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  1. class action lawsuit vs Chapter 11 As I understand, the University of Michigan (public non-profit, taxpayer funded) sexual assault settlement is a result of a class action suit filed in federal district court and not a bankruptcy.
  2. In July-August, 2020 the Judge included the "Coalition of Abused Scouts for Justice" as part of the Mediation Party. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/842768_1161.pdf Could the Judge also remove the "Coalition" from the Mediation Party?
  3. In NH, MLK Day was called Civil Rights Day to commemorate the movement (leaders, protests, activists, victims, lawyers,..) beyond one man. NH eventually called today MLK but some think of the civil rights movement today. That was the reference. Sorry for the confusion, now back to our topic - RS
  4. Lt. Colonel Brandon Tellez been an active adult volunteer with the Scouts and serves as the Committee Chair of Pack 274 and as the Bear Den Leader. ...Phoenix Airfield replaced the aging Pegasus Field when environmental conditions rendered Pegasus Field unfit to support the C-17 which can weigh as much as 490,000 pounds when fully loaded when it lands on ice. The area at Pegasus Field was melting because of environmental warming. Not a good location for landing an aircraft loaded with people, equipment, and supplies." The flag traveled more than 19,000 miles from McChord Field to
  5. Lawyer jokes on Martin Luther King Day? Lets get back on topic. Thanks RS
  6. Update Jan 16, 2022: Sad to report, Brigadier General "Charles McGee, one of a handful of Tuskegee Airmen pilots still alive in 2022, has died, his family announced Sunday. He was 102." https://www.nbcnews.com/news/obituaries/one-last-tuskegee-airmen-dies-rcna12432 Scout salute and farewell,
  7. One of rarest eagles in world, a Steller's sea eagle, has been spotted in Maine this week. Maybe scouts can help track locations of this vagrant. Doug Hitchox, a naturalist with Maine Audubon, says because of the bird's unique feather patterns, it's believed to be the same vagrant. But the reasons for its lonely odyssey remain a mystery. Hitchcox and other experts say it could be prospecting for new territory. Or, it could have been blown off course or had an internal GPS hiccup. Mary Jenkins fears it's lost. https://www.npr.org/2022/01/14/1072706921/one-of-the-ra
  8. Yes on a new model but IMHO, it will not come from existing leadership. All scouting is local, except your SE.
  9. For my sons' first year of camping, I would check but not pack. Once I found a GREEN ham and cheese sandwich from the previous campout. That I did unpack . IMHO for inexperienced scouts, the SPL/PL's should check packs before outing and at the next troop meeting after where packs should be clean, dry, empty or pre-packed with essential outdoor items. My $0.02,
  10. page 4 of docket 8234. This docket also includes the Bates Rebuttal Report in Appendix A. "In light of Dr. Bates’s opinion that (i) the value of the Direct Abuse Claims has a midpoint of $3.0 billion, (ii) the size of the contributions already being made to the Settlement Trust (over $2.69 billion), and (iii) the expected value of non-settling insurance rights and non-settling chartered organization claims, the Debtors anticipate payment in full to holders of allowed claims in Class 8 in accordance with the Trust Distribution Procedures. It belies common sense that th
  11. Scout Augie Walsh, "Just to help them as much as I could," https://www.kmbc.com/article/kc-boy-scout-augie-walsh-families-affected-by-kentucky-tornadoes/38669078
  12. The 1941 Requirements for Emergency Service Corps Member: 1. First Class Scout 2. 15 years old 3. Pass these qualification tests each year: a) Run 1 mile in 8.5 minutes b) Climb an 18 foot rope, hand over hand, in 15 seconds c) Tie following knots with a 1/2 in rope or larger: Square, Bowline, Ant line hitch, Blackwall hitch, Two half hitches, Cat's paw, Clove hitch, Bowline on a Bight, Sheet bend 4. Hold following merit badges: First Aid, Safety, Pioneering, Personal Health, Firemanship, Public Health and where required Lifesaving and Rowing
  13. I doubt Prof Eric Green will officially become the Settlement Trustee. https://mediatbankry.com/2021/12/14/mediation-privilege-for-a-proposed-but-not-actual-mediator-in-re-boy-scouts/
  14. Wed, Jan 12 7:30 P.M. "An old Scout named Willem Lange spends a weekend at the annual Klondike Derby at Camp Carpenter in Manchester, where Boy Scouts from around NH demonstrate their winter skills. Willem tags along with two teams patrols of Scouts (Dynamite and Fellowship) as they compete in a series of events that challenge their skills, including building a fire, ice rescue, first aid and hypothermia treatment, and using a compass. He also finds out what Scouting means to those at the event, young and old." Link to a page with a good Klondike video ( Episode 705, about
  15. Eagle Scout Dylon Nottingham developed a playing card game called Primal Jaws. It’s is a strategic dinosaur battling game in which he created all the artwork, branding and game play... “It all started with Game Design,” Nottingham said. “I had this concept for a dinosaur combat game, and my work on that merit badge helped me begin to put it together.”... “I was making a new business with this game, and the American Business and Entrepreneurship Merit Badges helped with everything I was doing,” he said.... “Earning merit badges was incorporated into my homeschool curriculum, and
  16. 01/09/20222: Camp Nutter Update 👍 Maine based non-profit Camp Kita announces today that it now has 28.5 acres on Loon Pond in Acton, Maine, which will be the future home and campgrounds of the organization. This property, formerly home to Camp Nutter, allows Camp Kita to expand its reach as a tuition-free summer camp for youth who have lost loved ones to suicide. ...Since its inception, Camp Kita has hosted its camps each summer by renting different facilities. In recent years, however, the group has had to limit applicants due to size limitations or availability of these facilities.
  17. It was a suggestion by some scouters in the room. Not adopted, nor as crazy as some past decisions made.
  18. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/5e2eaa72-1e31-4d5f-a951-ac5a90474218_8190.pdf Above link, TCC status report was to be presented at Jan 10 hearing. It is an interesting read, for example, the frank suggestion that upcoming depositions are a waste of time and money. ...for the next three weeks, the Participating Parties will undertake the substantial time and expense—much of it to be incurred by the bankruptcy estates—to complete the depositions of as many as fifty fact and expert witnesses (which must be completed by January 28, 2022) to further the Court’s
  19. @InquisitiveScouter you are a MBC for 61 merit badges and "The average person could do at least 10 or so, comfortably." ??? Before covid, I remember a meeting where some suggested MBC's have a simple uniform of a sash with the merit badges they counsel - advertising I guess.
  20. As Professor Jacoby states "Recent district court decision in #PurduePharma gives extra heft to opponents' arguments that they cannot be forced to forfeit direct legal rights against third parties in a bankruptcy case, however their class might vote. That is big element of #BoyScouts case."
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