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  1. I had some good luck with finding out information from another canoe paddle in my collection so I thought I'd throw another one out and see if anyone remembers/ knows anything about this one. 1964 Canoe Derby Down the Mississippi. Link to photo. Thanks for any help!
  2. Feathers

    Was there a Region One Canoe Base?

    Through the help here I was able to find this page with some very interesting history regarding the paddle: 1947 Canoe Trip. Especially interesting is the passage explaining the red tip on the paddle: "That evening, after supper, a solemn ceremony was conducted by the Commodore and old timers. Based on the lore of the French fur traders of old, pine springs had been gathered in Naples. These were no shown to us "first-timers" as a marker of the furthest point in our journey. The red tips of the paddles were explained as representing the blood of wild creatures and fierce marauders who had attacked those traders, known to history as courageous and colorful "Voyageurs". They had, after all paddled deep into the North American continent and eventually followed down the mighty rivers to New Orleans." If anyone comes across further information, or could help to narrow down a date for the paddle, I'd love to hear what you know. Thanks!
  3. Feathers

    Was there a Region One Canoe Base?

    Ah, yes, that makes perfect sense and explains the difficult-to-read lettering in places.
  4. Feathers

    Was there a Region One Canoe Base?

    Oh, that is it. I just added a close up view of the logo and though it's messy, I can make out "canoe trail". Thanks so much. Edit- The paddles on the patch even have the angled red stripe at the bottom of the paddle like the one in my collection.
  5. Feathers

    Was there a Region One Canoe Base?

    Thanks for the reply. The Region One Canoe Base was my term just because I'd found the Region 7 canoe base info. The paddle only says "Region One B.S.A.". So that could be .Perhaps someone will be able to come up with what the two words on the bottom say.
  6. Feathers

    Was there a Region One Canoe Base?

    Photo 1? Maybe? Ok, I give up on that. How about a link to the photos?
  7. Hi, New to the forum. I have a collection of old canoe paddles that I have on display at my cabin in Northern Wisconsin. One of the paddles I have acquired has a crude silkscreen on the front that reads "Region One BSA" and then a couple of words at the bottom I can't decipher. On the back is some half-done crude artwork. I'm interested to find out more about the paddle if I can. I come up with all sorts of information on the Region Seven canoe base (and my cabin is located quite close to where some of the paddling took place), but I find nothing on a Region One base. I'll add photos in the comments if I can figure out how. Thanks for any insight or information!