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  1. Way too funny! However, determining the appropriate time(s) to wear a kilt or not probably falls within the jurisdiction of the Girl Scout Handbook?
  2. Thanks for the due diligence, NWScouter. Very helpful. -K
  3. Once again, Thanks Semper! I appreciate your no-nonsense replies to my posts.
  4. Thanks again for the insight, Semper... Without going into much detail, let's just say that there's one Star Scout in particular, a scholastically-gifted young man at that, who consistently rocks the boat with his raucous behavior, foul mouth, and general disdain for the adult leadership. His parents don't understand why he's not advancing.
  5. Open question: Any practical advice on disciplinary/mentoring steps when Boy Scouts are not abiding by "Scout Spirit"? Thank you.
  6. I'd like to know if there are any Troops out there that have uniforming dress codes for the proper wearing of caps (backwards like a catcher) and trousers (worn below the hip bone - considered "cool" by some boys). Thank you!
  7. I've seen Troop websites that post the full names of their boys, and this is down right stupid. What's the BSA's position on this?
  8. What can anyone tell me about: 1.) Displaying the Troop number/Troop logo on the side of the trailer (concerns about vandalism/theft? 2.) Placing the full names of Eagle Scouts on the side of the trailer? (Have seen some Troops that actually do this). Thank you!
  9. An open question: What's the official nomenclature for the BSA "Class A" uniform? Is it Field or Dress? The same for "Class B": Is it Activity or Troop? Thanks to any and all.
  10. Thanks for the prompt replies! I've spoken to others who share your thoughts, and I agree with you all. -K
  11. At each of our Troop meetings, following the Pledge of Allegiance, we recite the Scout Law and Scout Oath at full attention giving the Scout Sign. Recently we added reciting the Outdoor Code as well. Question: Is it within BSA protocol to give the Scout Sign while reciting the Outdoor Code? Thanks to any and all who can provide definite clarification. -Kemosabe
  12. Thanks, guys... I sincerely appreciate your feedback. I recall that years ago the Jac-Shirts were colored green for the boys and red for the adults. Seems almost sacrilegious to see something that was once reserved for the adults go by the wayside. Happy trails! -Kemosabe
  13. Are the Woolrich Jac-Shirts for the boys as well as the adults? Eons ago when I was a Boy Scout, only the adult leaders wore them. Lately I've seen some boys wearing them.
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