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  1. Thank you all so much. At roundtable tonight if Cubmaster is there, I will be sure to tell him what y'all said-he should step in for now, we should all get together and get em rolling and what not. I may even copy and paste and quoate y'all if you don't mind I agree 14 boys would be LOONY and I never thought about them getting comfy with us and never moving back to there own den. A bit of naivet on my part. Our den offers to help all the time. Our Cubmaster either wants all the glory and doesn't take our help or he simply doesn't "get it". Maybe I should print off duties of a Cubmaster f
  2. How many boys are in your den (you are the leader of one of the Wolf dens, correct?)? 6 How many boys are in the leaderless Wolf den? 8 Do you have an assistant Wolf den leader for your den? Yes Do you know what happened to the leaders of the other den? Did they change Packs, to much den adult drama, drama with CM/CC of the Pack, quit Scouting completely, etc? I don't know exactly, personal issues. I was told she "stepped down" But it appears she has quit scouting complelely. Do you know any parents in the other den, or your den, who would be willing
  3. Ok great. I agree with ya, why can't he be merged in and would be glad to do so, just wanted to make sure I could, without anyone saying "hey you're taking from our den" If people even say that I don't know. That's why I asked. Your response made it seem like that was a fine thing to do. I wish we had some mass emailing happening. The leaders don't always get emails when they should so it's safe to say parents don't get any either. I never have, as a leader or parent. But since you put it out there so plainly(sometimes that's all it takes)maybe this is something I could volunteer to do? T
  4. Hi y'all...not sure if this post should be here or in cub scouts section, so if I'm in the wrong place I apologize. We have 2 wolf dens. One den is now leader-less. We were told parents are stepping up for now. However, I have gotten emails from a few parents saying they are out of the loop, don't know what's happening with den meetings, and so on. So, my question is, do I say "well here's our info, you can come to our meetings" or do I say something else like "there is a leader meetng within the week, I'm sure we'll figure it out then." I don't want to step on any toes but also don't wa
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