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  1. Scoutmomonly

    Policy on going through scout totes

    Thank you all for you thoughtful responses. I wanted to put this out there to temper my initial emotional response and hear varying perspectives. I have listened and considered each of your points. I do agree that a stronger policy on meds and phones would have spared the troop this misfortune. Thank you to those who pointed that out. A few answers to queries: I am a trained leader. I have also completed the committee chair training as well as the merit badge counselor training. There was another Scout leader present. It should be noted both he and the scoutmaster are good friends. This occurred the second morning of camp, before the bottom drops out and everyone gets cranky. (I’ve been with them at camp enough times to know the routine.) After attending family night last night, it is clear that the boys are not upset about the items that the scoutmaster is claiming as controversial, it was the search without them present. They stated that they would’ve offered up any meds or phones had the SM been prepared with his new policy and had a procedure for collecting those items. As far as should a scoutmaster go through a scout’s belongings without the scout present, I am convinced they should not. (Unless there is an emergency, which this was not.) Since this incident, the SM has spent more time on his phone both with Council (who I haven’t even contacted yet) and contacting parents of those he confiscated items from, rather than participating with the scouts. He has not acknowledged the opinions of the boys nor offered an apology for the violation they perceive. The older scouts stated that he has been cold to them, at one point telling them to “build your own damn fire,” during a rainstorm when two patrols were attempting to share a cooking fire. He has not spoken to them directly since he searched their totes. When I asked them how they could resolve the situation, they stated that they don’t feel a conversation would be welcomed based on his behavior since. I asked if they had spoken to the SPL. They informed me that he doesn’t like what the SMS did either, but he feels he has to go along with it 😢 There has been a great deal of damage in troop relationships due to his actions (and I’m sure also due to the boys resulting behavior and attitudes) and that is just not what scouting is supposed to be about. Everyone makes mistakes and part of modeling good scouting and leadership requires one to admit their’s.
  2. Scoutmomonly

    Policy on going through scout totes

    You are correct in that adults search bags when leaving on school trips without the student present. However, this is made explicitly clear to the student and parents when going over the trip expectations. The expectations are clear, in writing, shared via meeting, email and strong consistency over the years. That’s why it is a well accepted policy. However, when there is a change the expectations AND you don’t adequately teach it, it is not right to then play “gotcha” and make it the kids problem. It is your fault for not making the change clear. You model stronger leadership and build a better relationship by admitting your mistake and explaining to the scout that you will need to inspect gear to fix your mistake. This leader first made a mistake by not making the expectations clear and his second mistake was then treating the scouts as if it was their fault by going through their belongings when he realized his own mistake.
  3. Scoutmomonly

    Policy on going through scout totes

    David CO I said half of the involved families. Not half the unit. I agree there is a unit issue. I have tried repeatedly to address this. The conversation is one sided. You can’t solve an issue when only one side sees an issue. The items found have not been prohibited/regulated in the previous four years these scouts attended this camp. Nor was their current status well communicated. Look, I’m all for following the rules and expectations. I’m a teacher. I also co-led this troop at this particular summer camp outing two years ago. I was unable to due to surgery last year. I get the struggles and liabilities. I’ve been in this guy’s spot. However, I would never violate a scout by going through his personal belongings while he was out of camp. Especially not the older boys who have a more developed sense of identity. Maybe that’s because I’m a female and I am well aware of the delicate balance I would find myself in by doing that. But I think it is just basic human decency to stay out of things that don’t belong to you. If I had a concern, I would find a more respectful way to handle it. Obviously, a more immediate threat would warrant a search. But let’s remember, he was concerned about wet clothes and trash initially. There was no perceived threat of any kind.
  4. Scoutmomonly

    Policy on going through scout totes

    I agree with this. Patience is something I appreciated from our families as I learned my roles as secretary, advancement coordinator and finally, Committee Chair. However, I stepped down as committee chair because this particular scoutmaster (and a few of his assistants) “know everything” about scout policy. As a middle school teacher, I tried to share developmental perspectives, but they dismiss me and feedback is unwelcome. I’m disappointed in his performance and attitude that came out AFTER the committee selected him. My son will have his Eagle by the end of this summer, so I stepped away. Half the involved families like this guy’s methods and half do not. The rest don’t get involved and express no opinions. If I felt he was trying to grow as a leader, I wouldn’t be here and considering a report to council. I hate to be that parent that takes the issues this far without attempting to resolve them. Sadly, this is a man stuck in his ways who lacks humility.
  5. Scoutmomonly

    Policy on going through scout totes

    David CO Sorry, I would have no problem with the boys presenting themselves for inspection. I have a problem with the fact that this was done behind their backs.
  6. Scoutmomonly

    Policy on going through scout totes

    The camp has never collected the meds. We have never been asked to bring a prescription or to turn them in. We note the meds on the health forms and kids are responsible for taking their meds. Now, I’m not saying I agree with that 100%, but that what it has been for the now five years we have been attending this camp. I’m more concerned that the scoutmaster felt it acceptable to go through totes without scouts present. I don’t feel this models trustworthiness at all. He disagrees and basically said, “turn me in to council”. So, before I do, I was wondering the policy for searching a scouts belongings. Sorry, this is summer camp
  7. Scoutmomonly

    Policy on going through scout totes

    The guide to safe scouting says different.
  8. Scoutmomonly

    Policy on going through scout totes

    Thank you.
  9. Is there a policy preventing a scoutmaster from going through a scout’s tote at summer camp? He claims he was cleaning up and noticed several scouts had medication and cell phones so he then looked at all the totes and took all the phones and meds. Kids are upset because they were at their merit badges and came back to find their stuff had been gone through. I tried to talk with him to explain how the kids felt, but he states he was protecting himself since the kids had “contraband”. Just wondering if this should be reported.