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  1. Hi AhoyDave. Here are some changes I would like to see, I would be interested in your take. Make scout advancement and leadership tracks separate again (as they used to be!). It's great that scouting teaching leadership skills but not all scouts will be or can be leaders. This can be particularly hard for autistic scouts who have difficulty staying on task and making eye contact, but it can also be hard for neuro-typicals too. "But Leaderhip Development is a method of Scouting", yeah so is Uniform and uniforms are optional. As you note, require that a parent of a special need sc
  2. Odd that John Glenn was never a Scout.
  3. If you feel your Pack will not deliver the scouting program, then it would not hurt to look at other Packs. Attend other Pack meetings and outings with your son/den. You and the Mrs. should attend a Committee Meeting or two see if the Tiger, Wolf, and Bear parents are actively and cooperatively involved in delivering a scouting program. Look at their pack by-laws, budget. fundraising, and program calendar. Talk to members. Relay your findings to your den parents. If things do not improve with your current Pack and you find a better Pack, transfer over and take as many of your den that wan
  4. Good questions Wilton125, maybe you can appreciate the irony...Back in the 70's, the Natick Army Labs asked me to evaluate some new cold weather gear even though I have never been a member or employee of the military, just an outdoor guy. Now I have been a member of the BSA for a longer than that, but the BSA seems uninterested in my letters. Luckily, there are a number of outdoor websites and magazine, interested in feedback from novice and expert alike, so we can pass on what we've learned. Neckerchiefs are part of our scout heritage and universally identify us as scouts, why even those
  5. Good point about the internet being available today as a feedback mechanism. Has me wondering... Was a survey done on scouting.org? Scouting magazine? Was there any postings at council offices? I have not seen any. Has any forum member participated in this evaluation or even know someone who did? I asked around council and have not found anyone. I would think with the summer camps starting, that it would be an opportune time for staff to showcase the new functional, outdoor uniform, but I had heard nothing along those lines. Will the evaluation results and a FAQ be publishe
  6. He's right about the name "Community strip", but the "community" was the location of your unit. So in the 60's, you could be a member of Troop 154 with community strips (two one town and one state) "Pennsauken" and "N.J.". Councils in my area were organized by counties. In this example Camden County Council, no council designation was worn then. With scouting on the decline today, I think it is now the South Jersey Council which covers multiple counties. I think more are interested in what town and state you are from than what council, much better conversation starters. For me, the counci
  7. Yeah and bring back the City/Town and State strips! Too bad they did not take the 60's style and color, use the wicking fabrics, and manufacture in the US. But then I want full size square neckerchief, over the collar, with a scout-carved slide too. Think I will stick with my old uniform. As to the shirt-tail problem, here's a solution, though gender specific I think, that airs next week http://www.nbc.com/Deal_or_No_Deal/video/#mea=257423 Maybe that's a new format for Round Table too?
  8. I don't recall a horse. Probably too big and heavy to fit in his Cessna , besides he didn't seem to need a horse as the bad guys were always a short walk from the airstrip.
  9. What I've read, #2 HDPE plastic (milk bottles) are though to be the safest plastic, while #1 (typical convenience store water bottles) is only recommended for short, single use water storage. I have noticed my area supermarkets are cutting back on those #1 bottles, of course, there is also a green issue does it make sense to truck water bottles when tap water has equal or better quality. Another brief informative article http://trusted.md/blog/vreni_gurd/2007/03/29/plastic_water_bottles I wonder what I did with my old scout aluminum canteen. It held water and I could use it to sign
  10. I think Canada's decision to declare B.P.A a toxic chemical forced the product withdrawal decision. Too bad Canada was not as vigilant about their own Menu Foods dog food, eh? Ok, we share blame too. http://www.backpacker.com/blogs/105 with a followup in June Backpacker magazine. I think it is prudent NOT to heat plastics (hot water, microwave) due to concerns of toxins being released, but then I don't use teflon coated cookware and am a firm believer in glass baby bottles and glass lined thermos. Anyway speaking of bottles, I think we will be left holding ours. I have seen no
  11. So can this be wrapped up? I think Ed wants pie. It has been shown that - Scouts may wear their uniform during their Eagle Scout project which was the original question. - Scouts are not restricted to wearing their uniforms to just scout activities. - An Eagle Scout service project is a scout activity. - Some councils require local tour permits for parts of the Eagle Scout service project. No official BSA documents were presented that explicitly stated that the above practices are incorrect. Many examples were cited that the above have been common practices in the field for a
  12. Well good thing the Eagle service project is a scout activity, otherwise YP, a BSA policy, would not apply.
  13. Not my rules, I cited examples of councils that require local tour permits for Eagle Scout service projects. No one was talking about other scout activities you mentioned - OA or Jamboree. Sounds like you are advising Eagle candidates in those councils to ignore their council rules as they work on their Eagle projects.
  14. As eagle90 mentioned, some councils do require local tour permit for parts of an Eagle service project. Some reasons include documenting that youth protection guidelines are being followed or as a service tracking log as councils did before the National Good Turn website started. Here's one: http://wm.ppbsa.org/Advancement/Eagle_Scout_Elements.pdf " Funding b. Fund raising projects require a tour permit, detailed plan and an approved BSA fund raising permit." " ADULT INVOVEMENT: a. BSA policy requires 2 adults (Youth Protection Trained) to be present at any BSA activity."
  15. NO BSA documents explicitly state that a scout cannot wear his uniform during his Eagle Scout project. There is also no rule explicitly stating that a scout can only wear his uniform at a scout activity. And there is no official policy explicitly stating that an Eagle Scout service project is not a scout activity. If those did exist, then the sources would have been produced by now. These unique interpretations of policy for Eagle service project remains an opinion and is not a fact supported by official documents or policy practices. Eagle candidates may wear their uniform during their E
  16. Amazing how complicated Cub Scout camping is. We used to camp in our backyards by ourselves as our first Cub Scout campout - no can do today. There are "temporary guardians" which can be established by the biological parents, or child custodian, or legal guardian, or court to "temporarily" assume the duties same for specific purposes and/or time period. A common example in medical forms, scout leaders are assigned temporary guardianship for the purpose of seeking and receiving emergency medical care for a scout. A babysitter would be another example. We had one Cub share a tent w
  17. Ironically at these courses, you should be taught that before an activity, an outdoor activity leader should ask or have a copy of your medical form and provide to you an equipment list or reference an existing one, say 'Use equipment list on page 224 of Scout handbook' as you might want to bring a water bottle and sleeping bag. Before departure, the outdoor leader reviews medical form (would be nice to know of any food allergies before ordering food) and often checks a new person's equipment. My unit only takes Class A uniforms if the campout is a district camporee or scout summer camp,
  18. I offer this conspiracy theory The policy originally said something to the effect. 'While a Life Scout plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to a religious organization, school, or your community. < The project should benefit an organization other than the BSA >.' But that was too clear so it was changed to allow for misinterpretation. "The Eagle Scout service project provides the opportunity for the Eagle Scout Candidate to demonstrate his leadership skills that he has learned in Scouting. < He does the project outside the sphere
  19. Teach scouts to swim. Too many Cub Scout waterfronts have become Camp Splash - alot of fun but scouts end the week no better swimmers or should I say nonswimmers than when they arrived. One camp that I attend had two dozen kickboards (used to teach leg strokes) and never used them. No swim instruction was attempted.
  20. OGE, Yes in my troop, scouts are recruited to help with Eagle projects, in fact, I have yet to see any non-scouts at any of our project. Attendance is taken at activity; hours recorded in Troopmaster towards their Star or Life service requirements, troop hours credited on national Good Turn website. Publicity photos taken and submitted to local paper. The other intended benefit for these younger scouts is to learn how-to plan and organize an Eagle project. No small coincidence, that those scouts volunteering are likely future Eagles. Sure seems like a scout activity to me. Eagle candida
  21. reducing National executive and legal staff or compensation, cutback paper and paperwork (imagine if we adult leaders filled out that multi-sheet adult leader application ONCE to National instead of filling out a new application whenever we change or add a leadership position or change units or councils),... I will pay a premium to buy an American made product. I will not buy an American flag or a "Boy Scouts Of America" shirt or handbook not manufactured by Americans. According to my local Scout Shop, scout office and rank patches are no longer American made - great.
  22. "Shouldn't we be building a culture in our Troops that community service is something the Scouts ought to do rather than something they have to do for rank " It used to be this way - "Do a good turn daily" was expected and there were no service project requirements or hours minimums for ranks (except Eagle), let alone a web site to tally hours and brag about it. Scouts were expected to show Scout Spirit by serving others either by themselves or participating in patrol and troop service projects. I am trying to correct this mentality at the patrol level by having patrols work on the
  23. Okay thanks Kudu and GW for your responses. I will give this shirt a try for summer camp.
  24. A question about the Action Shirt or new Official Shirt... I would not sew any patches on a breathable shirt as it would block the "breathing". Will the Uniform guidelines reflect this? Good to hear, that neckerchiefs will be worn correctly over the collar.
  25. Our unit's committee meeting is open to all. Scouts will sometimes attend to present service project proposals, lobby for an activity, or seek troop sponsorship for Philmont or Jamboree. Our SPL has not attended nor is he required; he is busy enough with troop meetings and PLC. A planned agenda is sent out a week in advance of troop committee meeting. Anyone can add a topic by contacting CC or attempt to address that topic at the end of meeting before time expires. We all want to get through the agenda in the alloted meeting time. And to no surprise, agenda topics mostly align with progr
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