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  1. Hi all! I hope you can help answer a question, or at least direct us where to go. My son completed his Eagle Scout Project June 2015. He started the ball rolling in January same year, with paperwork that was from BSA dated 2015. Well, he still had one Eagle required merit badge to finish. It took him a year (yes, that's another story). Anyway, the Eagle Workbook, Proposal, etc., has been updated since his initial proposal was signed off by all required adult signatures in 2015. He completed the entire workbook, and paperwork for his binder using the early 2015 version. We now know
  2. How many folks are using not only the monthly character connection for their Cubs, but are also coming up with a monthly theme, similar to what used to be used in the program prior to the changes that BSA made in the Cub program?
  3. Wow! Thanks for all the replies. Here is some additional info and what has happened since I posted this. We are a unit that is young but strong. We have a good relationship with Council. We make sure that applications, etc. are turned in quickly and don't hold onto them. Our former DD is now in another position with Council. I did speak with the current DD about our concerns. He became argumentative with me. I did tell him that the approach he had at the school was not appropriate and that staff were now aware that this was a lie. Because of his response when I tol
  4. Okay Scouters. How do you handle an overbearing District Director? Some examples: coming up to the school where I teach (and the Pack meets/is chartered at) and "pretending to be a parent" in his own words to wait out dismissal time to meet with me. Also, calling the Committee Chair several times in one day (up to 20 times a day...and I have seen the phone log myself) and leaving messages, including asking if he can stop by her house to pick up applications, asking for her work schedule so he can stop by, etc. I am currently the COR. I don't want to lose my CC, but she is close to s
  5. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Our CM told the Dad to contact the CM and COR directly for "clarification" of why they were denied an application. Then our CM told the Dad to please come to our Pack Meeting, this week, and our Pack would love to have him and his son. The CM explained that we have a very active Tiger Den and great, trained Den Leaders, but to come visit and see for himself if we are a good fit for them.
  6. A neighboring Pack has denied an application for a first grader to join their Pack. The parent (a single Dad - Mom lives in another State) works a job that rotates between days and nights every seven days. He told the leaders that he and his son would obviously miss some meetings/activities this year, since he has to be with his son (a Tiger). They denied him an application. I didn't think a Pack could do this. We found out because our CM received several phone calls from the parent involved, and other parents that invited this boy and his father to the meeting. They all were asking if t
  7. We have given our Scout sisters (whether older or younger) the title of Honorary Scout Sister. We have several in our Pack. They are included in all family activities. They love PWD, and get to enter the Open Division. We usually recognize them at B&G, and at Bridging time too. A couple of the older girls have been great helpers with Mini Camp (babysitting) at our District Day Camp. We give the girls little jobs to do, like help with set-up for Pack Meetings, help with even younger siblings, etc. As for younger, non-Scout aged boys, we encourage them to participate along with the
  8. AlFansome, how many "prizes" do you generally give out at each Pack Meeting?
  9. Good point. I forgot that raffles for $$ are illegal. As for door prizes for attending, I think that would be kind of cool. What kinds of items do you have as door prizes?
  10. In my perusing of websites, I have noticed that some Pack's have a raffle of some sort with their Pack Meeting. Does anyone here do that? What is involved? No, I have not asked the folks whose websites I have noticed this on...I thought I would ask you wonderful folks since you are more trustworthy! :-) Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the input...very helpful and it's good to see what has worked and where potential problems might occur. Thanks everyone!
  12. We want to implement individual scout accounts for our Pack this year. We have grown in the past three years since starting up from 3 boys, to 20. And we haven't even had Fall Join Night! Anyway, we were thinking that up to a certain amount earned in Popcorn Sales will cover Pack Dues (basic operating costs). Anything above that amount will go into a Scout's Individual Account. Any suggestions for making this somewhat easy? What ways does your unit keep track of individual accounts? Thanks!
  13. Pack212Scouter, thanks for the reply.
  14. When can a Unit use the Charter Organizations tax id number? Our CO is the PTA of the school where we meet. We have used it in the past only to open our Unit's Checking Account at a nearby bank. I went back and looked through my notes from Committee Chair training (CSLST). Our leader mentioned that it was discouraged to use the CO's tax id because of paperwork hassles for the CO. To make a long-story short (hopefully) we are having our Annual End of Year Picnic this month. One of our Den Leaders and a Committee Member are planning the event. We just found out that they went
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