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  1. It hasn't been a requirement for for at least the last twenty years. That's even back when it was called honor unit. I have started as a unit scouter twenty years ago and every unit that I have been in has earned the Quailty Unit(or Honor) and I have been a commissioner since 1988 and uniform inspections have not been a part of the requirements.
  2. NJ, I know. I have some older scouter friends who didn't get eagle because of that merit badge.
  3. I just realized that the link is to the BSA page not to the form. I will see if I can link them to some thing better later on.
  4. Hold the fort. There is no requirement to have or pass uniform inspections to earn the Quality Unit Award. Not a requirement in any level at all. Here is the link to the 2004 Boy Scout: http://www.scouting.org/nav/enter.jsp?s=by
  5. In the nineties they changed the number of required from eleven to twelve, by adding Family Life to the required lists. It was a brand new merit badge at the time. The required merit badge list reminds me of the federal income tax code. Tax breaks are given for actions that are decided to be good for the country (home mortgage, capital gains, childcare, medical expenses, fuel efficient cars, etc.) and various groups work to get their pet ones on or to keep it on the list. The required list for Eagle is the same way every one has a list of what an Eagle should earn. They moan and groan a
  6. Canadian Scout camps are a lot different than American ones. From my conversations with the Canadian Scouters who bring their units to our camps, The Canadian camps do not offer program like we do down here. There are more like campgrounds where troops can camp for a week or less doing their own thing.
  7. Even gold can be such an investment. About 1977 I was working in a fine jewelry department in a major chain. When I overheard a man making the statement that he was buying 14k gold chains as an investment. Now grant it the price of gold was heading up fast then, but and big but 14k gold is less than 60% gold, then you have the machining /manufacturing cost of making the chain and jewelry is typically triple keystone meaning the retail price is three time the wholesale cost. If that chain had 20% of it sale price that could be got for its gold value they guy would have been lucky. There ar
  8. Checked with our council registrar, den leaders need to be 21, assistants 18. You snuck in, maybe the council registered you as an assistant or just didnt catch it.
  9. If the second adult is not a parent or guardian of a scout going, he/she must be registered to go.
  10. The only position available to an under 21-year-old adult in a troop is Assistant Scoutmaster. In a Cub Pack it is Assistant Den Leader.
  11. Fscouter your statement is dead wrong. All economies are interrelated now. The money we spend on goods and services from other countries enable them to spend money here. Your argument would wipe out one the major employers in my area. There is no way the domestic market could keep a company like Boeing Commercial Aircraft going. It needs buyers from overseas. Those countries need to sell their products in a global market to be able to purchase our products. It is where the idea of fair/free trade is needed and so hard to set up and define. There is no black and white, no easy solutions
  12. When I was a scout in the sixties we had may bull session on How cool it would be to have berets as a part of the uniform.
  13. The reply above is from the man that Archbishop Burnett appointed the head of the Catholic Program on Scouting in the Seattle Archdiocese. What I was checking on was the statement Our archdiocese requires a facilitator to have a degree in religion or theology. The head in Seattle says it isnt a requirement there. I agree for all the religious program the person overseeing them needs to be appointed by the church sponsoring it. Also that a unit should not be the ones presenting or running the instruction class.
  14. Rooster, That was not always the case. Back in the early 1900s a group called the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) or the Wobblies came to many towns out west and held free speech fights. What would happen a local union would be out on strike and the town would pass a law banning or restricting free speech. The Wobblies would come into town to support the strike. One of them would then violate the law and would get hauled off to jail, another would then step up and do it again. They would keep doing this until the jail was full and the town was bankrupt from care for the prisone
  15. I checked with Seattle Archdiocese Chair for Scouting (appointed by the archbishop) on the rule for this diocese. He is a longtime friend in scouting and we have worked on many scouting activities together. Here is his reply to the comment above: The part about the award being given by the church and that each Bishop can set the policy in his Diocese is correct. With that in mind the conditions (requiring a degree in religion or theology) could apply in a particular diocese, but that is not national policy and I have never seen it that restricted. The statement "so they can give a candi
  16. I did a search on raffles and Bob White and in none of his posts did he say that unit could hold a raffle at a meeting among only its members. Our DEs and our council has always held that they are not allowed. I think it is very plain in the rules for fundraisers that raffles of any kind run by a unit are not allowed.
  17. I sort of know who has received the adult religious awards in my area especially the Lutheran ones. The purple on a sliver background is the knot for the adult religious recognition awards, (Lutheran Lamb, LDS On My Honor, Baptist Good Shepard, Catholic St. George, etc.). We have Scouters using those knots for the mentor award. Quite a difference, one takesr a month of class versus the recognition takes over ten years of service.
  18. That's what I said, their units present the knots. John, No I can't get the time off to head to NLAS
  19. No advancement report necessary. When I've helped Scouts earn their award I've had their unit present them their knot while the medal is presented at a worship service.
  20. E-bay maybe. I just looked, nearest to it was a old bolo tie, it could be made into a medallion but it is 'mint' so I don't know if you want to. Good luck
  21. Serving coffee at a rest stop on I-5, I was mistaken for a cop by an Asian family from Canada.
  22. As a Cub Leader you can get active in OA again. Weclome to the campfire. Hyas klosh, hyas klosh.
  23. Years ago when I was in scouts, one of the moms in the patrol headed up the local school district ski school. They had a surplus of patches so our patrol became the Ski Patrol. We by using a seam ripper removed the ski schools name off the patch. To use the military patch you have to remove any name on it, xxxx division etc. and then you still have to worry about copyright and any laws regarding the wearing of military patches by non-military. You have the same problem with use of trade marked designs such as Mario Patrol or Mutant Nija Turtles Patrol. It is best to stay away.
  24. Plus I doubt Thompson ever saw a football game or said the pledge of allegiance, or had high scohool teacher or called where he was at as the Bible belt or felt Jerusalem was controlled by the Jews, or had a phone book or even knew what a phone is or a walkman or concession stand. They all are after 1843 the year he died.
  25. I was there yesterday to see Sam get his Eagle. Check it out: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/183262_vscout23.html http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/snohomishcountynews/2001986381_boyscout23m.html http://www.heraldnet.com/stories/04/07/23/loc_scout001.cfm http://www.king5.com/cgi-bin/bi/video/wmPlayer.pl?title=www.king5.com/ki_072204eaglescout.wmv http://www.komotv.com/news/story.asp?ID=32312
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