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  1. To John in KC, The earlier posters used a smiley to indicate that it was a joke.....
  2. Has anybody used the Packmaster (or Troopmaster) perforated awards cards? If so, how do you like them? Our pack is contemplating using them.
  3. Amen to the Fair Tax. I would pay slightly more taxes under the Fair Tax (as I have a lot of itemized income tax deductions), however, I think it's effects on revitalizing our economy would far outweigh the personal costs to me.
  4. Beavah wrote: Is there any merit to a notion that scouters should only be parents? Is there any downside? Is there a real downside to having non-parents as scouters? Increase in risk? Perception problems as ScoutMomSD describes? I think it depends on the level. IMHO, Cub Packs should be parent led. Boy Scouts should be led by a mix of people.
  5. Eagle wrote: "I could care less whether you are in scouting or not. But how can you comment on a program you haven't done or are in. " True. For example, at one point Lem says that Scouts are to "do their best." Well, that's not a Boy Scout motto, but rather, is the Cub Scout motto (where it is age appropriate).
  6. A link to a site with some Scout/Eagle stats: http://usscouts.org/eagle/bottomline.asp
  7. Lem, At least where I've worked all of my adult life, "win-win" is the prevailing model inside the workplace (now between companies is a different thing). Win-win is something we should strive for in kids. That said, there is also something to be said for competition. It's also part of human nature. We need both. As a parent and adult, even before being involved with my kids in Scouting, I've never got the impression that scouting is viewed as weak and anemic, except for by the ultra-competitive (i.e. the woman who told my wife that they "don't have time to be nice to other people.
  8. Goldwinger wrote: "Oh, it happens all the time. Look at sports. Thousands of kids play recreation basketball. Fewer play middle school ball and finally only ten get to play for the high school team. Why? Some drop from lack of interest, others drop from lack of talent. " I agree totally. Now, maybe Scouts drops off faster than sports.
  9. Pack15Nissan stated: "There is a great number of Packs that do not use computer records for achievements or advancement (at least in my area). Of those who do most use PackMaster, which does is not very user friendly or a great advancement program and not meant for the den level. " I tend to disagree. I think Packmaster is great for advancement. I don't know what else you would need. It's moderately user friendly. Packmaster works well on the den level as well. IMHO, the most important feature of Packmaster is that it produces output accepted by districts--i.e. it does the advan
  10. I agree with Infoscouter. The best way to have good behavior is to keep them busy and engaged. Most behavior problems I've had have been with bored scouts.
  11. Packsaddle, I didn't deny the racism that still exists in the South. It does. My main point was that racism is everywhere, but somehow the South gets tarred with it. Also, I wanted to discuss the original issue which is politics and scouts. Was the boy in the OP in Scout uniform, or was he just known to the lady as a Boy Scout? The two situations are totally different (although, there is the lack of courtesy thing in either case which is unScoutlike). (I don't live on Perdido Key, but fairly close, in what locals call the Perdido area).
  12. Interesting how an anti-Obama Boy Scout in California ends up in a South bashing thread. The real issue should be how the lady knew the boy was a boy scout, and if he was in uniform at the time. Scouts in Uniform are not allowed to be political. Scouts in civilian clothes may. I've lived in the South (Georgia, Alabama and north Florida) most of my life, with the exception of 3 1/2 yrs in Miami (which is far from the South). Racism exists here in the South (just like it does in the rest of the world), but honestly, I've never been more irritated than I used to be in Miami, when f
  13. New here. I'm a new Webelos leader, having been a Tiger Cub leader and Bear leader before. Interesting to here from other areas.
  14. "I for one think of the adult volunteers as people who want to HELP the youth, not hurt them - but hey - I must be crazy. Salem witch hunt - anyone ? " I agree with you that most adult volunteers want to help the youth, however, people who want to hurt youth are attracted to positions that involve youth. That is the reason for the vigilance about background checks, etc. "IMHO - scouting could use a LOT more, "let me help you learn..." out of the adults towards other adults, and a LOT LESS, "You can't do it that way b/c you're in violation of x,y,z...." " Good point.
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