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  1. I will put on my fireproof neckerchief. In the lightning case they should have picked an alternate route or gone down hill and endured the soaking. To the scuba drowning, I saw no mention of a divemaster with the group, the bigger problem is keeping track of anyone in a murky lake and with beginer divers they will stir up mud/silt from the bottom. Frankly I'dd keep boys that youg restricted to pool diving. BTW a buoyancy control vest is not great safety equipment, it allows you to over weight, if you must surface drop your weight belt. It is also possible he became entangled in fishing line or net, this is a nightmare sceanaro. The diveing area should have been cleared of this sort of thing. Rest in peace young men.
  2. I understand the symbolisum when at a funeral, however at Scout camp it comes off as the Flag thats wounded.
  3. Spin off of the drill thread: I grew up watching flag teams tuck the flag kinda under thier left arm and supported by the left forearm.. Now all I see is the flag clutched to the chest with both arms, makes me think of someone carrying a hurt pet.
  4. Wow, here I was annoyed with the couple of gators and golf cart that STAFF were using delivering food, transporting the camp medico or the one handicapped Scout. Why was I annoyed? The noise they made, a couple of electric carts would be both less expensive to opperate nor disturb the soundscape. This camp even has seprate bicycle trails. I never saw a cart opperated near the rules limits so I guess I'll hold my tonge and drink my coffee.
  5. Related to Beavah's post, the water presure around the lungs pushes in and a novice swimmer won't be thinking about trying to alway keep their lungs as inflated as posable and the cold of the water is no help at all. I wonder how much easier it would be to start swimming in warm salt water. Iv e even been tempted to menton to a sinker that swim trunks made from Scuba diving wet suit materal would be a real help. A modified breathing cycle of holding air with short exhale and re-inhale will help. Most of my life I have been a floater but the three years in the Army while not really a sinker I found it far harder to float in a comfortable way, sadly now I float so well I could take a nap. (This message has been edited by prairie)
  6. ""run naked thru the house yelling woo woo ... Yah, hmmm.... Between blubber butts and this comment I really think there should be a rule against threads that leave really bad images in da minds of the readers. Beavah"" It's called Mental Floss.
  7. ""run naked thru the house yelling woo woo ... Yah, hmmm.... Between blubber butts and this comment I really think there should be a rule against threads that leave really bad images in da minds of the readers. Beavah"" It's called Mental Floss.
  8. May I address an area I find not thrifty? All the disposable stuff I see mentioned I'm a big fan of the Lexan fork and spoon, not so much the knife. I have bought them individully at a buck each and as long as you keep them away from hot frypans they will last untill somebody not paying attention throws them away. The answer tho that is let each boy modify his set to suit himself! Fork times to long, file them shorter, need a hole in the handle? Drill it! Buy soup spoons to mod into personalized sporks, I use mine at home everyday. A bid benifet to those of us older with hand issues, the handles are far more comfortable feeling than 98% of the tableware out there. Look at it this way, less stuff thrown away and a craft activity making something they will use, I love win win.
  9. Last I knew supply still sells blank patrol patchs. I do like the idea of large patrol patch on the temp patch location, however if somebody had told me I must wear a patrol patch there when I was a kid I'dd a told them to jump, to this day that shirt has my summer camp patch and segments, this was in an era where dangle patchs were rare and looked down on. Now a patrol neckerchief, that idea is a winner! The boys at summer camp want to change their patrol name, I think mostly because the boys that chose it are long gone. Being able to do a neckerchief might appeal to them. Guess I'm UP enough to not like the idea of oversized patrol patchs.
  10. prairie


    Well this year I finally did give after not for 4/5, I think it was to get the special CSP, not sure what I will do next year though. Last year I did contrubute fifty bucks for gravel for the camp roads which buys a lot of rock as the quarry is close and the camp has a trailer to haul it, told the Ranger he done good.
  11. Since I had a request for pics I will try and get one taken tomarrow, prototype and at least one other to compare it with, maybe with a nice backdrop of evergreens.
  12. This has been some thread to slog though. Some thoughts if I could have my way. COED Cubbing, National might love it as it would pump the membership numbers up big time, why pay for a sitter for Suzy while you take Devon when haveing her join Cubs would be cheaper? My vote, which I don't have, go coed but take the start age back to 2nd grade, both parents and kids are burning out on "Scouting" before they ever take part in the real 11-18 program. A grandfather clause for established Packs so they can stay boy only if they want to, all new Packs will be coed and once any pack is coed it can not revert back. The 10 year olds, Weblos for the boys but mabe this it the time to offer the parellel program for the girls? Not Sure. The 11 year olds, For the boys I won't mess with the program other than push for men to take up more of the burden of makeing the program function including those without boys in scouts, this is from the male rolemodel argument, NOT that females can't be great Scouters, too much of the time I see the boy that fails at Scouting dosn't have a parrent involved and a mentoring Scouter could make the diffrence. So some where in here there needs to be a program of advancement and adventure for girls to be ready for Venturing, for small Troops in population thin areas it might even have to function as a stand alone but affilated patrol to a BSA troop. Not ideal but if the only other programs in the area (if any) remind you of Future Homemakers of America which back in the 1970s my local GS troop did, would it be such a bad thing? Wether the use of off the shelf BSA books, uniforms and program of tweek some of it to suit, this program needs a 1st Class rank to aspire to by compreating requirements compairable to the boys. Yes, this does open up the path to Eagle, it shoulod also remind all that there needs to be more OUTdoors in Scouting. If certin orginizations can't stand the thought, maybe its time for them to develop their own youth program instead of warping the BSA to their wishs. Well there it is, hare-brained and badly presented, tomarrow I will read this and see some part and wonder what I was thinking, but you are all safe as there is no chance anybody would ever let me be in charge of even the Golf tee times in Texas.
  13. A thread that covers v-neck vs collars. http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=265003&p=1
  14. A thread that covers v-neck vs collars. http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=265003&p=1
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