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  1. You only wear the highest single palm up to 15 merit badges then you wear multiples to add up to your total without exceeding the number (9 wears the bronze not the gold). Silver and Bronze Palms 20; Silver and Gold Palms 25; Silver and Silver 30 and so on.
  2. Now I understand what you are asking about and there are associations that do cross council lines right now. The church based associations, which the Lutherans, Roman Catholics, Jewish, and Methodist have just to name a few. I see no problems with a association like the Rock Climbing Venturing Association to promote and assist starting Venturing Crew specializing in rock climbing. It is now in Learning for Life Exploring but I believe there were or still are law enforcement and fire fighting associations. Now these association do not charter units but only promote.
  3. Your district's key 3 approves the unit charter? I never heard of that and I've been on our district's key 3.
  4. The blue card comes in three parts, one to be turned into the council with the advancement report, one to be retained by the scout as record, and the last to be kept by the MBC for his records. There are two places for the SM to sign, on the first part to certify the Scout is really a scout and on the scouts portion to acknowledge that SM has received the completed application. I have heard that SMs have restricted whom a scout goes for a merit badge. It is the responsibility of the SM to give a list of MBC that he knows to be on the MBC list and allow the scout to make his choice from a
  5. Are you meaning a group just formed to charter a unit: Friends of Troop XX, Parents Of Pack YYY etc.? It is not a preferred situation but I suppose that if they allow it for Cub Packs and Scout Troops then I imagine that they would for Venturing Crews. As for multiple units of the same level chartered to one organization I have never seen anything definitive about that.
  6. I remember from Venturing Leader Training that a venturing adult was not allowed to have a romantic relationship with a venturing youth. I thought back to my youth and if I and my ex wife was brought forward in time warp to know one of us would not be able to be in the program together. I was 21 and she 18 when we married. It is more than just tenting with the way the rules are written there are strict rules in Venturing about the relationships between the adults and the youth. If I remember my training I dont think they can be Venturing. I remember it because it struck me that my ex wife a
  7. I would take his site with a grain of salt. There has some bad info that has come out of it before. Your best info is from the official BSA site and I have not found any info there on a knot for the Young American Award
  8. Thought you might like this little article: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5950304/
  9. On the short sleeve shirt I dont worry about the spacing in the uniform guide. I have them arranged so they all fit and look right. The large gap that uniform guide has between the CSP and the position patch looks like you are missing something (the unit numbers you should not be wearing with non unit positions). When you space them out evenly they look a lot better.
  10. I have always seen the wearing of both. By the logic that you have to be trained to earn the Arrowhead you wouldnt wear the Trained patch if you are a Cubmaster and have earned Cubmaster Award because you have to be trained Cubmaster for that award. Most new Scouters have no idea what the Arrowhead award is or what any of the knots mean but they can instantly understand what trained means. The secondary reason for have the Trained patch is to encourage others to go to training. For when they see that you have been trained then they might get the idea that they need to be trained.
  11. First off there is no Explorer Gold award there is a Silver Award in Verturing,. The Venturing Gold has no knot but like Life Scout rank just a waypoint to a higher award. Exploring now is a part of Learning for Life not a part of traditional BSA. There was back in the 50s a Explorers Silver Award or Air Explorers Ace Award and they shares their knot with the Venturing Silver Award. I also can find no reference to a knot for Young American Award.
  12. I did not post or even read the original tread of the topic, but I went and read both that topic and the posts here. The one thing that bothers me about locking the original topic is what I perceive as the reason. All other topics seems to have been for lake of scout spirit, in most cases they have gotten down right nasty when they were locked. This time it looks let it was shut down because the moderator didnt like it. Second-guessing is not needed. That seems like another opinion but sure isnt reason to shut down a topic.
  13. Different councils have different organization structures based on size, financial status, whim of the Scout Executive/ Board, etc. Ours due to a lean period of income dropped the field director and made three of the DE into district directors over one or two other DE while still serving their district. Like the military and government service, scouting classifies scouting professionals in levels (I dont know the details), the title may be used in different levels depending on the council but the relative level tells how they rank when comparing them nationwide. For example the SE i
  14. I would be very careful about filing for EIN for your unit. Looking at the application you need a group exemption number. Which I could not find a definition or how you get one with out being a 501c3 organization. A scout unit has no legal identity and is not a legal person.
  15. I would be very careful about filing for EIN for your unit. Looking at the application you need a group exemption number. Which I could not find a definition or how you get one with out being a 501c3 organization. A scout unit has no legal identity and is not a legal person.
  16. At the minimum they will require some sort of tax ID. If your Charter Organization is incorporated you should be able to use theirs. It is not a good idea use the social security number of a leader because it can result in tax penalties to both the unit and the person, both of which may have tax problems down the road and suddenly there is a problem for both. Some banks require also a motion or some documentation of the groups decision on who has access to the account. Another thing you need to decide is where the statements are going to be sent, a PO Box, the Charter Partner or the treasure
  17. I do not think there has ever been an minimum age requirement for OA membership. I have a 1961 copyright OA handbook. There is no age requirement there for being nominated , but the election rules (how many may be elected, how many to vote for, etc.) have changed over the years. Now more can be elected from the pool of eligible in the units than ever before. I have known of units or unit leaders adding (not really allowed) to the requirements. There was one in our district who wouldn't let anyone who wasn't an Eagle stand for election.
  18. I remmeber reading somewhere that my favorite Rockwell "I Can't Wait" almost didn't get published because of proper uniforming.
  19. When I go to wwww.scouting.org, there is a Cub Scout in the middle of the page. Just to the left of him is a list of hot topics and the top of the list is a website survey.
  20. The BSA survey asks you to compare its web site with other websites but doesn't list Scouter.Com. What gives?
  21. By G2SS both can only be used ouside tents.
  22. When I wrote overnight training I meant Webelos Outdoor training. At work I can't seem to edit my posts.
  23. What training does a Venture leader need in order to take his unit on an outing? Also if I am correct, Baloo is only needed for pack camping (overnight) and a Webelos leader is not required to have the overnight training to take the Webols den on their overnights. Overnights though for other dens are not allowed. Dens leaders may take their den on day outings without any training.
  24. I found a few sites: http://neohbackpackingclub.com/(uol0ej3tcet3uvqbqho2c3av)/home.aspx http://www.peaktopeak.net/oh.html http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/parks/facilitiesmaps/backpacking.htm If you move out to Washington state I could give lots of trails.
  25. When people complain about commissioners I never see mine Whats a commissioner Theyre just old farts and so on, I go into a slow burn. I served as a district commissioner for a couple of years and now am a Assistant Council Commissioner (I can seem to update my profile on the forum). Being a district commissioner was one of my most frustrating jobs I have had in Scouting. People complained about not having a commissioner, if they did they didn't want him/her "butting in" and council wanted more names on the staff and very few wished to step up to be commissioner. You asked and asked and yo
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