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  1. I have been told that at any council/district event that will have to charge the scouts and leaders for supplemental insurance. Appearantly the going rate is $2 per scout per night. When I called council about it they kinda gave me the run around and said its about $1.70ish per scout and most districts round up to $2. I have a hard time understanding why there is a charge. If the event is a camporee , I must charge for the event, but if I take my troop to the same site weither it be a boy scout camp or off site to camp I do not have to charge. I am just wondering if other councils are being charged? And if it is supplemental, why is it manditory? Thanks in advance
  2. namu35950

    MB day and insurance

    I do not mean to step on anyone toes, as you can see I have been a member since 2008 but only 14 posts, why because I like to learn and understand, but look at the orginal posts, it was asking specific questions about something I did not understand. Since being in BSA I have learned alot of things, and one of them is that there are more than one way to do things. Venividi, I do understand where you are coming from, and I give my scouts any oppunitity to earn MB's and not all them come from MB days, Everyone thinks summer camp is the a great place to earn MBs, but MB couslers at summer camp are usually young adults, not the local judge who is signed up to do Cit. in the Community, who is also on our troop commitee, or the head of the board of education who is doing cit in the nation who is on the council district camping commitee. My point is this, there are plenty of ways to earn MB's. and plenty of ways to earn money. Lets try to keep an open mind Thanks
  3. namu35950

    MB day and insurance

    Ok I may just be stupid or looking at it from a different point, Venividi, I never said anything about scouts teaching MB classes. I have a list of adults to teach the classes. and why not a MB day to earn money, what better way to earn money for the troop than to put something on where other scouts have a chance to learn? Let me ask this question where does the money go right now from MB days?????? Not to a troop? But again my goal is to send my troop to Gilwell England. So thinking outside the box may be in order to raise 40k for the trip.
  4. ok, I am thinking of doing a MB day in my district to raise money for a troop trip. I have been told that if you have any event with scouts present you must pay $3 per scout on insurance. Here are my questions. 1. if this is true, can anyone find the link to it on BSA web site so I can verifiy it. 2. Would scouts out of my district need to fill out a tour perment. 3. if so would the insurance on the tour perment override the insurance needed at the day event thanks in advance Namu
  5. namu35950

    National looking at letting homosexuals in the BSA

    I have no clue on this, just asking At one point were woman excluded from being leader? Where African Americans excluded from being members? And here is my point (however weak it maybe) these groups have been excluded, descrimiated against in the past for being different. Society changes
  6. namu35950

    Gay or not Gay

    Ran across this article DALLAS (Reuters) - Boy Scouts of America is discussing ending a longstanding ban on gay members and whether to allow local organizations to decide their own policy, a spokesman said on Monday. The organization has been under attack from gay rights groups and some parents for discriminating against gay members and gay leaders. "The BSA is discussing potentially removing the national membership restriction regarding sexual orientation," spokesman Deron Smith said in an email to Reuters. "The policy change under discussion would allow the religious, civic or educational organizations that oversee and deliver Scouting to determine how to address this issue," the spokesman said. What is everyones feelings on this
  7. namu35950

    Philly bound...

    My troop has decided to go the summer camp every other year. And this year is an off year. So they decided to go to Philadephia PA, and stop at a dude ranch on the way. LOL, not sure they know it but it is 13 hour drive from Alabama to Penn. But with that said, was wondering if anyone could help with ideas, scout friendly places, events, during the summer, in Philadephia, or on the way from Alabama to Penn. Call in an net trip planning, Thanks in advance
  8. Greater Alabama is looking for a DE
  9. namu35950

    Friends of Scouting

    I am with you Basement, have not given in a while, I gladly give my time and alot of money to our troop. I have yet to get anything from council. And find it laughable and distrubing that as a volunteer I have to pay for all my training. My job pays for my training, so I have to pay to be a volunteer?? A Scout it thrifty seems to be forgotten at the council level
  10. namu35950

    Who carries a firearm on Scout Outings???

    interesting subject, I dont own a gun, just was not brought up in that environment, With that said, I think it is good for scouts to learn about firearms. If it is really safety we are worried about on outings, is there a rent a cop for a mile hike in the future>????
  11. namu35950

    Friends of Scouting

    I have copied and pasted this from a council web site: Friends of Scouting is a voluntary program whose purpose is to encourage the support of the Scouting Program by Scouting Families by asking them to share in the cost of the program that serves their youth. As volunteers in the Scouting Program, we invest our time to make the program successful. But there are things that volunteers cant do, that still must be done. Scouting Dollars pay for the things volunteers cant do: Training for adult volunteers Leadership training and advancement programs New unit organization Recruiting activities Program publications Communications Maintenance of our Scout Camps Program Materials Records processing Clerical staff Telephone and office equipment Other related costs to support the entire program IMPORTANCE: The Operating Budget for 2013 is again in excess of $6 million. Thats more than $15,000 per day. We are a United Way Agency, and they support BSA by providing about 26% of our operating budget. Friends of Scouting, including the Community and Family Campaign, provides 36% - the largest part, of our operating budget. None of the annual re-charter fees or monthly dues we pay go to support our Council. That is why we have this campaign each year. There are at least three reasons why each of us should participate in "Friends of Scouting": Because we believe in the ideas and ideals of Scouting Because Scouting has impacted OUR sons in a positive manner Because this will ensure that the Boy Scouts will survive in the future SUPPORT: For 2013, we are again asking each Scouting family to consider a pledge of at least $300. This is about the amount that our Council spends on each Scout. This is less than a dollar a day. We ask you to support the Councils objectives by giving, because of what Scouting has done for our sons and our families. Payments can be made in installments. BSA will send periodic invoices, based on how you mark your pledge card. If your units parents havent had an opportunity to hear a presentation I truly believe in Scouting, but I have issues with somethings. A couple of years ago, a pledge of $100 was the ear mark, now $300?? I think BSA is going to cost them out of existance, and I know this is volunteer, but still with cost of uniforms, summer camp, and anything that the pack or troop might charge, just wondering where it will end
  12. namu35950

    Webelos woods/camporee

    We have a 2 BSA climbing instructors, have 4 Range Masters, we found out that you could not offer climbing wall, or BB/Archery to Cub Scouts unless it was a district event, but if Webelo woods is district event, how can Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts spend the night together and do the activities? You can do one of the other, just not both at the same time.
  13. ok need everyone opinion and or facts. Another district was having their camporee/webelo woods in our district, since it was in our district they decided to invite us. No problem, after looking over there leaders guide we decided that the event was to expensive for our troop, also a couple other troops decided the same thing. We decide to hold a "mini" camporee/webelo woods, involuing 3 troops and 2 packs. We thought about holding it at a local scout camp and use the climbing tower and rifle range for wrist rockets. Took all the training, but found out that for Webelos to use wrist rockets that it had to be a district event. The general plan was this arrive at camp on friday night and stay until Sunday, have troops teach a few webelos items, cook meals for them, and open up climbing wall and wrist rockets for them. Ask the DE to make it a district event, got the email back, saying he could not do that. Stating that Webelos could not spend the night at a district event with boy scouts. but could come for day time activities. wow 1. webelos are encouraged to spend the night with a troop 2. Webelos can use climbing tower and rifle range 3 Webelos cannot do both on the same weekend??? Does anyone else find this strange? your thoughts please
  14. namu35950

    Charter and how long

  15. Just saw a cool picture of troop wagon that was painted for Troop 4, The article said that this troop was the longest continues chartered. Our troop was chartered in 1934, and we have been chartered by the same CO since them, wondering how long have others been chartered and is 78 yrs by same CO a record?