps and we have made a lot of memories there!
  21. I know how to sew on patches!!! Lookee here.... Son #1 (first patch Mammal Study) and Son #2 (first patch Nuclear Science, really!) Now I need to teach the boys how, but when I was an early teen I did stuff like counted cross stitch. I'm not sure how to teach them to sew. Maybe that's s Dad job. Side note, I am learning to knit... Yes, I'm showing off my kids's sashes! I'm a proud Scout momma.
  22. I'm just going to commiserate and share what I think is some ridiculousness in our own Troop. Troop library needs updating. I suggest that the Librarian be given some money (modest amount) to go buy books. What they do -- they send three uniformed adults to the Librarian's house to go through the library with the librarian. My husband was one of the ones to go and I grilled him a little before giving up -- why does it take three adults to do this? Why couldn't the kid just do it himself with a little instruction and review? Duh. So sorry about the tents.
  23. Hey Scouters, I drafted the following today -- posting for any comments or suggestions. Background: We have a few vivacious kids and adults in our organization! LOL! Pack XXX -- Being a Loyal Scout Dear Scouts and Scout Families, The Boy Scouts of America says, “Young Scouts tend to be noisy, active and full of energy.” How true it is! While we honor the boys’ energy and enthusiasm, it’s vitally important that we help them practice good behavior and develop the strong character attributes of Scouting. The Scout Law A Scout is Trus
  24. My boys are years away from doing Eagle projects, but I have a few back pocket ideas that they will probably reject, and that's OK. Our older son is a nature boy and doing something for our school forest is in his range, or doing a project at either of two nature centers that he really likes. Middle son loves dogs and helping animals is right up his alley. Youngest is still a cub scout but he plays hockey and his hockey club home rink looks like it could use some updating and maintenance help. Just a few ideas, but we'll see what they come up with later!
  25. Yeah, my husband doesn't want to be the adult that interferes for his kid. My oldest is 13, and the other boys are probably 15 and 16 or 17. In the social skills classes, he has learned to observe people and choose the people that he has things in common with to be friends with, and I get the impression that my son would very much like to be friends with both of these boys, who are in his patrol. (My son and another boy are the two youngest in the mixed age patrol, but I don't know if the two of them have found much in common.) ETA: my son's issues are minor, it's not a big obvious dis
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