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  1. BUT... Even though he said he quit, his dues are still paid, he hasn''t left for displinary reasons AND since you are talking to him as a leader in the troop, then he is still considered by National to be active. So since National considers him active, you can''t take his name off the charter. Come re-chartering time, mommy &/or daddy "re-ups" him by paying the fees, he would still be considered active. Unless National clairfy''s the rule, that''s how it "could" be perceived, couldn''t it?
  2. OK, Question along similar lines...How about the "good old Totin Chip" badge? The Scouts that earn it are proud of it, and it sorta looks like it goes on the right pocket flap, but not quite. It is too narrow and too tall. Where should it go then? The Uniform guide does NOT say where it should go.
  3. How about the Scout that thinks it''s "cool" to wear his MB sash folded over his belt instead of wearing it over his shoulder?
  4. Here is a link for the Italian Beef sandwiches that our troop has modified (no beer) for Dutch Oven use in camp http://www.thespicehouse.com/recipes/slow-cooked-italian-beef-for-sandwiches-recipe or http://tinyurl.com/ywjgfr(This message has been edited by Mr.Mal)
  5. Sounds like "John" is the type of kid that wants to have stuff done for him so he can go play, without learning the leadership skills that so many of our young people are lacking. Could be that the troop that he was associtated with need to have a wake-up call on how to really run the troop. It is not "adults hands off all the time", but working together to have them learn. (teach first, then demonstrate, then assist, then watch). My troop is boy-led and is doing great. The Scouts tell me in their SM conference's that that is what they like over cubs, is the fact that they do the progra
  6. (quote)I find great sorrow knowing that the Punyan award has been dropped without making so much as a sound(/quote) I too find that it has not even been dropped, but never even existed
  7. Thanks, It sure does look just a bit (or is that a byte) different than today's requirments. Thanks again, John
  8. When I took it in the late 60's, I remember that it was sponsered by the "Social Security Administration", near Baltimore, MD. I believe that you had a choice on what to build. Either a small working model of a digital computer, or what I built was a small model of an Analog computer using voltmeters. I just want to show the Scouts of today who complain about how "hard" Computers Merit Badge is what the first one was. Also, I just want to see the requirements. (my memory seems to have lost a "bit"...or was that a nibble)? Thanks, John
  9. I am looking for a copy of the requirments for the orginial Computer Merit Badge Can anyone help me or post them? Thanks John
  10. Check out this web site for recipies and helpful hints: http://papadutch.home.comcast.net/ Edited to correct the URL. John(This message has been edited by Mr.Mal)
  11. Check out this thread for more info. http://www.scouter.com/forums/postings.asp?action=ReplyForm&threadID=53688&forumID=7 Looks like they are council requirements and it is not a National award.
  12. Just remember: Growing OLD is MANDATORY, Growing UP ISN'T!!! Have a great day
  13. Greetings, I am looking for different kinds of foods (menus) that Scouts from around the world use when they go camping. I am trying to put together a "International" Court of Honor, remembering our fellow Scouts in differing countries, and the foods that they eat. Thanks YIS John
  14. CNYScouter, The camp that you are reffering to that still does patrol cooking in heart of the Aderondack Mountains wouldn't be called "Cedarlands", would it?
  15. How do you keep this fine emergency tool charged? I mean, there are no "power plants" in camp that the Scout cane walk over to and plug in, right? If the Scout brings one to camp for "emergency use only", and plays games on it because he can't go one week without electronic games, how can he justify that it is an emergency use only device? I use a solar charger to keep mine charged and it works rather well, and it shows the Scouts that there is no other charging station around.
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