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  1. A boy may remain in Cub Scouts for 6 months after turning 11 years old OR completing the 5th grade, which ever is later. Per Cub Scout Leaders Guide and Webelos Leader Guide.
  2. http://www.arrowhead-district.org/home.htm Left side of screen "program aids" First Class First Year
  3. Perfect sense! Your a better man than I Gunga Din
  4. One of our leaders found this in Baloo's Bugle but does not have the solution. I tried the internet and found the puzzle but no solution. If we number the pieces shown, left to right 1 thru 8 what goes next to what? LongHaul http://www.puzzles.ca/diy_puzzles/pdf/checker_puzzle.pdf (NOT a member of mensa)(This message has been edited by LongHaul)
  5. Silly me! I always thought the operative word in the passage from the Insignia Guide was "current". LongHaul
  6. The Board of Directors for the Chicago Area Council have voted to terminate the contract to sell Owasippe Scout Reservation. The sale will formally be terminated when both parties have signed the agreement to terminate the contract. CAC has spent some 1M dollars seeking to rezone the 4700 acres so that it could be developed. Volunteers and Scouts of CAC wait with held breath. A Scout is Tenacious! LongHaul
  7. After looking at the building remains I'm wondering what it "looked"like before the tornado. Just how structurally sound was it to begin with? Then again I was present for a tornado that went through Oak Lawn Ill in the late 60's. The path of the tornado was indeed a path, almost everything new or old got flattened or moved a few blocks to one side or the other. LongHaul http://tinyurl. com/67d7wj
  8. Ed, Pennsylvania does not ask you take a rules of the road test and an eye test every so often? Getting "retrained" via teaching what you may not know to someone seeking training to me just spotlights our problem. The concept of having a training "team" just doesn't seem to be very popular. LongHaul
  9. Just curious scoutldr, if the syllabi were outdated and inadequate in 2003-2005 just 3 years after the revision what were they before the revision? Say when most of those complaining about having to be retrained took training originally. LongHaul (This message has been edited by LongHaul)
  10. No training is ever for naught, sometimes we need a refresher. We take driver tests every so often. To be eligible to referee soccer games I must take a test every year one the laws and their application. Why is it such a terrible thing to ask those providing program to youth to take a refresher course every so often? As for Scoutmaster Specifics not much of the information has changed but the manner in which it is presented has changed. As for WB the entire focus of the course has changed. Most of the difference can be found in the trainers and requirements of the local councils. National pro
  11. So let's get this straight, if the GUIDE to safe Scouting is just that a GUIDE then does it follow that two deep leadership which is referenced in the GUIDE is optional according to our estimation of the maturity of our scouts? Is laser tag allowed according to our estimation of the maturity of our scouts? How about BSA organized hunting of animals? Many rural youth hunt from early on. How about handguns? Still Venture Crew and above? It's only a GUIDE after all. LongHaul
  12. GTTS Center section age appropriate guidelines
  13. nldscout, I agree that laws differ from state to state however unless things are drastically different in NY a troop must seek unicorperated status. As for your troop trailer saying TroopXX is there not also a requirement for address and some sort of identification to be used to locate the owner in cases of liability? In Illinois we use SS#s and Drivers license numbers. Our troop trailer was registered to troop XX but had my address and the license plate registration carried my Drivers licence number. Unless the unit is self chartered, at least in Illinois, it can't own property or o
  14. >>As a commissioner I have been involved in this process a few times in different councils and it was always handled in this manner.<< Handled by you in your area maybe. There once was a Scouter, here I use the term in it's loosest and broadest sense, that convinced the District Commissioner and Council Commissioner that making said Scouter the unit commissioner for all the Cub Packs in one local community was a great idea. This Scouter then went to each CO in turn and read them the rules, informing them of their responsibility to provide meeting places, support, and all the th
  15. Lisabob, When I accepted the position of SM on of the first things I did was to sit down and "interpret" every requirement for every rank up to First Class. I put these into four separate ringed binders. I then asked my first SPL to look these over and discuss them with me. Each SPL after that has done the same, in 18 years there were two changes to my original draft. As scouts advance in rank and are allowed to sign off they must review the rank they are signing for and answer a few brief questions by the SPL or ASPL to insure the review actually took place. I read several threads in
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