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  1. jhankins

    had my WB beading tonight

    Congratulations! Finishing your ticket is really only the beginning.
  2. jhankins

    How Does this Change the War on Terror?

    It won't change it much. AQ will probably be a little more disorganized than usual for a little while, but someone will rise to the surface to take on the the role of serpent head again.(This message has been edited by jhankins)
  3. jhankins

    2013 Jamboree

    I think I saw the Jambo fee posted at $900, not too bad. Our council tour fees and airline costs jack it up to $3500, though.
  4. Trainer's Edge is now every 3 years. Can you feel the excitement?!
  5. jhankins

    poop burner

    Many of the parks are making a rule for packing in and packing out everything, including excrement. Burning may be an alternative, but what about no burning in an area, too?
  6. jhankins

    $4/Gallon Scouting vs $6/Gallon Scouting

    Camping is going to have to happen closer to home.
  7. Thanks for this thread! This is going on my wish list!
  8. jhankins

    The New Scouting Collectors Coins

    I took a gander through the reproduction 1911 Scout Handbook (an excellent Christmas gift), and there are companies still alive today who advertised in the handbook. Their products were offered at a reduced price for Scouts, and they helped pay for advertising. I'd love to see corporate sponsorship again.
  9. jhankins

    The New Scouting Collectors Coins

    It very well could be the money doesn't go into the big pot, but rather a designated pot. For instance, the professional pension fund is rumored to be funded from National Supply profits.
  10. jhankins

    The New Scouting Collectors Coins

    I really hope the money does go to helping ease registration costs. That's now what I was told before.(This message has been edited by jhankins)
  11. jhankins

    21 As Required Age For Unit Leaders

    It's tied to the approved Rules and Regulations of the BSA, Article VIII, Section 3: Clause 1: All individuals in unit leadership positions (including Lone Cub Scout and Boy Scout friend and counselors) shall be issued commissions by the Boy Scouts of America Clause 3: Commissioned officials must be at least 21 years of age, with the exception of the individuals at least 18 years of age who may be commissioned as assistant unit leaders. (Associate Venturing Advisors must be 21 years of age.) I'm not sure why it's written that way, but Eagle makes a good point, but it could very well be an insurance issues as well.
  12. Just have to say a big "Congratulations" to the boys and members of Cahuilla Lodge #127, now the 7 time winners of the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award!
  13. jhankins

    Speakers Bank

    I'd talk to your Field Director about it. I'm one of three or four registered in my council and I get called about once every six months to give a speech to a service club or church. The SE may or may not want you on the Bank list until after you're officially commissioned.
  14. jhankins

    DEs working summer camp

    Woah, I'm finding myself agreeing with Eamonn The work of the district certainly doesn't slow down over the summer, so I question the use of a DE during those summer months. It may save money in the short-term, but at what cost for that district? For the unit-serving executives, I would say camp service isn't in the best interest of all involved. For the program oriented professionals, I think it's another story entirely.
  15. jhankins

    Trainers edge

    I talked with a guy from National about the Trainer's EDGE requirement, and was told that the plans are to revise the syllabus every so often to keep new and interesting platform and presentation techniques on tap. We'll see!