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  1. Hello I have a scenario where I feel we need to move into the modern world with the BSA "Medical Form". One of our scout Parents, who is in charge of maintaining physical copies of all the forms, recently had a family emergency which prompted her to depart the state for extended time frame. For all intents and purposes, she is not a "Unit Leader" (important to note, please see attached image). She is a volunteer parent, and merit badge counselor. With that said, we recently had a camping event in which the physical Form C was required to be presented at Camp check-in, in accordance with past practices. However the only person "holding" this form was the above parent volunteer, who was now out of town. the Troop had a mini panic attack and quasi emergency as a result. We realized having one adult as the "keeper" of the forms was single point of failure. Ideas: 1. When scouts get their Form C signed by their doctor/medical provider, have TWO forms signed. One form (call it "Scout copy") is kept at the scouts house, by the scout, and one form is kept at the "Form Keepers" location ("master copy"). However the form keeper/adult volunteer is to MAINTAIN these master copies and NOT open up the file to retrieve forms each time a camp occurs. For camps and other activity, the youth HIMSELF brings the "Scout Copy" (indeed, with the doctors original signature). This also builds a sense responsibility and accountability for the youth. The adult volunteer "form keeper" will continue to review forms for expiration and remind youth members to keep things up to date. 2. Scan the Form C into a PDF and email them to the "Form Keeper" adult volunteer. The original remains with the youth, which he brings to camps/activities as outlined in #1. This "digitizing" of Form C appears to be in conflict with the BSA guidance that Records are NOT to be digitized, scanned, sent by email, or stored electronically by unit leaders. However is a parent volunteer considered a "Unit Leader." If not, then I see no issue here, as no "unit leader" is digitizing the records. Sure, is this a "loophole" ? Maybe. Maybe not. We are complying with the guidance (versus rules) pushed out by BSA. The form keeper, now with PDF copies, can continue to review and check expiration dates and remind scouts to keep things up to date. Thoughts, ideas ? Thank you * Note: BSA themselves says the Medical Form is not subject to HIPAA. Moderator Edit: Adding the source link to content below. ~ RS https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/ahmr/medical-formfaqs/
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