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  1. Welcome to the first car club PJ. I hope you have as many good times with yours as we seem to have had with ours. Oh and on a side note thanks for pointing out that a car manufactured the year I graduated from high shool is older than you are. . .
  2. Welcome to the virtual campfire, I am with Packsaddle and am woefully ignorant of nicknames in the "old country" as I am from New England I am familiar with lots of names but not their historical geography. I know I live a state that was named in honour of his Lordship the Earl of Hampshire, but beyond that I am lost. So grab a chair and a cuppa, enjoy the bug free zone, companionship and camradarie around the campfire.
  3. Welcome to the campfire. If you are looking for help you might want to be aware that we have some interesting personalities here that are always willing to put in thier $0.02. For more information look here: http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=300728 other than that grab a cuppa pull up a chair and enjoy the virtual campfire where the bugs ain't and the Scouts are all above average.
  4. Ev, Unless I am being obtuse as well, and am incorrectly reading between the lines, OGE is asking, from our experience, what ways work in getting youngsters to learn how to teach others, and also what have you tried that definitely NOT worked. From what I read between the lines he's lookin' to train him some boys to teach others in the not too distant future and wants something other than EDGE and his hat in his hand to go with. I've been wrong before. . .but that's my take.
  5. As a fan of shooting sports and guns in general I have become a fan of the show "sons of Guns" on the Discovery Channel. While brosing the wesite I found this info on their website from the Bios for the "cast" members: "Vincent Buckles is Red Jacket's lead gunsmith and a native of Detroit, Michigan. He was raised camping, fishing and backpacking on his family's property in Northern Michigan. Growing up, Vince was (and remains to this day) an Eagle Scout in Boy Scout Troop 1024" Kind of nice to see someone in the spotlight acknowledging his Scouting background. http://dsc.discov
  6. I am not familiar with EDGE as a Cubby leader but I wa taught to teach by employing the Explain -- tell what you are going to do Show -- show 'em how to do it Try -- we do it together Practice -- You do it while I watch and offer tips Teach -- have them teach someone else how to do it once they have learned Just the way I do it
  7. "Article IX, Section 13, paragraph iii: Adults are not allowed to put a hand on a Scout. Furthermore, adults must not have a poor attitude" Sub-paragraph iiia.: Scouts WILL HAVE FUN!!!!!!!! There now the adults have a good attitude and the kids are having fun. All is good across the rainbow
  8. Welcome! Grab a chair and a cuppa, put your feet up, keep your sense of humor and enjoy the virtual campfire where the bugs ain't around and all the Scouts are above average. Paul
  9. Happiness is. . . spending time just "hanging out" with my kids. . .Scouts included or not.
  10. ok sounds good but when is the trip?
  11. "i would change the uniform pants to all black, replace the neckerchef with a tie, and reintroduce the berets in black. maybe some official BSA boots?" Wow, that sounds awfully para-military. I'm not sure the junior special forces is a look that BSA will go for.
  12. Engineer61, Your bias is showing. You are not happy with your son's troop and you are carrying that to others and sharing your bias engineer 61 said: "Yep, I'd pull him if it were up to me...as I already said, I just get to pay for it ..." just sayin'
  13. WOW! That was a horrible experience! I am truly sorry that you had that happen to you and I am horrified that it happened to your son. What action have you taken to protect the other boys from (as you seem to believe) these horrible bullies? Did you report this to the Chartered Organization who is responsible for the troop? Did you report this to the Camp Director who is responsible for the well being of the boys while at camp? Did you report this to the District/Council that runs the camp who also share respopnsibility for protecting the boys at camp? If this was that severe did d
  14. ok a little more clarification, came into this scouting thing as an adult, don't currently own any neckers just wanted some input as to what would and would not be appropriate.
  15. I am an ACM soon to be our CC. I am not a den leader, I get to be "Dad" at the den meetings. I was wondering what necker it would be appropriate for me to wear (I really don't like the generic Cub Scout leader one). Any ideas or suggestions would be appropriate. Our leadership currently wears no neckers, I just like the look and want to inspire the boys to wear thiers. edited for typos(This message has been edited by pchadbo)
  16. As a cool side note, watching Bear Grylls in Man vs Wild, if you look at his coats on the show, you will often see the world crest on the sleeve of his coat. Very befitting a Chief Scout.
  17. Sounds about right to me, maybe next time "Johnny" will speak out or at least not complaim to Mommy. He had his chance. He made the bed, now he gets to lie in it.
  18. would that this were the way things operated in the real world, until then lets just stay scout-like and human.
  19. Are we talking about an Inactive Troop and the COR still has everything ready to go except the bodies for a troop or was their charter actually suspended?
  20. " i hope to have better thingd to do with my life then be a 50 year old man scout." Then I feel truly sorry for you that you feel that contributing and helping guide the youth of tomorrow would be a waste of time. Then again with your attitude and views I don't want you influencing them anyway. I hope you grow up and see the benefit of what your SM and (maybe) your parents tried to teach you. Values, principles, service to others, you know that "goody, goody stuff"
  21. Yep, That's why we put in our one hour a week. Great note, keep up the good work and keep on Scouting!
  22. "Even if it is a camp in, do we still have to adhere to the family camping policy" Yes, Absolutely "do I need to do a permit with council?" Depends on your council
  23. My first reaction is "WOW, REALLY?!?!" (yes I am shouting with incredulity). This youg man has been infected with an attitude that I see more and more frequently of "if we can't be perfect why try?" Some of today's youth are so used to winnning at very thing they do, (they ALL get trophys now-a-days) that the thought of having to work for something larger than themselves or even sacrificing for something bigger than themselves, especially a high ideal such as the Scout Law is so foreign to them that it might as well be written in Greek. They expect,demand, and complain, they do not earn.
  24. and besides at roundtable last night we picked up the new Quality Unit patches so for me the issue becomes moot as I get to wear the centennial quality unit Geegaw on my uniform now
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