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  1. Thanks to all who've replied... You're pretty much winding up where my coleaders and myself have; it's too late now. Our district is 'strict' on the rules, so we try to follow their lead so that none of the cubs who advance to district are disqualified when they get there. It's unfortunate, but not surprising, that this is our pack's "THAT family" --- you know, the one that EVERYONE who's ever been involved with scouting has encountered... the ones that never seem to get it... the one who has told us several times that it doesn't matter what they did so long as they can't get caught. *pau
  2. What would you do if this were your den/pack. Cub Scout was not present at weigh-in for PWD. When called by denleader the parent replied they hadn't had time to make a car, they'd just use last year's car. Denleader reminded the parent that district rules require that the car have not been raced in a previous year. Parent's reply was "whatever." PWD night arrives and it is obviously the same car as lst year but with new paint (verified by pack pictures from previous year's PWD). Parent denies it. YOU are the leader who must send list to District 'certifying' this year's eligable scouts fr
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