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  1. Let's face it REAL MAIL is kinda rare now. Bills, Gimmes, votefors, buythese......, What DO you get in the MAILBOX nowadays? And what do your boys really know about letters? "Ms Wachovsky, what's this little sticky thing again? a...stamp?" We teach them things they don't learn in school, right? Why not a Letter Writin' Chip? Forget the President (yeah just try!) for a while... Now who do you think your boys would REALLY like to get a letter from? Grand mom? Their favorite uncle? Try teaching them to write to THEIR favorite person, and elicit a letter back!! Pe
  2. The Guy in the Glass by Peter Wimboe (1934) "When you get what you want in your struggle for pelf, And the world makes you king for a day, Then go to the mirror and look at yourself, And see what that guy has to say. For it isn't your Father or Mother or Wife Who judgement upon you must pass. The feller whose verdict counts most in this life Is the guy staring back from the glass. He's the feller to please, never mind all the rest, For he's with you clear to the end, And you've passed your most difficult, dangerous test If the guy in the
  3. If only... "Hey, it's only a toy..." "My son wouldn't do that" "Cavemart wouldn't sell it if it wasn't safe" "Heck, back when I was a boy..." True story... I'm on my Suzuki GT550 (that's a motorcycle for you motor history impaired) rolling along, enjoying the crisp fall air one saturday morning, going to pick up my girl for a ride out in the country. I come around a curve, enjoying the feel of the balance between tire and motor and man when I find I am looking face into the barrel of a rifle held in the hands of a boy on a hillock on the outside of the curve. I nearl
  4. Amen to Scoutnut. I'm not a GS leader, but in a BS Troop, ours at least, there is 'in loco parentis' in force. If my boy was misbehaving, I would expect to at least hear about it, and I would expect one of the other Troop leaders to at least caution my child about their behavior, should it be inappropriate. And they all know that I would inform them of their boys actions or language, if unScoutlike. There's discipline and then there's discipline. Spanking? not in my presence. Advising a parent to use physical discipline? Bad choice. Taking the child TO their parents? Very appropriate,
  5. Lowfat Steal the Bacon::: Count off by 2's to divide into two teams. Line up on opposite sides, on lines about 20 yards apart, if room. If you're inside, have the boys touch the wall behind them so they can get back to the starting point "fairly". Now, in the 'original',high fat version, the teams count off again, one end to the other. The "caller" then calls out a number and those two numbers from opposing sides run out to 'steal the bacon' , a hat or ball or towel, laid in the middle between the two sides, and runs it back to their side for scoring, if youre into that sort of thing.
  6. Religious Awards... Met a Scout at a formal occasion. He had an Eagle award on his pocket.. and, on closer inspection, I discerned THREE religious awards. When I asked him about this wonderful display, he told me he earned the God and Country from the Methodist church that sponsored his Troop, the Alte Dei (I hope I said that right) from the Catholic church his FATHER attended and the Jewish award (which title I forget) from the synagogue his MOTHER attended. Over the pocket, he had ONE purple and silver knot and THREE buttons ("devices") on it. Waddya make of DAT?? We did not
  7. Greetings from the other side of the map and welcome. I also find truth in wingnuts comment. The glass is not half full OR half empty. Its capacity has been poorly designed for its purpose. Now to get to the media, the schools, the boys' friends and have a Sign'em up party. Build the program and they will come. YiS
  8. Howdy, Eagle309: I second (third? fourth?) the comments and suggestions of my brothers and sisters. The SPL did good. Actions, good or ill, should (and do) have consequences. But one thing has not been mentioned. Review your observation of the boys home life. While some boys are more "rambunctious" than others and some have a less than ideal homelife, and some may even have a biochemical imbalance that affects their behavior, all humans react to attention and need recognition. If they can get that attention and recognition and approbation from home and parent(s), so much the better. If no
  9. Yessiree! I like reading success stories. Try this some where down the line: I will assume your normal opening goes something like this: Cubs at attention, flags come in, pledge of allegiance, a Cub leads the Pack in the CS Promise and LotP. Just before the Cub begins the CSP, the CM should break in with "wait a minute Tommy, I know the Cubs all know the CSP and LotP, but I want to see if the PARENTS have been listening". Here he walks around with a paper bag in which are 3x5 cards, each of which has a single word on it, making up the CSP and/or LotP. CM encourages each paren
  10. All well and good. The CO can set membership requirements for their Pack and Troop and Ship. But what happens when the stray Jewish/Quaker/Lutheran/Mormon/Unitarian/Wiccan boy comes along and wants to be a Scout in a one-Pack-Town? MUST a boy be turned away because his family is not a "parish" member? I don't think even our Mormon friends are so - ahem - parochial. Would they also turn away a non-Latter Day Saint? Growing up, my Pack and Troop and Explorer Post (and come to think of it, they had a SShip, too) was sponsored by a Methodist Church. I wasn't Methodist. My family was fr
  11. The Peter Principle emanded: The list you made to not forget the stuff you want to remember will be misplaced and forgotten.
  12. Mucho Congrats. I'm sorry I don't know your song. You have contacted the camp, of course? You will remember this time later, (perhaps MUCH later) in your life as a true high point. You will also be pleasently surprised at how what you have learned along the way in Scouts is useful to you and indirectly to those around you at odd times. Oh, and don't forget the shoe box. You know, the one to put all the old patches and badges in. The one your grandkid will find in the back of your closet and drag out to ask "granddad, whats all this old stuff?" As you stride along life's trail, don'
  13. If yours is a small community, (and even if it isn't!) contact the newspapers and see what they would welcome in the way of notice. They might even send out a reporter and photog to your ECoH. In any event, no matter how formal (Marine Band plays) or informal (uncle Ed from Altoona plays his guitar), take pictures and send a notice and pictures in to the papers.They will note it in the local listings. And it will be good for the boys scrap book (he does have a scrap book?). Depending on the history of the Troop, you might search out past Eagles and have them come to add their congrats to t
  14. ...Or flashlight gathering ceremony...
  15. Yes. A compass. Get one that has a good metal case, take it to your local jeweler and have them engrave the date and Pack number, etc. a short message on the back of the case. Leupold Co. out of Portland Oregon made a good one of a "handful" size. I don't know if they are still in business, worth some research. Aufrdersehen! Guten Pfadfinderein!
  16. ...so this guy walks into the Greek tailor shop, and holds out a pair of pants. The tailor says, "euripedes?" And the fellow asks, "eumenedes?" Thank you, nike for the opening... YiS
  17. "On my honor,I will do my best..." (BSA) "On my honor, I will try..." (GSA) " Swear not at all... but let your communication be Yea, yea; Nea nea..." (JC/Mathew/KJB) "It's for the kids" (Bob T. Tomatoe) YiS
  18. What nldscout said. This is about equal access and legality and communication. Make contact with other Scouters, compare notes (roundtable? DE? ). Is this situation peculiar to your school only or endemic to the whole school district? Your Council and District need to step up and insist that Scouting be treated the same as any extra curricular activity. If soccer clubs and Bible study groups and privately owned ice skating rinks and karate dojos can send home notices, so should you (us?). Have your local Council check with National Capital Area Council and the hassles they overcame i
  19. All of a sudden I feel really blessed to have had the Troop leaders I had 'way back when'. I don't remember ever having that sort of problem as I was advised and counseled thru my Eagle. Come to think of it, yep, it was almost 30 years ago. I would think the boy has learned the important lesson that, often, "a verbal agreement isn't worth the paper it's written on". GET IT IN WRITING. Somewhere in the bowels of the National headquarters is some paper with signatures on it that attests that a bunch of Old Fogeys thought that a certain young man was worthy to hang a multi colored cloth p
  20. I'm coming in late to this discussion, but I find great agreement with all that has been said. When my son became a Cub, I discovered to my surprise, that the Pack turned Cubs upside down to award the Bobcat. I told them not with my son. And not any more to any other boy. The parents had no idea about the problems and risks involved. Physical injury ( what if some one slips?), psycological trauma, the example of a small 'hazing' making larger 'hazings'seem OK (initially they didn't see this as 'hazing', only good ole boy ribbing taken to a lower level), public humiliation even in "good
  21. One person is the "Camporee Chair". He/she works with the DE and the OA to organize the skeleton of the Camporee. (NB: this is not what we call the Webelos Weekend, which is a seperate affair). Usually, along with the "special" stuff ( climbing wall, black powder muskets, etc.), the CCh asks each Troop to sponsor/organize an activity that can be purely fun or Scout oriented. Some past "Stations" have included frisbee golf, an orienteering course, a nature trail/scavenger hunt, a pioneering contest, matchless fire building, archery. Not all Troops sponsor a "station". I guess som
  22. I know there are lots of good, useful, thought provoking, "AHA!" type suggestions out there , but often they are what I call "self correcting". F'rinstance: "If I told you once, I've told you a million times, DON'T EXAGGERATE!" Y'all got any more?
  23. Oh, it's one hour a week. I'm now into ...oh, let's see... December 2027...
  24. Icons are not only visual.... "Open channel D" "Little buddy" "Round and round she goes and where she stops..." "Plunk your magic twanger , Froggy" "My time is up, I thank you for yours" "Hawaya, hawaya, hawaya..." ""These are the voyages..." "Do not attempt to adjust your set..." "You open this door with the key to imagination..." "Hey kids,..." "And they are MILD" "Let's hear it...for ...THE BEATLES!!" " And awa-a-a-y we go!" "ummm how sweet it is!" ...Here's a hard one...said only once... "...G'bye, kids
  25. "All politics am local" Personal story: When I came back from Roundtable with the information that our District Camporee had to be rescheduled from its original site/date due to a previous scheduled event, the question was NOT "how can we go there on that date" but "who's in charge this year?" And when I named the name (different than the year before), the Troop Committee together nodded and said, "then we'll go." The Program is the most important thing. Next, is the Parents commitment to the Boys. Without that commitment, THERE IS NO PROGRAM. Is that a triad? Program--Boys--Parents.
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