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  1. That's a great photo from back in the day. Thanks.
  2. I like this photo of the rare scout bugler at a recent Memorial Day ceremony http://www.pamelasteadjones.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/IMG_6691-e1306763288226-577x1024.jpg The rest of the story (scroll to end to see above scout photo) http://www.pamelasteadjones.com/2011/05/30/memorial-day/ Save Our Buglers.
  3. Well be careful what you wish for... this change in the UK Scouting Association did not come without ...ahem...campaign "Promoting good sexual health in scouting", documentation "My Body, My Choice" and leader training. http://scouts.org.uk/shis http://scouts.org.uk/documents/EcommsDocs/MyBodyMyChoice.pdf I'm "not prepared" to bring sex ed into scouting. Not comfortable with religion either. I consider both personal matters and prefer they be handled outside of scouting. IMHO, I think we should open the BSA to all youngsters and drop any religion and sex requirements/discussion
  4. Glad to see that the way-too-complicated-for-Wolf-Scouts Food Pyramid is being retired and replaced with a simple MyPlate graphic. http://www.choosemyplate.gov/ So look for changes in Wolf Scout requirement 8 "Cooking and Eating", hopefully sooner rather than later. my $0.02
  5. BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA JOINS WITH THE NATIONAL CENTER FOR MISSING & EXPLOITED CHILDREN TO TEACH SCOUTS INTERNET SAFETY Free Online Educational Resource, NetSmartz, Made Available to Scout Leaders ALEXANDRIA, VAJune 1, 2011. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) today announced it is making available its Internet safety program, NetSmartz,to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to teach Scouts and their families how to make responsible decisions both online and in real life. The BSA is asking all Scout leaders to incorporate the NetSmartz materials into t
  6. "Why can't my daughter join the pack/troop, too?" I wonder if the BSA is heading past the coed unit and onward to Family Scouting of America with "Big Box" units. Have the whole family at the same meeting and pack-up everyone for a car camping "scout" outing at one our fine BSA-approved council camps but leave the dog home. I would be long gone. My $0.02
  7. If BP saw today's scout camps, I think he would - not be happy - shut down the mess halls and camp stores - demand patrol method (and not just cooking) - have scouts hike in with their gear to campsite - disconnect the electric - drop merit badge offerings or at least non-scoutcraft merit badges. - require swim lessons for non-swimmers. - require SPLs run their troops at camp - require more activity, you would see patrols hiking, scouts actually shooting at the ranges, game competitions. Physically fit. - have scouts sent home for not following the Oath & Law. - per
  8. Well if the high-quality tan shirt was Made in U.S.A., it would be okay with me!
  9. I like this. Maybe add - prerequisite First mb (prerequisite means do before not concurrent) - info on HAZWOPER - hazardous materials (classes of materials, how to read placards, responses) and OSHA. - importance of proper clothing - high heat and extreme cold conditions. - safety (eye, head, ears, hands,feet...) - changing out/separation of work clothes. - dehydration, common injury causes and prevention. - this merit badge is not suitable as a summer camp offering. My $0.02(This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)
  10. From 2008 National Leadership Team Directory: Bill Steele, Irving,TX, Director of Advancement and NESA 972-580-2436 BiSteele@netbsa.org Hope this helps
  11. What I've learned 1. Whatever forms of communication that you decide to use, the majority will use something else. Facebook? Twitter? Yeah right, most of my scouts use X-box Live and text messaging. 2. No common electronic communication mode will emerge. If it's digital, it will be proprietary. Remember when you read the written word on any paper or listen to any AM station on just about any radio - free. 3. Whatever you post online or transmit, it will not be read. (Yeah okay, this is a holdover from handouts) 4. The common communication mode of the majority ...drum roll
  12. Yeah, I got the source wrong, it seemed similar to a Calvin Coolidge speech that I read. Here's a link to a speech that President Coolidge gave to the National Council of the BSA back in May 1, 1926. For a President nicknamed "Silent Cal", this speech seemed rather long. http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=395#axzz1Ln7Q4zqY I forgot "jobs" in my list of contributing influences. Another $0.02,
  13. Sound words, I think from President Coolidge. Those Scouters looking for commitments and mandatory participation, should realize that Scouting, along with church, school, sports, service, hobbies, is a "contributing" influence and not a "controlling" influence. Parents are the controlling influence. That said ,I hope all scouts and scouters have the opportunity to celebrate Mother's Day today with their Moms, without conflict with some scheduled, mandatory unit outing. My $0.02
  14. Going to "color" dramatically improved the functional quality of the mb books, particularly for diagrams and illustrations and then there are the photos. Content quality, i.e. whether it is a good subject read regardless of merit badge, tends to be a reflection of the merit badge requirements. I think the new Robotics mb pamphlet has good content quality whereas Environmental Science well, needs more work. Of all who actually read a merit badge pamphlet, I would guess the ratio is 70% MBC's, 25% parents, 5% scouts. When counseling a MB, my first questions are 1. Do you have this mb book?
  15. Sounds like easy money for a council camp. http://www.nssfblog.com/100000-in-nssf-grants-for-local-boy-scouts-councils/ ...NSSF is taking its long-standing partnership with Boy Scouts of America to a new level with this challenge grant, said Chris Dolnack, NSSFs senior vice president and chief marketing officer. With the shooting sports among the most popular Scouting activities, NSSF is proud to assist local councils in developing new and expanded opportunities for Scouts to gain knowledge of the shooting sports. BSA Councils applying for a grant must specifically earmark funds
  16. Great information. Medivac/SAR insurance coverage seems to be the next gotta-have, after WFA, for high adventure treks. I wonder if Garmin will soon offer a GPS product with an integrated satellite message uplink? Delorme did market their Earthmate PN-60 with a separate SPOT device. Bundling two separate, existing products together is often a hint of new product direction. My $0.02 (This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)
  17. Hoping for better weather down there and happy news this morning. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42866691/ns/us_news/
  18. Sorry to sidetrack the discussion, just wanted to followup. "Could someone explain to me why the Dept of Ed. continues to partially fund Howard University as a budget line item to the tune of over $250mil annually?" Because it's one of the very few colleges that were chartered by Congress,... That's my point, those other federally chartered colleges - Gallaudet, George Washington, American,... are not annual line items, let alone BIG ticket line items, in the Dept of Education budget, so it seemed odd to me. As I understand, Congress is not required to fund entities chartered by
  19. Could someone explain to me why the Dept of Ed. continues to partially fund Howard University as a budget line item to the tune of over $250mil annually? I would put that money to pre-K or SPED programs in a heartbeat. My $0.02
  20. You also need to sell it to the parents who see 1. membership in yet-another-scout-unit along with the time commitment (me driving) and cost (another fundraiser yippy). Unknown leaders (to me) and in joining my permission was not sought (fix that). 2. secret squirrel stuff. Alarms go off when told or suggested that parents not attend. Have answers to their common questions 1. What does OA do for my son that his Boy Scout troop does not? 1a. Okay, why doesn't his Scout troop do that, it earned a quality unit award? Parents are usually under the impression that summer camps are set
  21. Who gets to decide what are stupid rules? A leader, someone you and others are willing to follow. Another $0.02
  22. Their call. You informed them of the rules and consequences, let them decide. Back in the day, my patrol designed a rectangular patch as it fit our roadrunner drawing. We too were informed after a dozen patches were made. "There will be rain on your parade Roadrunner patrol." "We have ponchos." I would rather have Brave scouts over Obedient scouts when it comes to stupid rules. Best patrol ever. My $0.02,
  23. Exercise scenario: the simulated lost scout suffered from Asperger Syndrome and was last seen arguing with two other boys near the camp chapel. The scout had wandered off in an undetermined direction. More than 20 SAR units from 6 states participated. Does anyone know if any scout units participated or observed, particularly given that the Summit is in West Virginia SAR area. http://www.pocahontastimes.com/news/story/search-and-rescue-exercise-at-dilleys-mill/204004 Yes, the lost scout was found and evac.
  24. I ask but mostly indirect, focused questions and sometimes I get a more than a one word answer and maybe some head gears turn. "Did you have a situation today where you were not sure what do?" "Anything happen today that you knew right away what to do when others stumble? Were others looking to you for answers(leadership)?" "Did you disagree with someone today? What was it about?" "Were you alone in any decisions today?" "Anyone accuse you of acting like a Boy Scout? What was that like?" More so today, there is a misunderstanding that a scout is only expected to b
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