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  1. Eagle92, My feeling on that is that as an adult Tiger partner, I was "along for the ride" meaning that I was there so my son could be and no really as a "member." While I was part of the Pack when it was earned, I was not part of the Leadership, therefore I feel that I should not wear it now that I have become part of the leadership. I couldn't wear it when it was issued so why should I be able to wear it now.
  2. I read this and am reminded of a lesson I learned at the knee of my grandfather lo those many years ago: "sticks and stones can break my bone but words can never hurt me." The only meaning words have is that which YOU assign them. Mrs Roosevelt once said "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent." This is more pointless PC tripe.
  3. my feeling andit is reflected on my mand my son's uniform, he was an active member last year when the unit was awarded unit of honor and quality unit and I was just "Dad". Now I am the ACM, his uniform has the cool CSP for unit of honor and the geegaw for quality unit and I am without eiher. I didn't help earn them so I don't wear them.
  4. I have learned more about the OA on this web site than locally. I knew they existed as the OA lodge meeting is at the same time and location as our Roundtable, so I would see these guys with this odd sash with an arrow on it. As far as contributions, they don't seem that active to me as a ACM within the district, now they are probably much more visible and active to the Boy Scouts but no so much to the Cubbies. As to how they can help, and how we can help them I am not sure but am open to a good communication flow.
  5. Again, a demonstration of the need for a sarcasm font. I was referring to the MANY dicussions on this board of the number, type, way and even whether or not to wear knots. It was an ill fated attemt at sarcasm in writing ;-)
  6. Eagle707, sounds like you are just looking to add to your collection of knots so you could look more like a Panamanian Genral. ;-) I like the idea of promoting first class as a very admirable goal.
  7. I have been impressed with our UC. I am in process of stepping up from ACM to CC and will be taking over at the end of the program year, Our UC has been aware of the change and makes a point to check in with me about the transition and let me know he is available to help with transition whenever we run across each other, UC visits, Blue & Gold, Roundtable, training whatever so I feel that he is "on board" and will be an asset during the transition.
  8. Welcome, pull up a chair, grab a cuppa, keep your sense of humor, and enjoy the virtual campfire. If you have not been arould here long I would reccomend reading the thread "This is not a place for Woosies." http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=300728#id_300728 just to get a feel for the place So have fun and a hale and hearty welcome from the Northeast
  9. Hmm. . .New Hampshire to Carlisle, PA. . .let me check the calendar ;-)
  10. OK, this is slightly off the OP but relevant to the discussion. Does this mean that the group of scouts and parents (mixed gender) that went to the local museum and slept on the floor under the tyrannasaurus rex were in violation of G2SS because the adult male & female leaders did not have seperate accompdations?
  11. pchadbo


    since you seem a little country how about almost all of Jerry Reed's soundtrack to the original Smokey and the Bandit (east bound and down etc) and lots of choices from the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean from the 60's: Little old Lady from Pasedena, Dead Man's Curve, Little Deuce Coupe, Fun, Fun, Fun etc Good luck
  12. yup definitely of a different generation thany you Skeptic, My first car was a 1985 Chevy S-10 that was somewhere between red and orange, able to take everything I threw at it including the road once (rolled onto it's side and drove it home) and keep coming back for more. Finally traded it for another pick up and they gave me $150 less when I traded it then they said when I got it appraised, guess someone thought highly of the Pioneer stereo system I took out. . .;-)
  13. Welcome to the virtual campfire, grab a cuppa and enjoy. As you said that you just found the forum, a discussion was had resently about the tone and personality of the forum, I recommend reading this thread: http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=300728#id_300728 enjoy!!
  14. Welcome! sit back grab a cuppa and enjoy the warmth of the vitual campfire!
  15. Great pics OGE. . .Kinda nice to put a face to the faceless OGE. The boys look as though they has a Great time!!
  16. OK HERE IT BEGINS: The draft Mike Rowe for Chief Scout of BSA campaign All in favor? Say "aye". . .
  17. I see him at least once a month at RT and hes has been to a couple pack meetings and was at B&G last Saturday.
  18. Stosh, Not arguing that point but should we stop selling popcorn just to "send the message" or work from within trying to improve the system. The former sounds like cutting off our nose to spite our face and the latter works better when we can say: Well our pack sold 35-40% of the pocorn in the district and we think. . ." Which would get a better response not selling in the first place or saying we would like to change these things or we might stop selling? The loss of funds will get more attention then not having them in the first place. (This message has been edited by pch
  19. Just wanted to clarify something here. I am with the majority here. The popcorn IS overpriced and a lower price point would definitely increase sales. I was just trying to offer some suggestions and work-arounds to help. I knkow this can work and money can be made. We have a pack of 30 boys and sold over $22,000 in popcorn this fall. and yes it was the BOYS selling and parents coordinating. YMMV
  20. Greetings form a fellow wolf den parent who felt the program a little stale. sit back grab a cuppa and enjoy the virtual campfire. As for what we do: We also do our Pinewood, raingutter regatta come June, SFF, Popcorn and maybe a camping trip or two. In addition we are heading to to the Boston Museum of science for a sleepover next weekend, a planetaruim sleepover in april, we went snow tubing at a local ski area, we just had our Blue & Gold with our cake auction for Friends of Scouting and are looking at going to Battleship Cove ( a fairly local museum that houses and allows groups
  21. "In order to make that particular pitch, you need to first hook the customer. At $10 or more entry level cost, it becomes difficult to get the person's attention for long enough to hook them." What, cubbies or even older scouts in uniform asking "would you like to but some popcorn today to support Scouting?" wouldn't at least "hook" them? I agree if you stand at a table with a price list posted you will miss out on LOTS of sales. If the scouts ask politely and unobtrusively and say "thank you" to those passing on the chance, you will greatly increase your numbers. But that is why i
  22. ASSUMING (and if you read some of the threads here this could be a big assumption) that you have a properly functioning pack and appropriately staffed committee, district and council: Cubmaster --> Pack committee chair --> Chartered org rep --> Instiutional Head (This is the head of the organization that charters the pack) --> Unit Coordinator --> and from there it goes to the district and council levels
  23. Welcome from just a little north in NH. Grab a cuppa, make sure the roof is shoveled, remember your sense of humor and warm up 'round the virtual campfire.
  24. Merlyn_Leroy said: "You're displaying the same sort of disrespect, Beavah; somehow, coming around to a more nuanced view MUST entail belief in a god, eh? It's impossible to come around to a nuanced view and being a complete atheist?" BUT BEAVAH SAID: " Or, like I said, a more calm and tolerant skepticism that is based more on who they are, not what they are objecting to." not that I think Beavah can't defend hiimself but I don't see the issue unless you just enjoy picking nits Merlyn
  25. CalicoPenn said: "Summer Camp is a Troop thing" Oops I gues I am not really going for a week with my Cubs then? Hmm have to let the Council know that their Cub Scout Camp is not acceptable ;-)
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