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  1. It's every year, I see foreign Scouting associations post about it on FB, but I don't recall seeing BSA outlets post about it.
  2. No, this photo does not make anyone who is pro-inclusion think twice about it, because they already know what goes on at pride parades and they don't think it's any different than seeing people in bathing suits at the beach.
  3. BSA listed known homosexuals in its ineligible volunteer files labeled "Perversion" (there are 2 or 3 other categories) as soon as they started the system in the 1920s, 60 years before Calico would have you believe that BSA began excluding homosexuals. Calling someone a pervert and barring them from volunteering is as loud and clear as it gets. My pithy response was just that.
  4. Sorry, didn't notice these replies. The tally on the page I linked is not complete—it can't be used to assert any definite number of units. It only includes numbers for the "top 25 faith-based organizations" (based on membership) and states that "Over 100,000 Scouting units are owned and operated by chartered organizations. Of these: 71.5 percent of all units are chartered to faith-based organizations. 21.3 percent of all units are chartered to civic organizations. 7.2 percent of all units are chartered to educational organizations." The point of the post you were replying to was
  5. Don't you like joining organizations and changing their character?
  6. BSA has been an anachronism from its founding. I don't know why people think it was ever anything but an anachronism. BSA didn't create an outdoor program to piggyback on something that was already popular (though returning to nature was on a lot of minds), they created a reactionary program that turned back to the outdoors to combat the effects of urbanization and industrialization. Scouting was never meant for rural kids, it was created for shiftless city boys, war orphans, and upper class kids looking for a way to maintain their manliness and morality against the weakening effects of ear
  7. No age, we require NYLT, which has a First Class and 13 stipulation so I guess that's a de facto minimum. However, if there aren't enough NYLT-trained candidates, we waive that, which happens every couple years. In that case, the SM talks to guys who say they'd like to run to vet them. We pay a portion of the NYLT fee from the troop treasury.
  8. BSA does not create units aside from sales pitches to prospective COs by DEs. People decide they want to start a troop, they apply for a charter.If black people don't apply for charters, that's their business, not an "us problem." BSA is in the middle of a campaign to use the movie Troop 491: Adventures of the Muddy Lions to get interest from urban youth. But it doesn't matter what BSA does, if they're not interested then they're not interested.
  9. Can we please keep religion in a religion thread? There are already 500 of them. GSUSA is facing huge internal opposition to its program changes, backlash to its increasingly leftist politics, backlash and cookie boycotts over property sell-offs (1/3 of camps), and mega-councils (312 down to 112). This article looks like the most non-partisan report covering most of those major issues (except the social/political stuff, which might be their bias): https://philanthropy.com/article/FinancialLeadership-Woes/155055 27% membership loss in the past 10 yrs, ~26% from 2003-2013. BSA has member
  10. There's the ticket!!! I shall found a religious sect which holds that only boys and men are good.
  11. I think it's an excellent way to put the GSUSA out of business.
  12. Yes, and if CatholicScouts.org has its way, Catholic Scouts would be just like many (most?) other nations. A mess? Maybe (I think so), but it's the norm, we're the outlier.
  13. Very mature and honorable of your son! A good example of internalizing the values. Once he has done it in this altruistic way, maybe try appealing to the Council. The requirements are the requirements, and they're the same for everyone. It's called "drop dead date" for a reason.
  14. It looks like the infrastructure is already there https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Catholic_Conference_of_Scouting American Scouts/ers have to keep in mind that we are basically alone in having just one serious national organization. In most countries, there are many, and they are very often organized along religious lines. There are already Catholic Scout orgs in dozens of countires.
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