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  1. Well, then I won't tell you that I haven't listed EVERYTHING I've done. That was only an example of some of the things. And I'm a Single Mom of three boys AND I hold a full time job AND I do things for the Church and school as well. But I'm no different than anyone else. And no, the DE also struggles with Membership and financing but we do hold a Quality District. He's not all bad but really hard to work with. My decision was not a light one. IS that who I should talk to, the field Director? Maybe when I get my reciept reimbursed (we're fighting over that too) I'll take it
  2. Being a Mom who has three sons to help so on badges and things; I think Sewing should be a required MB! What are all those soon to be bachelors going to do without Mom readily available! Actually, I taught my boys to sew, they sew on their own badges now!
  3. My legacy I pray I will never know. I have a heart for service and good will. I walk kindly and gently with every step, taking time for anyone but especially children with any need or a moment of learning set aside. To open the eyes of the heart to our God and for them to appreciate the wonderous world around them. And when I do so, I try not to do it proudly or boastfully, but rather by quiet action and regular habit. When I go home, I pray my God will say, "well done, my faithful servant." But for "my legacy," if a child grows up to be more loving and caring of the people around th
  4. I didn't bring it up at the District Meeting. But I did try to talk with the DE directly and I tried to talk with just the Dist Chair and DE together. But nothing was done. So I sent off a letter to the "Key 3." And mind you this was a year's process, I worked around it from every angle I could think of and didn't seem to get anywhere. The DC just said that he's young and it's the way he is so I had to live and bear it. But I just couldn't any longer. Even if my own Boss acted that way, I would have found another job. I"ve been consulting for other Districts, maybe I can just do mo
  5. Do you have a Klondike Derby in your area? At ours the troops will build thier own sleds and race them. But that's only the main event. They also set up stations were the boys as patrols and they will compete for points and "the revolving trophy for the district." At the stations they do things like knot tying, snoe shoeing, cooking, first aid "problem" to be solved, etc. They also have a duel sawing contest, and such. Things rotate every year so it's not always the same. As a troop, we go build Igloos and snowshoe. A favorite for the troop. We also have areas where we can be jeep
  6. I've served the District for 9 years, and worked very hard at making it a quality District (as well as many others). I've be told by many that everything I'm involved with turns to gold. When I became the Program Coordinator for our daycamp, our Cub Scout numbers doubled! They really liked the programs I and out committees created. When I became the District Dinner Chair, they were having 30 leaders, if they were lucky and giving only a pat on the back with awards. I chaired it for four years and took the attendance to 150 leaders with a "theme" and a night full of fun. Awards were still
  7. You may not like what I'm going to say but "it takes two to tango." And from your post, you are just as aggitated as he is acting. MAybe rightly so, but sometimes you have to rise above it. Have you ever thought that he is feeling just as threatened by your presence too? You aren't going to change him. But you can change the situation by changing YOUR attitude. It will probably be one of the hardest things you'll do, but turn the other cheek. Next time the two of you are working together, you be the first to approach him and work out a plan. Tell him you realize that your two style
  8. BTW, our school system puts disclaimers on all flyers that are distributed through the school. To avoid sue-happy people like the one above.
  9. Maybe I shouldn't say this but, since when did society turn the thought of "Come out of the closet, instead of cleaning them?" No wonder why kids are so confused! I thank God my kids have a stable background in Christianity and with the aid of Boy Scouts backing up those same faith based values we have in our household!
  10. Have to share a story, showing the signs of the times! When I was at my woodbadge course last summer, someone tried to recite "the Cremation of Sam Magee." But he had trouble with remembering the whole thing. People would start to call out the next line and he'd get going for another verse. And he'd roll with the punches and ham it up and keep going. But then it got to a point where no one remembered the next line. So what do you you know, in the middle of nowhere, at a campfire, late at night, someone pulls out their PDA and gives it to him to read! Then it was too funny! He didn'
  11. Oh Brother, people! Get a life! Don't join a group or club if it isn't what you want to be involved with! As far as I know there is no manitory requirement or draft to join BSA or have faith-based values! You have the choice to be in a group that supports YOUR believe structures. It's still a choice! Find a place to belong to that supports your value system, don't destroy mine! Good grief, get a life! And let me have mine!
  12. Well, that would explain the lack of knowledge in the program. Perhaps if they won't go to training, you could bring the training to your unit. Yes, New Leader Essensials are needed as well as Troop Committee training.
  13. Interesting that your CC is a "she" and has this low opinion of how adults behave. Has SHE had her training? And most of your last message sounds like great excuses for the policy she wants to set in motion. Since when was Burbs and Such written into the Scout law? I thought polite, courteous, and the like was the behaviors we were after.
  14. Of course I want them to have male role models. I was just saying that that wasn't the "first" reason why I have my boys in Scouting. And there are a couple men in Scouting that I think fit that role very nicely for my boys. But for the most part, the "men" of the troop are their own son's fathers first, leaders second. Only a couple take the time to work with the troop in general. But in our case, the best male role models my boys have are in our church and through Jesus Christ.
  15. When I took over as Advancement Chair, I set up a schedule for the boys to follow for reporting and advancing. (first week, bring books for updating and recording, second week, SM Review (if pre-scheduled), third week BOR (if pre-scheduled), fourth week, recognition) Then every Quarter we have a COH with the parents. Maybe other things came into play but it seems like once the boys knew what to do, how to report it and who to report it to (teir advancements and MBS) they seems pretty gunho. Out of a troop of 45, I have at least three or so advancing a rank in a month. As for MBs,
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