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  1. How Many Scouts are in Each Patrol? 5-8, most camps with 4-6. I agree that two man tents are better, and we have them...but the scout-led PLC thinks they want patrol tents. They've raised the funds and agreed to the alternate arrangements if they are up past lights out (get up, set up 2-man tent, in the dark). I'm game to let them try it...it gives them an opportunity to learn more about group dynamics. I was just curious if other troops use patrol-sized tents, and if so, which models?
  2. Our patrols want new tents. They are looking at tents large enough for the entire patrol. We have 2 man Eureka tents, so we'll still be able to backpack. But for plop camping, they want to all be in one tent. Any other troops do that?
  3. We use a non-Troopmaster web app, that we've customized for our troop for two reasons: 1. It's free. 2. If you make an error in Troopmaster, that error is carried over to ScoutNet. We have a paper record for each scout, our custom web app record for each scout, and we do online advancement in ScoutNet. Any errors are easy to spot, and correct. If you want the name of what we use, PM me, or contact me via http://CarlisleTroop5.com contact link. YMMV
  4. We buy the bound books (smaller) and take them right to a local print shop. For $2, they do a much tighter spiral binding for us (sometimes even free). They seem to last! Query: If the BSA is supposed to be non-profit, why is their bound handbook $5 more than the bound book?
  5. Heard a SM Minute: "A Scout is Friendly... Friends are patient and kind; not jealous or conceited or proud; friends are not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; friends do not keep a record of wrongs; friends are unhappy with evil, but happy with the truth. Friends never give up; their faith, hope, and patience never fail. I dont always agree with all Scouts opinions, but I respect people who Do Their Best. We dont all have to agree all of the time. But we do have to be a Friend. Its just part of being a Scout." -borrowed from http://johnscout.wordpress.com/2010/04/12/s
  6. I agree with the sizing comments...the small ones are simply useless for any first aid or other use. Our troop elected to combine the neckerchief and headgear with a Buff. http://carlisletroop5.com/about It's a tubular bandana that can be worn several ways; cools you in the summer, protects you from the sunburn and wind, warms you in the winter. Here's a good shot of them wearing it in various ways while we were at Gettysburg: http://carlisletroop5.com/gallery/?album=1&gallery=70&pid=8988
  7. We've started using a scout-in-charge concept for each event, so there is one point scout that all the information flows from. Just trying to get them some tools for planning camps.
  8. Does anyone have a project planning or timeline checklist they use for preparing for weekend camps? Something like: 90 days out - reserve camp 60 days out - permissions slips 30 days out - collect fees etc, etc.
  9. Individually... But, aren't all those requirements covered before a boy joins? http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/BoyScouts/AdvancementandAwards/joining.aspx Or do you register them before they complete the joining requirements?
  10. We use TroopRecordBook.com. I couldn't justify the expense for Troopmaster, and we were able to customize trooprecordbook for our unit. I agree with the annual audit...we give each scout a copy of his records, and ask him to compare them to his blue cards, and we compare the troop records with the council records. The online advancement process has severely reduced the mistakes...and it makes it a lot easier to fix.
  11. Our troop uses Buff Headgear...replaces the neckerchief and is a great year-round hat. http://carlisletroop5.com/about
  12. A fellow scouter has been trying to register for this site for some time. He's tried 2 different email addresses. I've tried to register him with both as well. No ID email is ever sent, to either. Tried in FF, Chrome, Safari, and IE.
  13. "If someone wants to chant "Down with America!" during a rendition of the Anthem, or sit while the flag passes, or keep their hat on and flipped backwards at all times, that's their right." I wonder how many of us would be too busy properly standing at attention and saluting our Flag while some US Marine reminds such a person to mind their manners.
  14. Our PLC puts the monthly PLC meeting on the calendar during the planning process. It also meets as needed, before troop meetings. It meets very briefly after each troop meeting for the Start, Stop, Continue questions. It meets at other times, at the SPL's discretion. They meet wherever the SPL or the group wants to meet. Sometimes it is where the troop meets, sometimes it is during an outing, sometimes it is at the SPL or SM house, etc. I am sure they have "met" online without me present. I don't think they have had a phone meeting yet, but give them time, they'll find that resourc
  15. Our scouts complete a Personal Growth Agreement and then request a Scoutmaster Conference via our website: http://carlisletroop5.com/scoutmaster-conferences/ The form automagically lets the Scoutmaster, Advancement Coordinator and Committee Chair know that a scout is ready to advance. Obviously, the Personal Growth Agreement is not required for either the conference or a BOR, but the scouts like it, because they get to reflect on how they came to where there are, at their own pace. YMMV, ~fuzzie Edited: I forgot the main reason I replied...well done! Excellent training aid.(Th
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