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  1. I have two children with Aspergers and a few that are ADD/ADHD. They all have their challenges but are typically easy to work with. The group in general gets along well. I know the Autistics kids mom says he makes a big deal out of the fact the he is a "Scout" and he has a "Uniform", It is fun to see when he is in that mind set.
  2. I don't think I want an adult led troop but I don't wont a boy led Troup as unorganized as that one. I think a boy led Troop with minimal adult coaching is what my parents are looking for. For example, we visited the camp site of another troop this weekend. While visiting one of the leaders came up and pointed out to the Troop Leader that it was 7:45 and said shouldn't they start loading the trailer. The Troop leader said yes and the leader went to the patrol leaders and told them as soon as they were done with breakfast they needed to start loading. The adults were not dictating, they we
  3. Hello All !!!! I have only been on here two days and have received some great input. I usually lurk on some hunting and fishing forums but never thought to look for a scouting forum. I had an interesting Webelos Woods camping weekend and it dawned on me to look for a forum with fellow scout leaders to vent and get some feedback and I found y'all. I am a Webelos I leader and have 15 scouts in my patrol. Our Pack has approximately 60 active members. I have been in scouts with my son since he was a Tiger and became a Den Leader as a Wolf. It has been a lot of fun, a lot of work, bu
  4. My wife is a special ed teacher so she has been able to give me some insight and advice as well. As for the yelling, I just blew that off. I know that is just him. The kicking we addressed with his mom and she had a talk with him. I have learned that he is listening sometimes when he is not watching us and doing something else. He will occasionally verbally participate. Its the times when he is across the room doing something else that I know there is no way he is listening. I don't think the other parents are being competitive, they just want it to be fair. I had a boy over the l
  5. King Kong Dong - As asked, we stepped back and waited on the scouts to help the webelos put up the tent. After a little time it was obvious that was not happening and our boys were exhausted and ready for bed. Three of us adults went over and put up the tents for them. When we broke down their tents on Sunday we made all the webelos help. qwazse - You are so right!!! We went on the camp out to see how the troop operates and realized we would not be a fit for how they run things. We have two other invites to go camping and we will definitely be visiting several more troops.
  6. I have an autistic scout in my Webelos patrol and wonder how I should handle a situation. My Pack has the policy that if an activity is performed at a Den meeting and the scout is present and participates then he gets credit for completing that activity. My autistic scout is usually off to the side not paying attention and usually doing something that he shouldn't. His parents attend the meeting but do not participate and pretty much let him do what he wants. When he does participate he can be difficult. We were practicing the Boy Scout handshake the other day and he was doing it with the
  7. I was looking for a scouting forum so I could talk with other leaders in scouting and look what I found. This looks like a great site. This is my 4th year in scouts as a Den Leader. So here is my weekend’s adventure. I took 8 of my Webelos on their first Webelos Woods campout. We had been invited by a local Boy Scout Troop to be their guest. The Troop said they were 100% boy led and the leaders only stepped in if it was a safety issue. We went to their Troop meeting so the Webelos could meet the Boy Scouts. I knew it was a little unorganized when it took over 20 minutes to
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