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  1. I handle the passing of untruths the same in all aspects of my life, remembering that your actions are so loud I can't hear what you are saying. If you are going to lie about the little things : "Q- "Why were you late for the camping trip" A- "My dad was late getting home from work" Truth - Kid wasn't packed and ready to leave. Lying, yes, a big deal to me, not really." How am I going to trust you when you tell me that you really did not take Billy's Ipod? How am I going to trust that you will watch out for your fellow scouts on the next patrol outing? How am I goin
  2. Welcome! Sit back grab a cuppa and keep your sense of humor!
  3. "Or the CM/ACM can take over leading the den temporarily" Been There Done That -- Recruited Tiger Den Leader -- back to ACM Phew that was close ;-)
  4. Moose, Or did we hit a nerve and find a couple dealing with this exact issue only in cyberspace instead of the "real" world?
  5. Just had to share a funny story along these lines. One night after working all day, changing, rushing to pick up Scoutson and make it to a meeting, leaving meeting, dropping off Scoutson with Mom and heading for home to finish moving the pick-up truck full of shelving from the old house. Got home, after dark, drove to the back yard and proceeded to unload a pickup truck full of metal shelving that I had gooten when a store I worked at got new stuff. Not a quiet endeavor at 8:30 at night in the dark. Got finished and was heading in the house when I saw two police cars coming down the r
  6. DeanRx said: "This equals a PERCEPTION of POOR VALUE on the part of the consumer and is a huge hurdle to overcome to close the sale." Then change the perception. Point out that (in our council any way) 70% of the cost of popcorn purchase stays within the council (or state in our case) Most people will look at the price of that $10 bag of pocorn differently if you explain $3.50 stays within the state and $3.50 stays within the pack (our council YMMV)
  7. My son is a Wolf, I have been divorced for a year and a half now, he started scouts just after the divorce. I am lucky, my ex "gets it" she sees scouting as an oppotunity for my son (he asked HER if he could join) and she sees scouting as a great time for father-son bonding as she has primary custody. We will be going to summer camp together this summer and my daughter will be going to camp the week before. All will have fun. But again I know that I am very lucky to have a decent post-divorce relationship ( if only we had gotten along this well before the divorce. . .)
  8. Sounds like fun, are you having a leaders division and if so where do I sign up?
  9. After reading the thread I am going to slightly amend my position afer having some time to think. "With regards to the questions Do you live the scout oath and law? If yes then yes. If no, then the answer is no" I have to agree with others here, "A Scout is honest" is a standard that is not being me so therefore, no you are not being a good role model. And, again, "don't be upset when you are asked to leave an orginization that you obviously love for violating rules that you are openly defying." Now if I can learn to type ;-) (This message has been edited by pchadbo)
  10. I am going to agree with Clemlaw, it would depend on the definition of "openly gay" if it meansw you are gay and do not deny it then the answer would be different from you are gay and telling everyone at every chance that you are. Personally I don't care what anyone on this forum does in his/her bedroom or with whom. I do care if it does become a distraction regardless of orientation. With regards to the questions Do you live the scout oath and law? If yes then yes. If no, then the answer is no. Just know that this differs from official policy and don't be upset when you are asked to le
  11. The well intentioned parents of those wonderful cherubs we call scouts
  12. Speaking for our pack we give the boys who have EARNED thier arrow of light an arrow, the others did not EARN one so they do not GET one. Now this year all of our Web IIs have earned thiers including one scout who worked his backside off after joining us for his first pack function at Camp for a week.
  13. Welcome to the forums, If you haven't been lurking, read the thread "not for woosies": http://www.scouter.com/Forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=300728#id_300728 if you have been lurking, pull up a log and grab a cuppa and warm yourself at the virual campfire!
  14. First thanks for the heads up on this it was great timing as we had our summer camp coordinators meeting yesterday. They brought out the new med forms and said oh here they are OK? any questions? and were surprised when my hand went up (forewarned is forearmed right?) and asked about the doc signing the hight/weight chart. As I have a spare tire that disqualifies me form the chart, I askedif I could still go, and pay attention Moose, was told that our cubscout camp DOES NOT require leaders meet the "high adventure" requirements, now I just have to try to convince my doc to sign the new form
  15. As those of us who have made more than one trip around the block will attest, there is no better teacher than failure. Experience failure and the point will be driven home and not forgotten unlike those lecures I heard in high school & college.
  16. Now if we could translate that dedication & commitment into all of the boys. . . Great for him!!!
  17. now this is annoyong, I was proactive and already have the form filled out for summer camp by my doc. Does this mean I have to go back and have this new form filled out (the situation I was TRYING to avoid)?
  18. Geetings from the northeast. Welcome to the campfire, grab some coffee and have fun!
  19. Moose, If all "transplants" shared your views then there would be no need to be concered it's "them"
  20. The "if we could just close the southern border. . . ;-)" line as indicated by the emoticon was a joke however, as someone who has watched my small hometown go from a quiet unassuming "prototypical" new england town to a bedroom community for Boston. The people moving from the cities and being surprised that when the moved into a rural town there is no town water, sewer, trash pick up or 24 hour local police and a volunteer fire dept. Having watched tax rates in this small town triple in 15 years as all the "new" residents insisted on all the "comforts of home" I just get fed up with the tra
  21. As long as you keep focused on the FAMILY part of the family calendar, you should be ok. I f I coould just figure out a way to combine my work, pocket and scouting caendars that didn't require a Blackberry or hours of crosschecking and adding events to 3 calendars. . .
  22. yes I am most definitely referring to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts when I refer to "our Southern Border" It is the ONLY state to our south with which we share a border and according to the most recent census results I am in the minority in my own state. Less than 30% of our population over 25 is native.
  23. Eagle92 thanks for the options but I am an assistant Cubmaster who has never done the tenting thing and am looking for something for my personal use. And AFAIK our troop doesn't do a lot of camping. . .
  24. I am gonna hijack this post slightly, I looked eagerly for the answer, I find myself in the situation for the first time in my life of looking for a tent to go camping. Been "camping" my entire life in a series of trailers. Having never camped extensively in a tent, those few nights in high scool don't count (no scouts for me) what would be a good tent for someone looking to go camping with at most me and my 2 kids ages 10 & 7? what should I look for and what should I avoid?
  25. As a newbie myself I can attest that this may not be a place for woosies but it is a place for the raw metal to be forged with the heat and wisdom of experience that exists on this forum. Yes a thick skin may be required but if you want to be the best it should not be easy. And even the curmugeons on the board have the boys best interests at heart what more can you ask of a group?
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