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  1. Lisabob and other Scout friends: I hear a familiar story here. Some personal experience, if you will. As a CM, I met a young man whose parents wanted a Cub Scout for a son, and he seemed to have a good time ,'up to a point'. His mom was very involved, his dad much less so. He was intellectually advanced for his age, and often fell back on making himself 'superior' to his fellows. At first,he exhibited a strange behavior: He refused to button any shirt but would wear the neckerchief. His mom allowed this. But when I finally came up one meeting and told him I wanted him to look good and pro
  2. In my short time as a Scout and Scouter, I do not remember a 'Blank' Meritbadge, least in my Council. MBs go in and out of fashion. I have a friend that earned his Rabbit Husbandry MB. No longer in the catalog. A boy in my old Troop earned his Blacksmithing MB. Is that available anymore? At the National Jamboree I met a group that is lobbying Irving to create a Racing Pigeon MB. MBs are created (Computer Science) and laid down as the "market" requires. Other Scout associations around the world have really (to our eyes) foriegn and neat badges. Saudi Arabia has a "Camel Care" badge I saw
  3. I was attending the official opening of Camp W B Snyder near Mannassasn VA last Sat., and met a gentleman, SM of an Annandale Troop, name of Cortney. He was a Brit, hosted a nice display about Brownsea Island and Gilwell and B-P. We had a good conversation. He told me that there was no documentation about collecting ashes at Brownsea (he had several collected interviews with the original 20 or so "Scouts" at Brownsea), but there was good evidence, both from participants and B-P about his collecting campfire ashes for passing on to the next campfire, beginning at Gilwell. Good enough for me.
  4. "Follow the money". I believe that came from DEEP THROAT. "It's for the kids". Bob the Tomatoe said that. "Let's sell the 2 main Council camps and buy this bigger property for cheap, and consolidate our camps" Somebody said that 15 years ago... "Wow, I didn't know it was a 4 hour drive down to camp Q. Let's go to camp X in this other council. It's only 1 1/2 hours away." I said that... The question almost always seems to gravitate to deciding between: **Is the BSA Council a 'Business'? (A business must show a profit, and if it does, who benefits? Are there "stock holder
  5. When B-P was asked about the Scout Motto, 'Be Prepared', he was asked "be prepared for what?" His reply was, " well, for any old thing". That great social commentator, Giles Murphy, observed that "If anything can go wrong, it will". We have since been given the Selective Law of Gravitation ("that will be dropped that will do the most damage") and The Parkinson Principle (" junk will be collected to fill the space available") and the Peter Principle (" an employee will rise in an organization to his level of incompetence, at which time he will no longer be promoted"). In light of Mr
  6. "Has anyone any direct experience with BSA retribution against a leader expressing disagreement in a rational and courtious way?" "Packsaddle gives us an example of a threat to revoke membership if a critical op-ed was published--is anyone aware of anything like that actually being done? It seems to me that it would be pretty bad PR for BSA to kick out somebody for disagreeing in an orderly fashion (it would violate the Scout Law)." I was cruising thru the "headlines " area a few weeks back and came upon the story from Bradenton Florida about the future of "Camp Flying Eagle" of th
  7. Thoughts as they come... My mom grew up as a "flapper", one of the first "liberated" women. She was one of the first female Journalism degree earners from Boston U. And she smoked like a factory chimney. When I knew her, she had a 3 pack a day habit. Then, when I was, oh, maybe 7 or 8, she announced that she was quitting, got down to 3 cigs a day and then quit all together. She finally died at age 82. Might have lived even longer, the Dr. said, but her emphesema would not allow. News item: Tobacco company memoes reveal plan to add chemicals to tobbacco products to increase their a
  8. Everytime I see or hear an episode like this (someone can't WAIT for our boys to make things/decisions/discussions HAPPEN....because I can do it faster/easier/more appropriately...) I am reminded of the classic routine by Bob and Ray, "The Slow Talkers of America". Find it, look it up, listen to it, learn from it! "...ofAMERICA!!" LoL YiS
  9. WELL!! Here I am,minding my own business, listening to my "classic rock" station as my son and I return from his Ice skating lesson today ( I want his cultural education to be complete), when the DJ, Shelby, announces that the lunchtime theme today is SCOUTING, from a request of a "Tiger Scout Pack", who had done some service project. People called in to suggest songs in line with "Scoutings Values" . HELP by the Beattles, CCRs "Run thru the Jungle" (Be Prepared), "Get Ready" (Be Prepared again), usw.. CELL PHONE TIME...AND when I called in to request Allan Sherman's "Camp Grenada...Hello m
  10. Perhaps the parents need the patches...
  11. I have something of a reputation as a campfire story teller. I have a bit of a repertoire. But when I tell a story, my audience will KNOW if it is a bit of history (personally mine or otherwise) or if it is only allegory or example ("there once was an old indian chief..."). I was told the campfire ash story was a TRUE tradition. It had happened, was continuing to happen. I cannot pass on something as TRUE, as historically accurate ("B-P did this...") if it is not so. I do so BECAUSE a Scout told me it was true to him. The Coca Cola Santa Claus is NOT a historically true story, childhood dream
  12. Thoughts... Ain't never been wet that I didn't get dry... At one exteme... I went to school in Indiana for many years, visited a lot of friends thruout the state there thruout the year , never saw a tornado. I have seen three in Maryland, been close enough to worry. Maryland is NOT a tornado alley state! Thunderstorms are exciting and dangerous. Those two words always go together, I think. Canoeing? E&D. Hiking the Appalachian trail in the winter? E&D. Rock climbing? White water rafting? Yep. E&D. Surf fishing? E&D, too. Skate boarding? oh yeah..E&D..Even
  13. I first heard the "Baden - Powell" Campfire ash story at a Parent Son Overnight. In all my Scout history, going back to the 60's, I had not heard of it before. I was very impressed,took hold of the 'tradition'. I eventually asked the man who had presented the story ( the discovery of fire, it's taming and use for good or ill, the fellowship and spiritual center imbued in a campfire, story telling, etc.) and asked him about the truth of it. He said that the men who had given the story to him had assured him of its truth. All good, loyal Scouts, the 'Man' lineage evidently going back 50 or 60 ye
  14. Both systems(New Boy Patrol and Feed in to Old Patrols) can work well, with appropriate leadership/mentoring. In NBP,this can either be a whole new Patrol, where the boys go thru Scouting together, or they may be reassigned later to 'regular' Patrols. In the OP system, you can have a certain traditional culture exist that is very 'Scoutish' and positive. But the SM and ASMs need to be sensitive to the creation of cliques and mini tyrants (see Lord of the Flies) as the the newer boys are either welcomed in as equals or 'initiated' as 'plebes' or 'servants'. True story: A bike camp trip was
  15. If the only tool you have is a hammer, then every job looks like a nail. Study, learn, practice, keep your eyes open, ask questions respectfully and give thanks for the answers politely. The more you know the more you can do well. Make sure there is more than one tool in your tool box. YiS
  16. True story. My good friend T. and I were the "Scout Craft" guys at the Cub Scout Day Camp. Since our theme was "Frontier Days" we had decided to use the Lewis and Clark expedition as a framework for the camp. Worked really well. Anyway, T. and I were the Scout Craft guys, and he had assumed the personna of a French Voyageur and used a cartoon french accent all thru camp, thus: "Zee naught iz held een yo' haund lika zis.. hau, hau ,hau...". Weeks later, we were in a grocery store and a small boy comes up to T. and smiles, and says "hau, hau, hau," and runs away giggling. That's the ma
  17. Boy, do I resonate with this one. As a CM for a small Pack (when I "retired" to follow my son into Scouts, one father SERIOUSLY offered to PAY me to stay on as CM), I found three main kinds of parents: the Scout parents (encourager), the my son right or wrong parent (and mostly I was wrong) and the take my son and I'll come back later parent ( I call this the "Soccer Syndrome"). I (and my wife, who was the CCh), did our best (where have I heard that before?) to work the program and had some small success. PWD was very popular, drew the most boys (used it as a recruiting tool at school) and
  18. I find great agreement with all that has been said, especially VinceC and CA_scouter. I am reminded of a comment attributed to Harry Truman. Mr. Truman was asked how he got his daughter to be such a good pianist and he reportedly replied that he found out what SHE liked to do and then encouraged her to do it.
  19. As the Carny barker says, " Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer choice" All the above is true. In one of my past lives, I was a CM. I never had more fun in my life. When it came time for me to move on into Scouts with my son, I had a Cub parent approach me and ask "can I pay you to stay on as CM?" He was serious. We ( my dear wife was CCh) had a fair amount of support in keeping things Cubby. Parents went to the Leader Training. But ultimately, I could not get anyone to step up to be CM. Even tho the P/T income might have been nice,(!) I had to consider 1) how BSA would look on it 2)it
  20. Camp Rules (Summer Long Term Section) Troop Rules (all the Scout time) Patrol Rules (some of the Scout time) Family House rules (ALL of the time) Federal Registry Volume 38 section 12 page 23 line 8 (If you are germane) God's Rules ( Consequences may not be immediately evident) "Why are there so many silly rules?" "I don't think THAT rule is important" "But officer I didn't know..." "NO... I WON'T MOMMY!" Along with the RULE and it's REASON should be noted the BAD things that could happen should it be flouted (bears in your tent, you clean the latrine) and the GOOD th
  21. Greenbelt is good and about as close in as one can get. Check out the College Park Aviation Museum just south of Greenbelt on US Route One. On the other side of town, near I-270 is Little Bennett Regional Park, with group campsites. A short drive down to the Shady Grove Metro Station, and ride the rail down into DC. Contact the Montgomery County - Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission www.mc-mncppc.org 301.495.4600. Lots of history in the area, visit Fort Mc Henry as you pass by Baltimore, don'tforget a side trip to Mt Vernon or a short hike on the C&O Canal. YiS
  22. eweiss: I would first congratulate you on being as responsible and mature as you seem to be.I can think of no higher honor than to be asked (or to volunteer?) to participate in a service such as this. Perhaps, if it is not to late, you should answer a few questions for yourslf: Did you know the girl? Was she active in the Boy troop as well as the Girl troop? You will be there to honor the girls memory and to give comfort to the family,(obviously a Scouting family). If you speak at the service, speak from YOUR heart, as the Spirit leads, don't worry about formality or ceremonial correctness.
  23. You folks seem to be up in New England. Not too far south is the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal tow path along the Potomac River. About 180 miles of almost level hiking from Hagerstown MD to Washington DC. Lots of Hiker-camper sites, state parks and historic sites along the way (Antietam Civil War battlefield, Harpers Ferry, Wash DC). Many in and out places, crosses AT. Contact National Park Service or National Capital Area Council. Excellent guide book available. Commemorative patch and rockers for each section of canal walked. Smile ansd wave as you go by! YiS
  24. Run is fight! Don't forget that our news might come from a White horse souse! From Hoobert Heever!
  25. Norfolk and Southern it is, thank you Manassaseagle. Couldn't think of that, for some old reason. CWBS has great promise and I am glad to see the property as a Scout facility rather than a mini Disneyland. I have heard that the reservations for Cub World are not quite what NCAC would like them to be, yet. We may see a saturation process here. After trying hard (with some small success) to promote the Cub Day Camp opportunity, ("Wings of Wonder" this year), which is /are run by 99% parent volunteers, now NCAC wants Cub Packs to pay bigger bucks for the 3day overnight Camp. There is some di
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