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  1. Suspending Bob and Ed for a month is a load of crap. Suspending these guys for arguing, yet letting merlyn and backpacker spew their hateful vomit at will makes me sick. There is nothing worse than politically correct server nazis. So, you are suspended from my computer.
  2. At the bottom of the article there is a link to 70 responses to this article. The author, a student working on his doctorate, writes well. I'll agree, McCarthy was a scuzzy, loathsome, self-serving politician. He almost seems as a model for many Reps and Senators serving themselves in Congress today. Here is Pack with his beret. http://www.cheguevara.com/ Here is another link to the responses. I haven't read through all of them, but it seems to me, after all the emotional gas is emitted, that he was effective in rooting out commies in government and hollywood. Responses to the article.
  3. The first link included a link to a "free Leonard Peltier site" so, can't take his history seriously. I agree, that a handful of Peoria's escaped the Pottawatomi's genocidal wrath. I say we keep Chief Illiniwek and give back Peoria.
  4. I think Chief Illiniwek is historically and culturally accurate. It's not like we can ask an Illini. How can the Illini be offended? They were wiped off the planet by the Pottawatomi in the 1760's. Sounds like a little genocide there.
  5. From History News Network. Mr. Rifkin's delusions (#16479) by Bill Heuisler on August 13, 2003 at 3:50 PM Mr. Rifkin, How do such delusions exist in this Age of Information? Fever-dreams and anti-McCarthy wishes don't count on a History Site. Research is simple in libraries or search engines. The Venona program has been existence for over fifty years. Decoding began in 1946 - is still being released - and over 300 Americans have been identified as Soviet agents for Stalin's Worker's Paradise. Over 2200 messages between Moscow and trade reps, diplomats, KGB and GRU Residencies hav
  6. Your first definition is a little on the biased side, eh, Pack? The censure? Sounds as if someone was miffed at him. He may have been a disgusting, self-serving, pig of a politician, but it seems with these files and transcripts opened up, history should evolve. Whatever his sources were he seems to have been right on target with one or two misses. These weren't people trying to change something like "Under God" from the Pledge, they were personnel in government or in the entertainment industry actively supply intelligence to and creating propaganda for the USSR. Sending money to the Sie
  7. "The McCarthy Era has been written into college and high school curriculums and even government history standards as a time of witch-hunts instead of a time of fifth column treason for the same reason. The opening of the Soviet archives and the release of the Venona decrypts have established beyond any reasonable doubt that McCarthys so-called victims with few exceptions (James Wechsler would be one) -- were people who either served the intelligence agencies of the biggest mass murderer(Stalin)in history or supported the despotic empire he built, or were fellow-travelers of the same." T
  8. My BS meter is going off. It senses a lying coniving......activist at work. LMBO!!!
  9. Why would you have a problem with the McCarthy hearings? Our fathers, uncles, and grandfathers were squared off against the Russians in the Fulda Gap. We fought Red China in Korea. We fought communists in Vietnam. Cuba. Nicaragua. McCarthy rooted out card carrying members of both communist organizations and the communist party from government and television. If you belonged to organizations that were hell-bent on the destruction of our country and our way of life, you should be nervous.
  10. To me personally, I don't think this is a fight worth fighting or generating one press release of bad publicity. I'd be done with anything to do with Indian lore. Voyaguers, explorers, mountain men, and pioneers all camped. Maybe create a new organization with a Patriot theme, the Liberty Tree, Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere, etc. Begin new with a different theme.
  11. Well, we were up on Lake Michigan this past weekend out for our last sail of the year. Sunny, 90 degrees, winds SE 15, gusting to low 20's, waves 2-4, visibility 1.5 miles. We came out of the harbor and went south east to put the sails up. We learned a lesson that other boats didn't necessarily assemble the same as ours. Well we blew past that obstacle and came about and header north with the wind. A much better cruise. I think the weather was awesome, except the waves just beat the snot out of us. Whenever the waves are over 3 feet, we're going to stay in the harbor and race 420'
  12. Eamonn, I agree. What a top notch manual. TP
  13. What a great Start. Two good goals for those acorns would be the SEAL Course. They need to earn Ordinary by June 1st of next year in order to qualify, but it has to be the premier youth training course BSA has. We have two Trustee Mates. Fine Mates. Finer men have never slept upon a spinnaker. Although, I took both of mine out for a test ride in our new beautiful boat and almost visited Davy Jones' Locker. Remember men, hoses that will sink you need TWO clamps. A beautiful summer day.....wasted. Winds were fabulous. Nice 10-12 knot breeze. The Mac was handling beautifully a
  14. New Orleans PD at work in Rescue Video! http://www.zippyvideos.com/8911023771013466/countdown-looting-in-walmart/
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