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  1. Well, the Webelos going to Boy Scouts is a Boy Scout issue. Has the troop not contacted y'all?
  2. My late Dad, and my father-in-law (both in their 80s) talked about this. It also featured in a Everybody love Raymond episode, where nude swimming happened at the Lodge. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0574200/quotes/?tab=qt&ref_=tt_trv_qu Marie Barone: Marco is my friend. Now I never see him anymore. He's always with your father. They're watching sports or swimming nude at the lodge. Debra Barone: There isn't enough chlorine in the world.
  3. Scout leaders or for a single word, scouters.
  4. Well, in 1977, my troop wasn't that strict. (Did swim everyday). That said, as an adult leader, we required the boys to shower at least once. Most showered every day.
  5. Our troop uses a hitch lock and a tire boot when parked in the CO parking lot and we don't leave it loaded, except for the dutch ovens, cast iron pans and propane lanterns which have dedicated compartments in the trailer.
  6. When I was a youth (I'm 53 now), I would have thought it strange that adults were showering with Scouts. I don't think I would do it. I might have showered with other youth, but I wouldn't have liked it. I don't think I ever showered at summer camp, though, or at almost any campout, as a youth.
  7. I agree. I think that's the trend everywhere, not just in scouts. When my old Troop went to Camp Daniel Boone, they had a great setup for showers and bathrooms. They had two buildings with about a dozen doors on the two sides (longwise). Each shower (and each toilet) had it's own door. No worries about if youth or adults of either gender were in the shower room next to you.
  8. More than likely, no. IMHO, they are great, but I have been chastized at Scout events for that view. I actually can't imagine a better camp shoe than crocs (provided the crocs don't have worn out soles). When I was a Scout leader, though, I wore closed toed sandals for summer camp. Yes, I also carried boots. I liked crocs for backpacking. They are great for stream crossings and to wear around a camp site.
  9. I agree with you 100%. BSA should get rid of the 1st year Scout Programs at summer camp. I agree with you about Swimming and First Aid, but other than that, Scouts should have fun (and swimming for most of them is fun).
  10. I agree with the Scoutmaster. Scouts should take as many fun merit badges as they can at summer camp. Yes, I would suggest swimming and first aid (not cooking, it's very involved, and cooking requirements used in cooking MB shouldn't be used for rank advancement, IIRC). That said, I think, besides for 17 year old Life Scouts, the book badges should be banned at summer camp--no Citizenship, Personal Management, Family Life, etc. should be taught at summer camp.
  11. Give the Scouts the Blue cards and have them fill them out before summer camp--in this process you can have the older boys teach them about what needs to be filled out--we had a handwritten template on a bulletin board in our scout hut for the scouts to follow. Never do what a Scout can do for himself. Give out the blue cards before summer camp. Have them fill out the information about themselves.
  12. I agree with you on FCFY, but have a different view of it. I think a Troop should be capable of producing a FCFY scout. By that, I mean that if a Scout attends every activity/meeting, etc., and is diligent, they could get First Class in a year. That said, I don't think I've seen a Scout get FCFY in our old troop. They could have theoretically, but in practice, it just didn't happen. The quickest I can remember is about FC in 18 months, with 2 years being more typical. In terms of Eagles, etc., I think a 15 year old Eagle is about ideal. At that age, the Eagle will probably stil
  13. First, I know few scouts that finish T21 in a year. 18 months is about as fast as I've seen, with two years more typical. Second, forget the whole school grade thing, and don't plan this out that way. Let this just proceed at the rate of your son, not at some kind of schedule. The first 4 ranks are, IMHO, the second hardest part of Scouting. (hardest, of course, being Life to Eagle).
  14. Unless your son is SPL, the SM is out of line. If your son is SPL, then he needs to make sure the ASPL is ready for it, and he should remain on staff.
  15. The CM serves at the discretion of the COR. The Pack committee needs to recommend to the COR that the CM be replaced.
  16. As Firestone said. It's improper to just have a related couple as admins. it probably fits the letter of the law,though if two admins are involved. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/mission/doc/Social_Media_Guidelines.doc
  17. I'm sure its somewhere in history. In the case of my CO, I know exactly why the Troop has a different number than the Pack. The Troop with the same number as the Pack was chartered by a different organization than the Pack (maybe at one time they were the same, not sure about the whole history). A group of adults in the CO of the Pack didn't like how the same numbered Troop was being run, and they didn't see that they could change it. They then started their own Troop at the CO with a different Troop Number. The first Troop ended up being disbanded after losing most of their leadership in
  18. I wouldn't be a leader for your Troop, sorry to say. That said, it's not as bad as the situation in the OP. At least it's a standard policy and the scouts are aware of it.
  19. I would say no. I would start training them to work as a patrol from the get go.
  20. IIRC, DavidCO is at a private school, so in that case they have the right to search. It's not a governmental thing. The above is very reasonable.
  21. That's not my problem with the routine searches. First, there is accountability. I don't want a scout leader rifling through scouts' stuff without good reason and especially not without a witness. Second, there are the basic trust issues. Unless a scout gives a reason that they can't be trusted, they should be trusted. That's the way I was with my own sons, and I would do no differently with other people's sons. That in no way means I don't think a scout leader (or parent) should never search luggage, just that it shouldn't be a routine thing. It's just basic freedom and liberty. I reall
  22. My former Troop (just former because my boys aged out of it) had Activity shirts, and most boys wore them under their field uniform shirts. They wore the Field Uniform every meeting and to and while travelling. If a meeting was going to have a game involving running, etc., most scouts took of their field uniform shirts and were just in their activity shirts.
  23. Not in my opinion. I was flabbergasted to read that in other parts of the country, kids' luggage is regularly searched. I agree it's the right of the school/organization to do so, I just don't think it sends a good message to the kids, and yes, it is a sign of a very authoritarian government/organization, IMHO.
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