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  1. If they follow procedures correctly they should either be getting written statements or directly interview you son's Scoutmaster and Committee. Your son may very well need to defend himself. Hopefully with outside observers your son will have a fair hearing. Any update on the timeline?
  2. DenZero, The reason I started the "DE Performance" thread was there seems to be a lot of complaining about District Executives focusing on fundraising and starting new units but not supporting existing units. I wanted to see what unit leaders expected from their District Executive. I got very few specific expecations. You say your Pack is dying. Would your Pack be better off if you had more support from your District Executive? If so exactly what would you like him or her to do?
  3. The 2009 Uniform Guide shows Webelos have green on tan unit numbers: http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/images/pdfs/uniformguide.pdf The Webelos Uniform Checklist shows Webelos have white on red unit numbers: http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/images/pdfs/WebelosUniform.pdf So what is correct?
  4. Anyone notice that the Boy Scout and Adult Male Leader Checklist mentions the forest green shoulder loops but does not mention blue loops for Cub Leaders? Someone who did not know better might buy green for Cub Leaders. http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/images/pdfs/BSUniform.pdf I think they need one of us to do their proofreading.
  5. I was rather interested in Eamonn's "Volunteer Agenda V DE Agenda" thread. I have heard a lot of people say District Executives are forced to focus on fundraising and creating new units and do not support existing units. So for all you unit volunteers - Suppose you have the authority to hire and fire District Executives. What would you base their job performance on? What things would you look at for an annual performance review? Please give specific measurable goals.
  6. If an Eagle mill is what you want then simply get a list of Troops in your area from your cuncil office. Visit each one. Ask them how many Eagles there troop has. Those that brag about their Eagles and not much else will be the ones you want to go with. Those that may or may not brag about their eagles but tell you about their quality program are the ones you want to avoid.
  7. Ms Summer, Talk to your District Advancement Chairman on what wording would be appropriate. After all it is he that you are writing to.
  8. "The award is just a patch" I think there will be a lot of people here that would disagree. If the Scout truly beleives he earned Eagle and is willing to fight for it who cares what others beleive. It shows more character to me than giving up.
  9. >> "And even that wasn't part of his job as DAC, eh?"
  10. Ms Summer, Did your son ask the Scoutmaster and the Committee Chairman for their signatures on his Eagle application? If so you have a clear yes or no from these people. I am guessing niether are signed. To start an appeal follow this from the Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures: "All requests for appeal shall be made in writing, signed by the Scout and/or his parent(s) or guardian(s), and shall set forth in detail the reasons for requesting an appeal."
  11. You have done your job. Since you have no authority over the troop there is nothing more you can do. The ironic thing here is you may have to deal with an appeal from that troop sometime in the future. Now that would make things more interesting.
  12. What about training in neighboring districts? Have they taken any of the on-line training? Roundtables can be useful.
  13. Good luck to your son tonight. Let us know how it goes.
  14. And it is not helpful to send offensive private messages to other forum members.
  15. From the uniform inspection sheet: "Webelos Scouts have the option of wearing the oval-shaped Webelos badge by itself on the tan shirt only; or the diamond-shaped Webelos emblem along with other rank badges on either the tan or navy blue shirt; or if the Tiger Cub emblem was earned, the Webelos diamondshaped emblem may be worn on either the tan or navy blue shirt by itself and centered on the left pocket."
  16. Scorpionace, Please show me your "research" that says BSA uniforms are made in child labor camps. I would really like to know.
  17. Yes, get his Scoutnet records from the council office. Call them Monday. Get them faxed if you can. Or pick them up. You will want to make everything has been recorded and with the right date. Some units do not do a good job gettting advancement recorded. Most units will check everything for the Scout but I would not rely on these people. If there is a discrepency you don't have much time before his 18th birthday if you discover that he is short on something. I am glad he has all his "blue" cards. That will help in a discrepency. Unfortuneately you are having to do a
  18. They may be made in China but how do you know they are made in child labor camps?
  19. When it boils right down to it the application is what is important. Yes there is a difference in the requirements from the handbook and the application. That has always bothered me. You need to do what the application says. Since there is a dispute between your son and the Scoutmaster about Scout Spirit I would leave that date blank for now. You can add the date if and when the Scoutmaster signs the application.
  20. "So the question is....is it permitted to have an outside person attend this committee meeting? is a letter permitted? Any thoughts???" You would have to ask your unit committee. It is their meeting. It is their rules. It is not any part of any formal advancement process. I think it would be great if he were to come. Sounds like he would be a great advocate for your son.
  21. From ACC&P - This triggers the appeal: "There are two sets of circumstances in which a Scout or his parent(s) or guardian(s), acting on his behalf, may appeal a decision. The first situation occurs when a unit leader or unit committee does not recommend a Scout for a board of review, or refuses to sign the Eagle Scout application. In such cases, the Scout or his parent(s) or guardian(s) may appeal the decision to the committee responsible for advancement at the next level, as described below." Continuing on... "If the decision leading to the appeal occurred at the unit
  22. From ACP&P: "If the decision leading to the appeal occurred at the unit level, the appeal shall be directed to the district committee responsible for advancement." There are four levels listed: unit, district, council, national. A signature refusal of the Scoutmaster or Committee Chairman would be a "decision leading to the appeal" at the unit level. Therefore an appeal would be made to the district. Unit committees have Board of Reviews. They do not do appeals.
  23. John, You are absolutely right the ACP&P give two scenarios. The first being refusal of the Scoutmaster or Unit Committee to recomend the Scout for a Board of Review. The second is for a Board of Review that does not approve the Scout. Mdsummer, get the application filled out. Ask for the signatures. If you get them great. If you don't contact the District Training Chairman and ask for an appeal. Bring this application to the "Special Committee Meeting" (whatever that is) and ask for the signatures there.(This message has been edited by NealOnWheels)
  24. On the Eagle application there is a line for the Scoutmaster aand the Committee Chairman to sign. According to ACP&P if either refuses to sign the Scout can still have his Board of Review but the Board of Review can consider the lack of signatures in their decision. Time to fill out the application and see what happens. For mdsummers benefit ACP&P="Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures" #33088(This message has been edited by NealOnWheels)
  25. Let's see - a new scout needing a handbook and a new uniform. There are those that insist on a full uniform. Let's go to ScoutStuffl.org and go shopping. Here is the shopping list: 33105 Handbook $8.99 00601 Neckerchief Slide $3.99 64017 Shoulder Loops $2.49 64020 Cap $12.99 65391 Sensura Crew Sock $5.99 64032 Belt $10.99 62991 Cotton Shirt $24.99 50112 Canvas Convertible Pants $34.99 18070 Unit Numerals (3) $3.57 16165 Council Shoulder Patch $2.15 00647 Necker
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