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    Balanced Advancement Timeline Goals

    Thanks everyone for the replies. This is my son's question as well, not at all trying to plan things for him. I'm proud to say though that it seems I've raised a very organized little guy, he loves to make lists etc, and he is trying to figure this out for himself and I'm trying to assist, not at all like doing it for him as a parent. I showed him these responses, but we are both still confused as to the answer of our original question. My son is intent on making Eagle, he hasn't decided if he wants to go for the palms or not yet, but he has set Eagle as his personal goal. He likes concrete time goals, even if he decides later to change them or go at a different pace, he wants to have some kind of spread-out goals that spread out his time because he says the number one thing he doesn't like is being rushed, and he wants to be sure he can reach his goal without being rushed. Scouts isn't the only activity he's involved in, so it makes sense I think to come up with at least some general plan. After reading these responses he's actually feeling more anxious about it - he says "So... everyone is saying to go at your own pace, but how do I know what my own pace is without setting a timeline for my goals I want? I feel like I just have to do it as fast as possible till I'm almost done and then relax... but I don't want to do it that way, I want to spread things out". The other older boys he knows are basically racing "I'm going to make eagle by 16!" "Me, 14!" etc, he's not into that, he wants to moderate his involvement so he also has time to spend with his friends and lego competitions and things. Can anyone suggest a sample timeline where the work is the most spread out? This is really what he's looking for. Like - 6th grade complete Scout, tenderfoot, 2nd 7th grade 1st class 8th grade Star 9-10th Life 11-12th Eagle ... ? Thx
  2. We’re currently in cubs and looking ahead - it seems there are 7 ranks for Boy Scouts, and there are also 7 years, right? It makes sense at first glance to complete one rank per year... However, in the handbook, it says you should try to complete the first 4 the first year... So 4 ranks in one year and 3 the next 6 years?? So grade-wise are they basically saying 6th grade complete Scout, tenderfoot, 2nd, 1st 7 & 8th grade work on Star 9-10th Life 11-12th Eagle ... ? This just seems odd to me... Please correct my thinking here and help me understand the timelines... My son & our family want to create a balanced goals timeline that will most evenly space out the amount of time required, not trying to rush or finish early. It also seems to me that if the first 4 ranks are so easy maybe there shouldn’t be so many ranks?? Thx!