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  1. "There is nothing that enrages Wood Badgers more than traditional outdoor skills like semaphore!" Add to that "trail marking" where we placed stones or sticks in certain patterns to give trail directions. 'My Gawd. Leave No Trace put those rocks back.' Too funny, but true. "Stalking" is another one, but I'm too PC aware to even mention it, dang I guess I shouldn't have said that.
  2. Maybe this, "Spring" craft project. I went to a local greenhouse and bought a flat of flower plants (I forgot the variety, but I told the owner that I wanted a Cub Scout tolerant plant, so I guess it wasn't an Inpatient). Had my Wolves pot the plants. You could add a sign "Easter Bunny leave basket here." Playing with dirt, what fun. And if they transplant the plant outside have them add an earthworm with the plant. They love to see the worm burrow into the soil. You can dig for worms (also fun) or buy (trout) bait worms. A worm race might be warranted, as a slow worm will just end up being br
  3. "In Support of Diversity We hope that our supporters will continue to value the Boy Scouts of America's respect for diversity and the positive impact Scouting has on young people's lives." http://www.scouting.org/Media/Positions.aspx
  4. DYB-Mike I was referring to the Old Wood Badge. Most WBer's were "lifers" in the scouting program. And that was the point, this acknowledged this group of knowledgeable, experienced Scoutmasters who made a long commitment to working with scouts as the best of the best. So yes prestige, sort of Eagle Scout for Scoutmasters, very different from the Wood Badge today, which I think should use a different name to prevent confusion. Anyway, more was expected from WBers but they were already known for giving beyond those expectations both at the troop and district levels and that was the or
  5. LisaBob, thanks to your BOR for maintaining the integrity of the program, hopefully that scout will learn from your feedback and become the scout he should be. I am sorry the situation was not handled earlier by Scoutmaster conferences as it should have been. Whether you call it "Scout Spirit" or behavior or attitude problems, I have seen a variety of such "problems" stopping Scoutmaster Conference signoff for rank advancement. With my scoutmaster conferences for rank, there is no automatic pass. Some colleagues argue that I should advance them anyway "to keep them in the program". Sorry
  6. 7% growth in membership for Sea Scouts in Central Region using "outdated" course content to train adult leaders. Our Boy Scout Council has negative membership growth here using the "new" WB course content. Congratulations to Sea Scouts, Central Region.
  7. Joni4TA, Long ago, one's commitment to scouting had to be firmly established BEFORE one could be "considered" for the Wood Badge course. One had to have been a SM or ASM for a considerable length of time usually to show that commitment was beyond one's own son's years as a scout. And you had to be voted in attend a WB course by current WBer's much like the OA still is. Not a perfect system, but I personally prefer it to the nearly open admission process that my council uses.
  8. "...slashing trees and bushes with his pocket knife." Scoutmaster conference with the scout right then and there. Review knife safety and Outdoor Code. While reviewing these topics ask him indirect questions about the activity and work your way in. "Okay, we went over proper handling of your knife, how is your other gear working?" "Now I'm here to help, but so is the rest of the troop. Have they helped?" "This campout was planned to have fun. What has been fun on this trip? ...what could have been done better." "Now we need to come up with a plan for the rest of the campout."
  9. Well, if I can sugar-coat it. It is plain dumb that the Scouts own the dam even if the camp was given to them - ESPECIALLY in Pennsylvania. A state inspection done over 6 years ago identified the dam as a hazard and it has already breached. The Scouts own the dam...sounds eerie like another South Fork Dam / Lake Conemaugh / Johnstown Flood. How many gallons in Lake Stillwater? Supposedly, Lake Conemaugh had only 20 million gallons. How many live downhill of this Scout dam? Doesn't matter who benefits from the dam, the maintenance is the responsibility of the dam owner. So unless a
  10. Cheating seems more prevalent. I say "seems" as the cheating is in areas that are harder to prove, e.g. lubricants and axles, and there is little time or willingness to have a fair investigation. In my experience, the cheaters have been parents or grandparents and not scouts. As to the original question, a solution might be to reserve a hall and have scout/parent build and race on the same day. So early Saturday morning: handout the MARKED kits, have a builders workshop, check cars, then race. Many of the balsa sailboat regattas are done this way. Just wondering. Has anyone held a
  11. The original intent was to prevent individuals from profiting off the BSA, not hamstring fundraisers for units and scout service projects. When doing a scout service project, you are a scout and are encouraged to wear your uniform proudly in your service. Now about those Boy Scouts that sold war bonds during World War I and my scouts who ushered (collected money) during Scout Sunday service last month ...
  12. His doctor and the Philmont medical staff makes the call. Sorry I don't have any answers for you but here are some questions to ask. 1. (As mentioned) What is the impact on his health if the device totally fails upon arrival? Does he not sleep or do crew members have to take turns monitoring his breathing during night? 2. Has he used this device successfully on a local group training treks? 3. How well does this device work at Philmont high elevations, i.e., Philmont is not at sea level? 4. Are the batteries a common off-the-shelf variety? 5. If traveling to Philmont by plane, has
  13. As I understand as of 2008, Red Cross First Aid and CPR is no longer sufficient. At least one Philmont crew member must have completed WFA from a nationally recognized organization as stated in this link (found by Searching from the new scouting.org) http://old.scouting.org/philmont/2008firstaidrequirements.pdf I was an EMT and as mentioned, there is a the big difference in handling wilderness situations and resources. You won't have the big truck ( no backboard) and will likely have to direct others to handle patient care including clearing the spine and patient transport over miles
  14. Thanks for making this film to address this problem. Not many scouts in my unit do merit badge work outside of summer camp. Great opening with video game as it quickly draws attention. Good composition and production. Good humor, like the eye chart and stuffed animals in the vet's office and the music was well selected. I had some questions: 1. Why did you select a fictional merit badge? Why not work on a real merit badge like Cinematography and earn it at the COH? 2. What did you cut from your film? Did you have a time/size limit restriction on your film? 2a. Will you a
  15. Good topic. Hopefully, we are informed beings with free will, conscience, and duty to others. I teach my scouts that a good leader understands and can explain the reasons for his rules and if you decide to go against the rules you too will be asked to explain your reasons. There is responsibility and accountability on both sides. Judgment building is an exercise for both leaders and followers. These came to mind and some overlap yours. Rn1. Rules are clearly posted for all to see. Ignorance is no excuse. (Local Tour permits come to mind) Rn2. Imperfect rules are better than n
  16. From back in May, 2005 http://www.maine.gov/tools/whatsnew/index.php?topic=housedems+news&id=7037&v=Article The point here - it took a child's death to permit common sense in dealing with allergies. This tragedy occurred at a YMCA camp. AUGUSTA The Maine House of Representatives Thursday supported a measure proposed by Rep. Chris Barstow, D-Gorham, to allow children at summer camp to carry emergency medications in order to self-administer the live-saving drugs in an urgent situation. The bill builds upon Barstows successful effort during the last legislative sessio
  17. Back in the 60's...our Neighborhood Commissioner (weren't called District Commissioner yet) would monitor the program quality. How did anyone know that your troop was running a scout program? Your unit Neighborhood Commissioner said so. A visit my him would entail: - Inspection of facility using check sheet. - Inspection of troops and adult leaders using uniform sheet - Attendance check by patrol and he wanted to hear a patrol cheer. - Inspection of troop records - membership, attendance, program schedule, advancement, and bank account(very important!). - Talk with Troop Committ
  18. The "Story of Akela and Mowgli" is in the Cub Scout Wolf Handbook (at least the edition I used a couple of years ago). Pages 8-13 in the Parent Guide after Youth Protection. Parents are suppose to read and sign.
  19. The National website scouting.org appears updated, though Search still does not work for me. Nice to see a "Guideline for using Cannons", as I have sensed a less-than-manly artillery gap between my troop and other troops with a full field artillery unit. Remember we are not a military unit nor are we to wear military-like uniforms unless we are, of course, Sea Scouts. http://scouting.org/HealthandSafety/Alerts/cannons.aspx
  20. The sixties - equal but separate, benign neglect, civil rights movement,... Was there a National/Council/Troop segregation or integration policy? Segregation existed. There were Negro troops (the term "black" was not used yet). I was a young teenager in Jersey. Negro or black boys, some who were members of our CO church, would visit our troop meetings. They received a friendly greeting from us scouts, after all, they were our friends from school and we needed membership. None joined. Their families were strongly discouraged by our adult leaders. Blatant racism? I doubt it, maybe th
  21. As to the original questions, if I may paraphrase: 1. I agree there is often an over-emphasis on uniform and advancement methods and an under-emphasis on leadership and patrol method. Guess which methods are harder to teach. 2. Easiest judge of our success? Well, just look at your scouts how are they doing? (trick question, even experienced leaders have a hard time evaluating this). If you want a metric, try a competitive scout activity like a Klondike Derby look at how they scored for scout spirit, skills, teamwork, did they have fun,... 3. Neither a sharply full uniformed troo
  22. Gotta agree. Planning, communication, and delegation are difficult skills for scouts to acquire. If you are not short-handed and the activity is in a fixed area, say meal preparation at a campsite, try this 1) SPL picks a standing (not sitting) spot from where he can see and direct. 2) draw a 3' circle about that spot. Not too large, not too small. 3) He can't leave the circle. He can call people to him but he cannot leave the circle unless it is an emergency or it is now time to eat. 4) No one can be in the circle with him for more than 30 seconds. So no hanging with the SPL, ev
  23. In Boy Scouts, we want a boy-run troop where the boys take on this responsibility. You want Option #2. When a patrol is meal planning, the question should be asked upfront "Do we have any diet restrictions?" - be they allergy, religious, medical, or "I just won't eat broccoli". Note my son has a nut allergy and carries an epipen just in case. So far, he has three incidents with the troop - all due to adult supplied food - brownies, cookies, and moose-something ice cream, i.e. "snacks I made for the boys...oh I didn't know". Yeah, real fun going to the ER. At the Cub Scouts, this
  24. The uniform method is a useful tool. But I have successfully delivered the scout program without the uniform method, in fact so stated,'You are expected to be scouts whether you are wearing the uniform or not'. So if the "uniform" is keeping away boys, units should consider alternatives. I have never seen a "fitting in" problem at a scout gathering. Envy of custom t-shirts, ball caps, and those damn sneakers that they should not be wearing - yes, "scout uniform" envy - no. Not like the old days... my scouts are rather indifferent about patches; it is the adults who are collecting them.
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