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  1. Mike Rowe - YES! The BSA definitely needs a respected and recognizable "Follow Me Boys" adventure leader to our movement. In the spirit of July 4 and without regard to the political realities of the cubical encampment at Irving, LDS, etc. Some suggestions for the new BSA program consultant team (after the Irving Temple is cleansed): Bill Nye, "The Science Guy", I think he is now with NASA. He was a Boy Scout and often gives credit to his former scoutmaster and Astronomy MB counselor. (Develop interest in science) Sally Ride, former girl scout, astronaut, now has her own
  2. AC? maybe 12. Buys the various badges, awards, ... from Scout store.
  3. Yes. The "star" designates that the wearer, a Cubmaster is this case, received the Unit Leader Award of Merit http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/512-003_WB.pdf Why this is done when there are "square knot" awards is a mystery to me. My $0.02 (This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)
  4. Good points Sherm and BP. As I recall back in the day, OA membership was also open to male Explorer scouts. It was and should be Scouting's National Honor Society. As stated, Bronze Award should be sufficient prerequisite for Venture scout (male or female) to be elected. My $0.02(This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)
  5. http://bands.army.mil/music/bugle/calls/taps.mp3 (This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)
  6. Inventing merit badge oline requirements http://www.scouting.org/jamboree/sitecore/content/home/boyscouts/advancementandawards/meritbadges/mb-inventing.aspx Related article with link to above http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2010/06/inventing-mb.html
  7. Yes. Oct, 2009 http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/06/nyregion/06abuse.html "The United States Supreme Court on Monday rejected a request by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport to delay the court-ordered release of thousands of legal documents from lawsuits filed against priests accused of sexually abusing children." After losing that, the Bridgeport Diocese is lobbying for a change in the statute of limitations on such claims. http://www.bridgeportdiocese.com/legalert-HB5473-faq.shtml I believe the Boston diocese was required to do so earlier (2003?) by Massachusetts
  8. Without assistance means no help supplied. The intent here is this is the scout's project to demonstrate his carpentry skills to his counselor just as vocational students do today with their teachers and as apprentices/journeymen have done with guild masters in days of yore. I think the ramp would be a great service project, whether the scouts work equally or not, demonstrate skills or not. Would I credit this for Carpentry req #6. Nope. My scouts had to draw simple plans and build well accordingly. Proper use of tools and materials. Dimensions true. Strong, square joints. Sand
  9. This seems like putting the cart before the horse. Council/District trains volunteers but Council/District has not kept track of who they have trained! Before the BSA can effectively mandate that whoever is whatever trained by such and such a date, you first have to get your record keeping in order. Why doesn't the Centennial Quality Council Award http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/513-190-1_wb.pdf include a line item like the following: "11. All leader training records are up to date and these records have been reviewed and certified by all unit training coordinators"...or some
  10. Deja vu all over again? Jan 12, 2010 Scouting Magazine "announces" the Historic merit badges with requirements. Scouts catch the enthusiasm from old timers (like me) and immediately start working on Carpentry, Signaling, Pathfinding, and Tracking merit badges in order to complete by the BSA 100th birthday Feb 8, 2010. They will not receive the merit badge then. Three months later, Apr 1, National "officially" announces on scouting.org these Historic merit badges such that scouts can now start (legally?) working on them and receive badges. Apr 4, 2010 Scouting magazine "announces" Ge
  11. The topic here was to open Cub Scout camp to others, not merging with other groups. I welcome Del-Mar-Va Council's experiment as it may increase membership (albeit just from boys) and lead to improved summer camp programs as we get ideas from others. Or maybe it just keeps another scout camp from going under financially. I for one would take the swimming program from Y-camps or 4-H over what I have seen at our Cub Scout Camps. I would settle for 4-H's prohibition against candy and other junk food at the camp store. But forget program, lets put on a council hat and think just money (you kn
  12. 4-H has been doing this for years. Campers are boys, girls, members, and non-members and are grouped only by age for the week's activities. On Sunday or Monday, group members vote for their week activities. Works well for campers and camp (more camp weeks and full bookings most weeks). Less structure, more fun. My $0.02
  13. "That is why it is important for black male children to see successful black male adults to emulate. Same for white female children and the rest of the world population. That doesn't make anyone better or worse, that's just human nature." I guess if we continue to think of ourselves by race, sex, religion, origin and not as just people that unfortunately may be true. My hope is that the many examples that we have to the contrary, e.g., Baruch Obama will lead children to consider role models from the whole population. My $0.02
  14. B-P borrowed, collaborated, and organized well, so I think it is hard to know at times whose "work" it was. Was it B-P? Or maybe Simon Fraser (Lord Lovat) who formed the Scottish Highland regiment Lovat Scouts (British Army) or Major Frederick Russell Burnham (an American) who trained the Lovat Scouts and B-P for that matter or ... ? My $0.01
  15. My understanding was that Baden Powell just used an existing British Army "Scout" insignia from those soldiers designated to lead the way. Later he added the Scouting meanings previously stated to this design of a commonly used insignia. Here's an interesting link about the history of the Scout fleur de lis or arrowhead. http://www.scouting.milestones.btinternet.co.uk/fleur.htm My $0.02
  16. What council wants and what makes sense can be two different things. Do you really want scouts going door to door with a wad of per person per day tickets overvalued at $20 each? For an experiment in trustworthiness, why not just hand scouts a wad of $20 bills and ask for all the money back in two weeks? Gamestop here I come. The sales transaction for a family of four would be $80 with no refund or transfer if the weather is bad. Yeah that will be a fast seller door to door three months before the event in this economy. You might be able to sell some to parents at a troop meeting...
  17. U.S. Cavalry http://www.uscav.com is one , search for name tapes if the link below does not work. http://www.uscav.com/search.aspx?Search=name+tapes&TabID=1&os=1&CatID=5230 hope this helps,
  18. Agreed Eagle is NOT the goal of Scouting or the purpose of SM. In the SM role of "delivering the promise", the purpose of the BSA, that does not have to be performed explicitly or exclusively by the SM. Delegate. Other adult leaders with different personalities, perspectives, interests, and approaches may be more successful - "adult association". A SM conference can be handled by an ASM. Very few SM's can effectively reach all their scouts, that's why we have help. Partial successes count. My $0.02
  19. The DL needs to be at this meeting with DE, CM, CC, COR to give his/her side. Do not be surprised if COR is a no show. Prior to meeting this DL should receive a list of legitimate complaints, who is complaining, and then ask for someone from Council and/or the COR to check into those complaints with den parents, etc. The complaints may or may not be legit and the conclusion may be just adults who cannot get along. If his den loves him/her and you and the CC do not, expect that whole den will transfer elsewhere...maybe to your old pack where you did not get along. Good luck to all involved
  20. How do his den parents feel about this? If they have no complaints then this situation gets murkier. I take it this leader's son is also in the den.
  21. Understand I'm just asking. I know little about LDS, other than hearing that Spock maybe did little too much LDS back in the '60s at Berkeley. 1. Did LDS approve National creating coed Exploring and Venturing which has local gender option with LDS crews choosing not to be coed? 2. Did LDS approve the changes by National to allow women in adult leadership roles which also appears to be a local opt-out with LDS? My $0.01
  22. Nope urban myth. You need not be a resident within a Council's geographic boundaries. Many attend church, etc. across state and council lines and elect to join the units sponsored there. Split custody is another situation where a scout might join a unit in a different council. In my case, I opted for the better Council. My $0.02
  23. Good discussion. Everyone got the merit badge name right but me I used the old name Auto Mechanics, sorry. The merit badge is now called Auto Maintenance and I think it is one of the harder merit badges. Hats off to those ambitious scouts, who on their own, undertake and earn it! By 16 yrs, I would expect a scout to demonstrate more maturity and self-motivation in planning to reach his life goals - college, drivers license, Eagle Scout, whatever. Sadly, my troop has unmotivated, parent-micro-managed Eagle Scouts which to me is a contradiction. Self motivation is part of Scout Spirit for
  24. Scouts should be self-motivated towards their advancement. There is more quid pro quo going on today not only between parent and child but within scouting too. An individual merit badge seems innocent enough (Auto Mechanics is a tough mb), but where does it stop? Maybe there should be an added requirement on all merit badges - "I undertook this merit badge because I wanted to and earned it without accepting any bribes". Could be worded better but you get the idea. If I was part of a BOR and asked a scout, "What motivated you to take the path to Eagle?" Scout: "My parents promised me
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