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    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    $60 was about what I was guessing. $5/month. Easy to do the math. Hopefully it will stick around for a while. I'll have to plug the numbers into my budget spreadsheet, but a small increase in our annual dues + a bit of belt tightening elsewhere and we should be ok.
  2. Chisos

    possible fee increase coming

    But the leadership does not have to be of scouts. The candidate could lead a group of friends from the marching band, or the football team, or the church youth group.
  3. Chisos

    Help With Internet Advancement

    That's exactly it (even the part about getting the badges recorded so an Eagle app can get turned in!)
  4. Chisos

    Help With Internet Advancement

    So, my cheat sheet from before seems to not be working anymore. When attempting to enter a merit badge, I get to the "Item" field and instead of popping up a list of MB's to pick it just says "No Data". Is anyone else seeing an error like this?
  5. Chisos


    My son got a youth survey to do, though he hasn't done it yet. I haven't received anything myself (targeted to adults).
  6. Chisos

    Limit for Cub Scout nights of camping

    In what context? Our council (and many others) host 3-night (at least) Cub Resident Family Camps each summer.
  7. Chisos

    possible fee increase coming

    $50 or $60. You can call $50 a "dollar a week". Kind of like an "hour a week." $60 is $5 / month. Round number that's easy to use. Anything past that, parents are really going to need to see added value...drops in cost elsewhere, or more support/material/etc. provided. Maybe $100 / year, but that includes 8 belt loops, one rank patch, a cap-slide-necker set, and a partridge in a pear tree.
  8. Chisos

    divvying up costs for meals

    Our general practice is to charge a "troop fee" for campouts ($10-20, based on campout, covers campsite fees, transportation, troop gear like propane, etc.). Patrols get their own food, and deal with the cost themselves. The "ideal" is that they plan a menu, grubmaster shops, then divides cost by attendance and the boys pay up. In practice, it rotates...a given scout may be they "buyer" once or twice a year, and it more or less evens out, instead of settling up after each individual campout.
  9. Chisos

    Annual Planning Conference question

    We let the PLC that is elected 6-months-in review the plan and make changes if needed. Nearly every time *something* has come up that's going to require a change anyway.
  10. Chisos

    merit badge sash q2

    Agreed. I'd assume most Scouts their their first MB while Tenderfoot rank or so, so maybe add, for 2nd Class: "Without assistance, sew a merit badge onto a merit badge sash."
  11. Chisos

    Help With Internet Advancement

    This is my "Cheat Sheet" for IA2.0. It seems to work. This is for only reporting completions, not tracking partials or individual rank requirements or anything like that. You have to be a "Key 3" to have access; if you are not, one of your Key 3 can give you Key 3 Delegate access then it should work. 1. Go to scoutbook.scouting.org . 2. Log on using my.scouting.org login/password (same one used for Youth Protection Training). 3. Check the box next to a scout’s name. 4. Click on “Record Advancement”. 5. Put in the date, type and item. 6. If you need to put in another item for that scout, click on “Save and Approve Another”. If that’s the last one for that scout, click on “Approve and Finish.” 7. Select the next scout, and repeat the process. 8. When you are done, make sure no scouts are checked, and click on “Run Report” then “Advancement Report” 9. Print the advancement report, and take it to the Scout Shop to buy awards.
  12. Chisos

    New Committee Chair for a New Troop

    CC here. A few things off the top of my head. I'll probably come up with more late 1. Make sure you and the SM have the same vision for the troop. If there's already a SM in place be sure to sort this out. 2. You've got to, for the most part, defer program decisions to your SM. You're there to make the program happen, not to deliver it. This is easy if you and the SM have the same vision (see #1). We have a "running joke" in the troop that I'm the boss until the troop meeting/campout starts, then "management hands it over to operations" and I take a back seat for the SM to run the show. 3. Probably the most difficult part is making sure all the grownups are on the same page. If you've got a SM and and ASM that thinks they're the SM it's a recipe for problems. Your job is to nip that in the bud. 4. Delegate, but do it selectively. Make sure you've identified someone's strengths and weaknesses before assigning them a job. A mismatch means something doesn't get done then you have to do it. 5. Don't read too much into the "org chart" that has the SM reporting to the CC. Yes, if the SM isn't working out it's your job to deal with it. But in practice you need to consider the SM-CC pair as equals with different responsibilities, both necessary to properly deliver the program. I've been in the gig for about three years and about have it down ( I think). I deal with the paperwork, organization, logistics, that kind of stuff, and leave the program deliver to the SM and ASMs. Works great for me, I can get all the "grownup stuff" lined up then go on a campout and just chill while the SM deals with the program aspects.
  13. Chisos

    Insurance for Another Council Required

    That is a bit odd (I think). There are two types of BSA Insurance. Councils can (and most, if not all, do) purchase an accident/injury/health policy that covers injuries/illnesses that come up on a Scouting event. This is acquired at the Council level, though most have similar or identical polices (I think). The other insurance is BSA's general liability policy (since you said $1M, that sounds like what they are asking about). It is (I'm pretty sure) obtained by the National Council and covers all local councils. Your council service center should be able to provide a proof of insurance for either. Though it would seem odd of one council to ask another for the liability policy, since the same one covers all of them. The insurance most of us are talking about providing when camping out of council is the first one (the accident/medial policy). The general liability policy is more commonly requested when using non-Scout facilities for an event (say, a council-sponsored camporee is held on the grounds of a local community park, or something like that).
  14. Chisos

    Insurance for Another Council Required

    I've see this for summer camp--we typically go out of council, and the camps we go to request proof of our home council's accident/injury/health policy. Most (I'd assume all, but I could be wrong) have those; they are secondary to a scout's personal health insurance, but do provide some coverage if personal health insurance falls short or if the scout/scouter is uninsured. We just get a proof-of-insurance document from the council office before we leave and turn it in when we check in at camp.
  15. Chisos

    Crossover schedule

    We've had crossover in the Jan-Feb range the past few years. It gives scouts a few months to get used to the troop and then increases the odds they go to summer camp. If they go to summer camp the first year, they tend to stick around and stay with the program.
  16. Chisos

    Can the Patrol Method Be Revived?

    i think this is a very important point. Perhaps we should more strongly encourage patrols to form around other things the scouts do...the "soccer patrol", the "band patrol", the "science club patrol", etc.
  17. Chisos

    merit badge college patches

    I'm guessing you're talking about the participant patch from a college's "Merit Badge Day"? No rule says an adult can't wear a patch like that as a temporary patch, sewn or hanging from the button on the right pocket. My "rule of thumb" is you can wear a temp patch from any event you participated in. So, if the adult helped organize the event, or was a merit badge counselor at it, then sure. If they didn't participate in the event, I'd suggest not wearing it. But that's just my opinion, not an official "rule".
  18. Chisos

    OA election nights

    I'd say it a "you make the call" as SM. The "objective" criteria is three nights or less. Does it "count" if he goes for two nights of a five-night camp? Food for thought for the group: Do you camp to be eligible for OA, or are you eligible for OA because you camp? Are the "rules" there to define only what "counts" or to exclude that which doesn't? Does a 4-night campout count in any way for OA eligibility?
  19. Chisos

    OA election nights

    The scout had no other camping in the previous two years? On one hand...10 nights of short-term camping over two years really should not be a difficult goal to meet if a scout is active in the program. On the other hand...life happens...maybe there's other things going on that prevented the scout from getting the camping nights. Other meaningful activities, family issues, who knows. If he only needs two nights, is there another troop around that is camping soon he could go with? Or a cub scout pack having a campout he could help with? The point of this requirement is not just the number of nights; it's consistent participation in the program (i.e. more frequent camping).
  20. Chisos

    OA election nights

    How long was this campout? If 3 nights or less, it counts as short-term camping. If not, he already has his long-term nights from NYLT--so if this is, say summer camp (6-7 nights) it would not count toward eligibility (as least, as I understand the rules). What I'm getting at is, I'm pretty sure you can't take a subset of the nights from a long-term camp and use them toward the 10 nights of short-term camping.
  21. Chisos

    Uniforms for Committee Members

    Here's where I've ordered it from: https://www.thegoosescache.com/index.php/scoutshirthookandloop/
  22. You may want to also look into the Swim and Water Rescue course...it goes over the practical application of Safe Swim Defense as well as in-water rescue practice. Good course, geared toward adults who are supervising aquatic activities. And you are correct, SSD says "response personnel," not "lifeguards". So, that does not require a certified lifeguard, but someone with the knowledge/ability to rescue a swimmer who gets in trouble in the conditions of that particular swim. So, it could be an older scout or young adult who has Lifesaving MB if that was appropriate for the conditions.
  23. Chisos

    Webelos AOL & Crossover

    Ours finish AoL whenever they get it done, but we do crossover as a group.
  24. Chisos

    Worst things you seen taken to summer camp

    Full suit of armor. Chainmail and everything. It found use in a campfire skit, so there's at least that.
  25. You'll need to do IOLS before Wood Badge, because you need to first be "trained for your current position" before taking Wood Badge. As ans ASM, IOLS is part of that. Take Wood Badge when you want to do it, not because someone says you have to. "My personal opinion" is that a good time for WB is after you've been active as a leader for 3-5 years. And, you need to be comfortable camping--WB is not an outdoors skills course, but you're out in the woods for it. Folks who are new to Scouts and/or camping who jump right into WB sometimes don't have as good a time with it.