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  1. I am a late comer who did not even read all; however, one can be involved in both OA and the unit (I did). The unit should provide a good program which attracts older scouts, too. The OA where I am now provides service to our district and individual units. providing a win win situation.
  2. What was Tom's last name? I have some info on those attending the 1924 world jamboree.

  3. 1) Understand the President Roosevelt and James E West were involved. 2) It your attachment there was a drawing, etc. of a drainage pump. My dad told me that where the scouts camped was quite wet at high tide. I assume it was not too bad since he entered professional scouting after the 1937 event. Jim
  4. I just scanned through but this impressive for something that did not happen! How did you get it? My dad was signed up to go and did make the 37 one. Thanks for posting, Jim
  5. "But, burnt pancakes aren't a failure!" For sure Mr. iScouter. Adult leaders must learn not to do but to be alert for safety, etc. I also agree with the 1993 eagle that scouts should be in troops with their friends if that is new or existing one.
  6. Thanks to both of you for "squaring me away." I will proceed with patch and ribbon and not feel that I am acting like a foreign war general.
  7. New here so this may well have been asked. OA has a small arrow on a ribbon for a uniform shirt pocket button. I assume this indicates OA membership. If I wear a lodge patch, should I also wear the ribbon or should it be one or the other? Anything more about the ribbon as you move to brotherhood, etc.?
  8. Goodness, you can have so much fun! Many good ideas above: getting help from many sources. Remember get the training for your scouts since they lead. Perhaps use the field book - chapter by chapter. Get ideas from round table and ask your unit commissioner. enjoy
  9. Again thank! Please check this - What I believe that you told me: 1) Select a clear, thought out date and promote the heck out of the coming event 2) Consider combining with another regular scouting event 3) Strive for fun & fellowship; short and simple. Involve the families or whole units 4) Speaker, if any, relevant, focused, inspiring and engaging 5) Presentations – short, meaningful with pictures. “You did something notable!” Other considerations: We work for smiles. Good food, competing program, slideshow and other visuals. Breakfast? A p
  10. Wow, thank you very much for all the feed back. I will now spend the next few days studying your various ideas. It is great to have so many helpful scouters out there!
  11. How could a district make their event interesting, a must attend event which all would want to attend?
  12. Can you help me identify the signature on the right? I believe these three men were the leaders for the Jamboree Jamboree service troops.pdf
  13. Sextant - the only sights they probably would want to learn would be a noon sight and taking the altitude of the north star. Neither need much calculation.
  14. I was thinking that there were 5 different 1960 event patches. Attached are some (3) of them
  15. It would seem that you could only wear it on the pocket as a temporary patch; however, using a plastic protector over the button above that pocket would work or on a jacket or vest. In 1960 they had a bunch of jubilee patches
  16. I'm quite late to respond but I thought that it was logistics. 50,000+ in and out of one spot was no easy task.
  17. I have a lot of information of his from this Jamboree trip but have not seen the actual metal...will look again.
  18. My dad and some others got hiking metal during the voyage. Pack and all the hiked from stem to Hiking metal.pdfstern for the required distance! Attached letter from James E West
  19. Have any of you seen these? The are posters found with my dad's 1924 world jamboree gear. Posters are about 11X17 on glossy paper. The notes attached are what I figured out but would love additional information.1924 Posters.pdf1924 Posters.pdf1924 Posters.pdf
  20. Thank you. I did check out the link etc. I was more looking for what you have but over water. I will use what you presented.
  21. I will be presenting the material on inland navigation to a ship. I can use various nautical publications but wondered if there is a course outline already.
  22. For Eagle92 I know that it is difficult when the very active scouters are trying to add requirements (time) to the advancement program. The lodgic is that if they add or take away from the requirements they no longer have the program set out by Scouting...they have their own program; not a "better" something just different. Your only real hope is from the scout office (district exec.) or leave the troop for a "real" BSA troop. Regards, Jim Wood
  23. Two points 1)Troops must follow Scouting policy. Some use the "show scout spirit" requirement to throw in road blocks...that is wrong and not policy. National Scouting has added requirements into Eagle to make earning it a longer process than it used to be. 2)Scouts leaving after Eagle etc. tells me the troop has to improve their program. Is it youth lead? Do older scouts have meaningful things to do? I was a 12 year old Eagle in the 50's and a Scoutmaster who worked to remove troop road blocks.(so have seen both bad sides of this topic) Hang in there it is a great program.
  24. This may sound a bit dumb, but I think of a round plastic sheet full of water which is held up by 12 lines. If you slack off on one, you will lose a little water. Jim
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