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  1. A crime is a crime and should be treated as such no matter the background. 16 is certainly old enough to understand that is wrong
  2. I just noticed that the Two Deep policy was quoted here in trying to justify public shaming; says according to that policy one adult cannot privately speak with another about an ongoing issue. [The offender was provoking fights for no reason, the other wanted to squash it privately] Forgive me, but isn't that policy about having 2 adult leaders on outings for youth safety, not this kind of matter?
  3. The only one posting claims to have other leaders they speak with and decide issues on with, but we have no idea who those others are. There are maybe 15 scouts at best in the entire unit.
  4. I have talked with the person it is about considering that we are friendly and I know what the situation is. It is very sad. This person is so horribly embarrassed that they don't plan on attending any events for at least awhile if not leaving entirely. Others feel the same way I do, but are not openly voicing their own feelings. I will try to find a way to bring it up amicably to see if the posting can be removed and further issues be dealt with privately, as I believe it should be.
  5. It isn't even an email. It is on a Facebook group site as an announcement. It is quite detailed. I sense there is hostility towards the one that was voicing concerns in that the master is accusing them of being a bully for doing so. Quite backward attitude. Not sure if the accused and the cubmaster are friends or what. It is just awful to cry about negativity when this in of itself is very hostile, negative and targeting. The one that came to the leaders in private was not causing problems around the kids, but they are acting if this is the case. It is a very sensitive subject matter and I am
  6. I'm new and unsure where to go to about this. I have noticed our cub master likes to put people on blast over private matters/conversations. This time it was really over the top. Like I can understand reminding people not to smoke/drink during camping trips but this was just "wow". This is a situation I would think would have been best solved privately considering it was regarding a private conversation about another parent trying to intimidate and harass the other. It started spilling into occuring at meetings (following around, staring down at, etc) and there are concerns it will end up wit
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