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  1. Where you have a CO that is cooperative and will accept donations and then pass it onto the unit you have no problem. Out here we have many CO who are Friends or Parents of, they have no real legal existence. They are the ones that have trouble getting bank accounts (no tax id, then someone has to use theirs) or donations from corporate fund matching (no 501© 3 status).
  2. The only place a Venturer could be required to wear the official uniform at camp is if he/she are serving on staff. Would not be good for morale if at evening flags if one showed up with a sweatshirt while the rest of the staff were in full uniform
  3. One the biggest barrier to youth serving on board is legal age. In most states you have to at least eighteen to sign a legally binding contract and I assume there is minimum age to serve on the board of a corporation which is what the a council is. Most of the time when you see youth members on committees, they are advisory only.
  4. The Cub Scouter awards on the ribbon came in the late 80s because I had received both the Scouter training award for being a Cub Scouter and the Den Leader Award for being a Webelos Den Leader by 86. That is the year my son became a Boy Scout. They came out with the expanded Cub leader awards shortly after that.
  5. What is a Jambo uniform? Its not any different than the present uniform except it is all tricked out with jamboree patches, troop number, patrol etc, is it? Or are you talking about an activity uniform for the jamboree?
  6. Nielupp, It gets even more interesting. We have two of four United Ways in our councils area no longer give us a general contribution but will pass on designated gifts minus an administration percentage (I believe it somewhere between 10 to 20%). Its not to hard to do. Now they not quite honest about it though. We have had United Way officials, when asked if they gave to Boy Scouts they say yes, but they dont tell people that to do that they have to designate. Oh by the way the two that give are some of the smallest in the country.
  7. NWScouter

    Cub Fires

    I know of nothing in G2SS concerning an age limit on starting fires. Though there is a Whittlin Chip as Cub version of Toten Chip I know of no cub version of Firemn Chip.
  8. Clear fingernail polish for the threads? Maybe?
  9. Fog's advice is good about going to professional music store for a mike. You might talk with them about what you want to do. They may have ideas on equipment to use or they might know were you could get a profeesion studio recording. Hey you said money is no object. It might be cheaper in the long run anyway
  10. Are you looking for a individual one? The I have seen and I think that boleta is referring to is a whole unit or den level chart, I have not seen one by the national for an individual.
  11. Checked some web site on weird laws. Here are few interesting ones. Illinois It is illegal to speak English, the officially recognized language is "American." Iowa State law forbids any establishment from charging admission to see a one-armed piano player. Kentucky It is illegal for a woman to appear in a bathing suit on a highway unless she is a)escorted by at least two police officers, b)armed with a club, c)or lighter than 90 pounds or more than 200 pounds. Maine In Portland, it is illegal for men to tickle women under the chin with feather dusters.
  12. In many states margarine came with a little dye packet. For it was illegal to sell margarine colored with yellow dye. It is naturally a ugly white color. You mixed it yourself. The laws were to protect the price of butter.
  13. There is another document that governs BSA camps. It is National Camp Standards. It covers a lot more ground than G2SS, in fact the last time I saw it was a three inch binder very full. The only people I have ever see have it are camp directors and maybe program directors. For example it goes into how warm the water the swim beach needs to be and how to set up a high cope course and the requirements for its equipment for two examples. I do not have access to it right as Im not at camp. It is the bible that the camp directors need to follow or their camp does not get the BSA stamp of approv
  14. I reread my last post and I saw that it needs additonal information. But I could not edit it so I'm resubmiting with what I wanted to put in. You only run a wire to the correct answer from the question post.These have no connection to the light or battery. The two wires that the scout holds in his hand are connected to the batery and the light. He touches one wire to the question's post and one wire to to what he thinks is the right answer's post . While each answer has a post only the correct answers post has a wire to complete a circuit. So for each question you would have to r
  15. You only run a wire to the correct answer from the question post. While each answer has a post only the correct answers post has a wire to complete a circuit. So for each question you would have to run the hidden wire from question to the right answer. When they answer the question right the circuit completes and the light lights up. I tried to included a diagram by using the format but it didn't work so I made a picture. Then I made a website that is included in my service. Both arent very good but I hope they help. http://mysite.verizon.net/res1ucjv/justforyoulaurat7
  16. Just as you are covered under homeowners insurance for liablity, the BSA liablity insurance will pick up up the lawyer's fees and the judgement to the policy limit. So the council and the BSA is not out anymore money than they have paid for premium. The added cost down the road is higher premium or not getting renewed.
  17. It is really simple. Just remember you are trying to make a complete circuit. Two wires run from the battery one to the bell/light and the other to be held and touched to the question post. The other wire from the light/bell will be touched on the answer post. Behind the board you will run a wire from the question to the correct answer post. This will complete the circuit when a person answers correctly. I wish I could draw you a picture on the forum. I hope this is clear.
  18. You may have read the news in the Headlines section of the $14 million dollar suit against a Utah council. It alleges that a fire was left burning by scouts at a council camp caused a forest fire. The state and federal governments are seeking damages from the council. The latest news coming from the area is Scout Units are selling lemonade for $250 an 18 oz. glass. Local radio personalities are urging their listeners to buy. We have had discussions on fund-raisers before on the forum. The rule of value for the purchase is being violated here. In some accounts I have read the reasons th
  19. Found this in the Headlines link above: But what do you do when a flag is on a pole that can't be lowered to half-staff? While the flag code has many provisions ranging from when to fly flags to where the flag should be located on a vehicle or hung in windows and suspended vertically, fixed poles aren't one of them. So what do you do? For flags that can't be lowered, such as those on many homes, the American Legion says attaching a black ribbon or streamer to the top of the flag is an acceptable alternative. The ribbon should be the same width as a stripe on the flag
  20. Jason, Watch calling people names even in jest. You just called someone a name who lost relatives to them. I'm offend when that name is tossed around as my mother and members of her family and my father's family suffered under their occupation.
  21. One of the girls in our camp associated crew who earned both the Girl Scout Gold and the Venturing Silver is now in her third day as a cadet at the Coast Guard Academy. Just talked to her proud dad as he just got back from dropping her off. The crew has had a few silvers and a couple of Rangers. The LDS crews you don't see much advancement beyond boys finishing their Eagle.
  22. A scout unit may not sell fireworks. I think both of the articles show units that are in violation. While I dont believe that the BSA can or would stop the local Eagles from selling fireworks for its youth activities it would ask them not to specifically say that it is for the Boy Scout Troop. One seems the unit is selling and the other makes a big deal of its scouting support. The selling of fireworks ban is only about 15 years old; it is a liability issue. The BSA doesnt want to br lible for injuries resulting from fireworks purchase from a Boy Scout stand. These two groups seem to be
  23. You could be hiking on trail and have this happen to you. A misstep on a soft spot on the side of a trail, a stumble or moments inattention can led to tragic results. I remember many times as tail end charley following a tired Scout that I had to urge him to walk straight and stop weaving. Trails dont have guardrails. They could have been hiking on trail and just been sightseeing at an overlook. Without more information we can only guess. But our prayers should go out to the boy's family and do the youths and adults on the outing and their families.
  24. Good info so far. Now you will get my rant. Bring back the old 50 miler patch the new one is ugly.
  25. Jansport is a great brand with great customer service. I have a an old D-3 that has lasted me for fifteen years. Other than my endorsement of Jansport, I would second Fotoscouts comments a bigger bag is not better. Around here (the North Cascades) SARs team members have different packs for different missions. Check with your group to see what your equipment needs will be and watch your weight limit a bushed or hurt rescuer is not much good.
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