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  1. I will try to get a hold of someone to find out if I can help with any of their programs. If I can get them to return my calls or emails.
  2. Long time no post. Im wondering if anyone knows a coucil currently looking. I prefer in the southern region but open. I still have had no luck myself.
  3. Also I havebe already been approved by nationals as well.
  4. Yes I went to the University of Kentucky I earned a B.A. double major International Economics and Japanese as a foreign language. I graduated in 3.5 years avg time to graduate with that degree is 5 years.
  5. I def try my best to not seem as if I am desperate because I know it can look bad. It may be a problem I dont notice maybe with my tone I dont know for sure. 2.5 years I have spent lookong for a job other than our farm where I get paid in the form of place to live and lights. By asking about why I wasnt selected I was just hoping to be answered in a way such as not having had as much experience as someone else or whatever. I was just told they were gonna go in anothed direction.
  6. Im willing to go almost anywhere for the job there arent any openings here and ive tried several states so far. I had talked to two other councils one was interested but cldnt view my papers. Then said the hiring was being pushed back. The other one I havent gotten to talk with the scout exec because he has been running their summer camp.
  7. Just got a call back they said no and woildnt tell me exactly why or what to work on for the future.
  8. My interview went pretty well. After my interview I was allowed to proceed on to interview with some of the volunteers. While there I felt like I made a pretty decent impression and felt I presented myself and ideals well. I do have to mention this however. While waiting to speak with the volunteers I saw the other 2 canidates and was pretty surprised by their priorities. They were both in a frat together and one said he hoped to get the job so he could be close enough to make it to all the frat meetings that were held. I hope that I get picked because I dont have other obligations
  9. I have an interview Monday afternoon. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what exactly I need to get across and what might be the best way to impress the interviewer.
  10. Thanks for the replies. The most discouraging thing is being told they call me with an answer and never calling or calling back when I leave a message. I dont mind being turned down but atleast tell me.
  11. Does anyone know a council that is seeking a DE that isn't listed on scouting.org?
  12. I am 24 years old and I dont mind working long hours. I went to college to get into a business type field doing work alot like this. I would much rather do this then spend the same hours standing in one place pushing a button at the factory going home everynight hating what I do. The pay isnt as good as the factory but money isnt everything.
  13. It just seems like when asked Why are you interested in working for the BSA or question like that you can't say I would like to help children. What other reason is there to be part of an organization that is made for kids if the end reason isn't the kids then I really don't understand the objective of the organization as a whole. The BSA isn't out to make profits. What am I supposed to tell them.
  14. I just feel that no matter what you do in a business/corporation you have an affect on the end result. If I never saw a scout outside of the time of year recruitment is done I would still know I am benefiting them in some way. For every donation earned or person spoken to it helps promote scouting which helps the kids.
  15. That is the thing I know that my work with the actual scouts would be very very little that most is with volunteers and that is what I was trying to get to during my answer. I was just meaning that I wanted to do whatever I could to help everything go as smoothly as possible to better allow the volunteer leaders to do what they are supposed to be doing and that is prepare a scout for life. I honestly feel that I am a better person because of the values I was taught I see people I know everyday that didnt have that and could have used it and believe that properly working with kids now will bet
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