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  1. Extrapolating membership results nationwide from one enthusiastic scoutmaster’s troop is even less predictive of the nation’s circumstances. I was once that enthusiastic crew advisor, but I realized that irrational exuberance does nothing to prepare one for the future. Ignoring the experience of other scout associations around the world is the height of arrogance. That’s okay. We’re American and need to maintain that exceptionalist swagger. But one needs to own the at-home facts in evidence. This forum holds posts from scouters who’ve lost interest in BSA once it proposed BSA4G. I’v
  2. Quite right. Scouting movements were banned in many Eastern Block European countries, so they had no where to go but up as the few available adults waited for their youth to mature into competent leaders. Those programs were notably anti-fascist and over time their use of neckerchiefs began to be understood in opposition to (in contrast to allied with) red brigades. So, in contrast to Scouts CA, they had a trajectory of increasing growth that harmonized with prevailing political sentiment. Scouts UK had to do a lot of hard work. In the 90’s, a large part of its new enrollment were girls,
  3. Based on my review of census of European scout associations (posted elsewhere, too lazy to find links now): Scout associations tend to have a decline in total membership for about a decade after admitting girls to their membership. Gains in female youth are more than offset by losses in male youth. Some associations then begin to increase membership slowly. Based on anecdotes, growth in membership is due to a lack of trainable volunteers to lead the program, which in turn is a result from the dip in scouting alumni from the previous decade of decline. A decade later, male member
  4. I'm not so sure why this is terrible. If you can't produce a program that girls enjoy and a CO loves to host, why should council bother? Meanwhile, there are a lot of young (and young at heart) men who've benefited from that 60+ year-old troop. Some of them probably call their council to see what can be done to keep it from dissolving. The bitter truth: it now rests squarely on the young women who've benefited from the program to promote it. If they conclude that they would have been better off with 100% of their time spent in GS/USA, their BSA4G troop will rightfully lose its footho
  5. Yes the funds belong to the CO for the purpose of implementing scouting. That means that if someone pilfers those funds to enhance their bass boat, the church (in your case) has every right to take legal action. If it really matters to them, provide projected income and expenses and end-of-year balance, and they can add it to their financial statement. Persons wanting to more details can get trained and registered on the troop committee.
  6. Life in the ‘80s: I once met a Greek young woman, recently converted to Evangelical Christianity, who patiently explained to me that she would retain her communist party membership because the party insisted that there was no conflict between their philosophy and any religion. I said, “OKay.” It was hardly a week later that she burned her membership card due to how viciously they excoriated her for her newfound faith. Kudos to GS/USA units who tune this stuff out. I encourage them to not violate my Rule #1 (Don’t ask for a rule, you’ll live to regret it.) and engage whatever communit
  7. @Casper72 thanks for the additional context. As you can tell, we are divided as to the leadership needed for a small troop. Everyone agrees that an SPL is essential for coordinating three patrols. A troop that down to eight scouts only needs one youth leader and an assistant, and it doesn't make much difference if that pair is SPL/PL or PL/APL. Naturally, among 8 people there will usually only arise one or two leaders. What that means, is that as a troop size decreases, SPL is a less essential position, and any discussion over how elections for such a position are run become superfluous.
  8. I think, here, we need to distinguish between legend and culture. The legend of Delaware tribes uniting to fend off rivals is centers on Lenni Lenapi history -- as recorded by 18th century settlers and popularized by James Fennimore Cooper. The O/A adopted that legend to adopt an ethos of brotherhood. (The word "brother", in Lenni-Lenapi was especially confusing to Europeans trying to make -- or break -- land contracts. It had a much wider meaning than nuclear family.) The dress, dances, etc ... should honor local tribes. Over the decades I have seen our lodges dress move from that of pla
  9. Apologies, I didn’t track the tangent. Here’s one thumbnail of Scouts South Africa https://histclo.com/youth/youth/org/sco/country/sa/scoutsa.htm It seems that black, colored, Indian, and white South African troops arose independently and early in the organization’s history, much the way troops in US communities under polices of segregation arose. What’s notable about Scouts SA, is that — with “encouragement” from the Nordic Countries of WOSM they integrated in 1977 — in direct defiance of apartheid.
  10. @johnsch322 paints with a discriminating broad brush. African Americans were advancing in European American troops from the early years of BSA … https://aaregistry.org/story/first-black-eagle-scout-awarded/ They we’re also advancing in segregated troops, Martin Luther King, Jr’s troop being one of them. I would suggest that it is harmful to one’s soul to conflate evils. There is a big difference in troops being founded by black leaders in segregated communities and the nation’s black scouts being “very segregated” from the nation’s white scouts.
  11. I think the best thing that can be done is to encourage BSA4G scouting alumni associations (e.g., subsets of NESA and O/A) to follow up with young adults who were members of Scouts BSA girl troops and ask them if they’d be willing to give a presentation (maybe a video interview) of their experience as a scout and how they would like to see things evolve for our scouts of tomorrow. These presentations could be at troop meetings, round tables, or council and even community events. In fact, a repository of videos from adults speaking to future youth and parents about the positives and negati
  12. GS/USA tried to impose these strictures at a regional and council level in response to the advent of Scouts BSA. Memos regarding multi-organization activities began to be circulated. E.g., from https://www.gssne.org/content/dam/girlscouts-gssne/documents/GirlScout_Participation_in Activities_with_Other_Scouting_Organizations.pdf … I believe language of the sort made it into some troop training materials. (I say “some” because I suspect many trainers knew their audience was more focused on policies that helped their girls grow strong and good, and would not countenance time wasted on ad
  13. @InquisitiveScouter, I once commented on discussions.scouting,org (back when they let us actually talk about administration and not just scoutbook) that an SPL in a small troop is superfluous. Boy, did I get raked! I couldn’t have drawn more fire if I spouted off about politics or religion. So, just accept that it is not so much a PoR as it is a cult for a small troop.
  14. A CoR really needs to stay above this very good learning experience for your scouts. One of them may be on the community’s elections board in a few years! FWIW, a club I was in settled ties with an arm wrestling match.
  15. To be clear, “cultures” don’t “decide” to be offended. Some who associate with a culture claim a privileged position to speak for all of its members, and assert offense on their behalf. The may go so far as to demean those of their fellows who on record as seeing things differently. It’s a big country. It’s been that way long before European conquests and waves of immigrants.
  16. So, to avoid any and all sense of indigenous appropriation, should the name be changed to Order of the Flintlock?
  17. Yeah. Hide ice cream at a location within a half-day hike. Place the coordinates to that location someplace else. Provide a map with the location of the coordinates. First patrol to navigate to the ice cream gets their choice of flavor. Search “wide games” there will be plenty. but, for meetings we do games like a round of basketball, sleeping Indian, or other 15 minute game chosen by the SPL. Books? What are these books you speak of? Scouts master skills, demonstrate them to their PL or SPL, who then signs off. We don’t reserve a specific time for it. Our general str
  18. @PACAN, I can think of three striking disincentives for GS/USA to reshape its program into anything like BSA’s: It is quite clear that by-and-large parents are still preferring to send their daughters to GS/USA over BSA4G. (Some prefer to do both.), Girls in both organizations love both, and in spite of attracting a small number of girls, BSA has not gained membership.
  19. @Leehoden, welcome to the forums! Not to sound too judgmental, but many of us have acquired adult-to-youth translators. Adult “as a troop we were focused” often translates into youth “this is really boring.” Once most of your boys have achieved 1st class rank, it’s time to stop focusing on advancement and focus on super activities (what others here may call fun and adventure). So, some probing questions: What game do the boys play before, during, or after meetings? When was your last really muddy service project? Which patrol recently was awarded a totem for best camp
  20. If some of your scouts or family are enduring a prolonged loss of taste (an effect of the disease, not the vaccine) you might want to put them onto a stellar ganglion block.
  21. Both immunization and natural immunity have a limited duration. How long? It depends. Also, although excess deaths in general have decreased in the US, it seems to be a regional thing ... up in some regions, down in others. If you've tolerated the boosters, it's not a bad idea lining up for the next one. If they've thoroughly exhausted you, no one should judge if you take a pass. It's a roll of the dice. But how people respond to the jab does not seem to correlate with how they'd respond to the actual disease. Anyway, my pandemic guy is all tied up treating RSV. That's all the rage these
  22. @jcousino, Daniel (thanks to that incident with Darius’ big cats) was a figure of note in Persia as well. By the first century, the Parthian Empire overarched both long-established Babylonian and Persian Jewish communities. So, to say that Magi were more in contact with one community vs the other is too specific for the Nativity text. One can only guess that they had at least indirect access to Hebrew scripture, but none of that was recorded by Matthew. Instead the text noted their obsession with stars and ignorance of messianic prophecy. The evangelist’s was not so much to associate these t
  23. @jcousino, if in jest, it is with utmost seriousness. Some background: Our common use of the term “wise men” dilutes what the Evangelist Matthew was trying to say. Magi, in Ancient Greek literature, specifically referred to Persian priests — most likely Zoroastrian. The point being that these Christmas visitors were alien to anyone who’d have a religious or political connection to the story about to unfold. But, strange as they might have been to occupier or inhabitant of Palestine — they were specially preparing their whole lives to anoint kings as part of their religious duty. (At least
  24. Hey guys, have you ever heard of the first Zoroastrian scouts? They formed an awesome patrol, and took turns in their unit’s most important position of responsibility: Chaplains Aide. Well, first they earned astronomy merit badge, then Orienteering . While working on personal management, they built up a stash of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They kept themselves physically fit, studied nature, transportation, and citizenship in the empire. Then one clear night, while watching Jupiter retrograde around Leo, one of them said, “Hey let’s go venturing and see where that will take us. I bet w
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