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  1. The summer camp we are going to has the standard 2 person canvas platform tents. We are bringing an odd number of scouts with us to camp. Can one scout tent alone? My plan was to allow the Senior Patrol Leader to have his own tent, but I've had another adult say scouts have to be 2 to a tent. I looked through the Guide to Safe Scouting and I couldn't find anything in writing that says the minimum number of scouts in a tent is two.
  2. Does anyone have an update as to when the Cub Scout leader specific training will be available on-line? I just downloaded a powerpoint from the national site about the new delivery method and in there is says June 20th. I went to myscouting.org and it still just has a blank space after the header for leader specific training. Just curious. Thanks.
  3. www.craftkits.com They have beads and plastic claws and arrowheads in a bunch of different colors.
  4. There is no reason you "have" to be done by February. The only ones we push to get done by the Blue & Gold are our second year Webelos earning the Arrow of Light and our first year Webelos earning their Webelos badge. For the Tigers, Wolves and Bears we let them finish at their own pace and do advancement ceremonies in April, May and June as boys finish. Why push everyone to finish by February? Our pack has about 75 scouts, so if we had one advancement ceremony for all of them at the Blue & Gold it would take forever.
  5. Last month I picked up a Webelos neckerchief for my son that will become a Webelos at the end of the school year. Just last week I spoke to another parent and they said they went to our local Council scout shop and they didn't have any Webelos neckerchiefs in stock and told her that they didn't have any because there was going to be a change to them. Does anyone know anything about this? I know what I bought will be fine, I just found it a bit strange.
  6. Some of it depends on the size of your pack. We have about 70 boys, so for a camp out we'll have close to 120 on Saturday night. From what I found, not too many places can accommodate that many. Our pack is in Northern Virginia. We have been to Pohick Bay Regional Park several times. We also had a trip planned to Burke Lake Park (cancelled due to weather last fall). We are also planning a trip to one of the cabin camps down at Prince William Forest Park. Those are the only ones I have personal experience with.
  7. We treat them as two separate ceremonies. We have traditionally awarded the Arrow of Light at the Blue & Gold banquet in February and then had a separate crossover ceremony in March. It seems like the last few years there have been one or two that complete the AOL but then don't continue on into Boy Scouts.
  8. We're looking at doing some scout skills stations at our spring camping trip. Here's what I have come up with so far, first aid, map & compass, knots, fire building, leave no trace. I want to do six, so I'll be looking through the other suggestions. I was planning on doing 20 minutes for each, so the boys would rotate through them all in two hours.
  9. We are a pack that camps regularly twice a year. I think it would be a waste to purchase a trailer for two camping trips a year. With family camping, the pack has little to no pack camping equipment. In the past we had a dad with a pickup truck and that was plenty to carry what pack equipment (pavilion, grills, coolers, etc.) that we borrowed. This past camping trip we had no one with a pick up truck going so one dad volunteered to rent a U-haul trailer. I think it cost about $110 and was well worth it. Instead of buying and having to deal with storage, maintenance, etc. of our own trail
  10. You're exactly right. You just want to sew the top and two sides and leave the bottom open. It's the exact same way that an OA flap patch goes on.
  11. We just put together a budget for our pack recently (for the first time, I think) and we have included a roll-over of around $500. This is to cover those activities until we see the profit from the popcorn fundraiser. We don't do anything too big in the fall. We have a pack picnic and then figued we'd need some money for program and advancement materials.
  12. I was just taking a quick through the fast tracks for Wolf since I am just finishing this year as a wolf den leader. For all of the den meetings I looked at the whole den meeting consisted of an opening, work on advancement requirements and a closing. No games, no crafts. Talk about taking the fun out. Why the push to do all of the requirements at the den meetings and none at home. I haven't looked at all of the fast tracks, but until they change some of the requirements it is impossible to do all of the requirements at a den meeting. One of the wolf requirements is to pick a program and
  13. There was a post over on kismif.org that referenced a discussion on the yahoo board about National discontinuing the Cub Scout themes and program helps after this next program year. I hadn't seen anything here, so I wanted to see if anyone had heard anything. As a former den leader and a new Cubmaster I hope they are kidding. We recruit den leaders with the promise of all of this help and support and now they want to get rid of a huge chunk of it. The goal with the themes and program helps is to make it as easy a possible for the leaders. Now we're going to have to work to come up wit
  14. Yes, we had the same thing happen. We had to fairly firmly tell them no. We did put out the extra FOS brochures at the last pack meeting, but I don't think anyone picked one up. We had our FOS pitch at the B&G and I personally thought it was horrible timing. I think it would have gone over better at a typical pack meeting. At B&G we're there to celebrate the birthday of scouting, not get hit up for money.
  15. Back to the part of your original question about the Pinewood Derby. Our rule this year was that if the scout was not able to attend, they could give their car to their den leader and the den leader would check it in and race it on their behalf. I think we would have been ok too if a parent brought the car without the scout attending (maybe the boy was sick, our race was in mid-January). The pinewood derby and pack meetings are definitely different than camping. It is suppose to be family camping. An adult their without their scout doesn't really fit "family camping".
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