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  1. GernBlansten wrote: "I just can't imagine your son has stayed in this unit for this long. " Well in the other forumn she mentions she has a younger son in this troop as well. Hopefully son #2 finds a differnt unit and does not wait until he is 18.
  2. Careful Beavah - Scoutmaster's conference must be before the scout turns 18. From step 3 on page 31 of "Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures": "It is imperative that all requirements for the Eagle Scout rank except the board of review be completed prior to the candidates 18th birthday." mdsummer45 wrote... "Talk to me Monday(3/30) so Monday nite again my son asks the SM for a conference and the SM says I have not changed my mind, I can not give you a conference,I question your character, you appear to be a loner." To me that was a Scoutmaster Conference
  3. See http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/parent-cafe/564847-quit-not-quit-boy-scouts-4.html for additional info mdsummer45 posted on another discussion forum
  4. According to "Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures" if a unit leader refuses to recomend a scout for a board of review you have the option of appealing. I would contact your district advancement chairman and discuss the situation.
  5. I just re-read your opening post. It seems clear to me we should be looking at what the scout wants. He clearly would rather be in Boy Scouts with his peers than in Webelos where he is bored and would feel uncomfortable.
  6. I don't have my Cub Scout Leader's Handbook with me but I believe a scout can remain a Webelo until age 11 and 1/2.
  7. This seems to be rather vague. The closest documentation I can find that answers this question is at http://www.scouting.org/media/relationships/trainingthecor/02.aspx . "Chartered Organizations Organizations are granted a charter by the BSA. The organization may be a church, civic group, school, or other such organization that seeks permission and works in conjunction with the BSA to provide an outreach program for youth. The chartered organization is the "franchisee" and as such is the "owner-operator" of the Scouting program."
  8. I had a deaf scout many years ago. Although he could use sign language he could also read lips. He could speak but not very clearly. He was quite the conversationist though. He did everything everyone else did. Did not treat him any differently than anyone else. The only thing I needed to do differently was instead of staying put and speaking to scouts I had to move and get in front in order to get this kid's attention. At first I would forget this often but after a while it became natural.
  9. It seems the worst ones wake you out of sleep. At three in the morning: "Barf"... "Tent"... Half asleep for an afternoon nap: "Don't put that in the fire"... "Run!"... Actual incidents. Fist incident rather dramatic. Second incident harmless.
  10. Maybe this thread will die off in thirteen more posts.
  11. Check with your council office on whether or not it is a show stopper. Also check with your chartered organization to find out what kind of membership standards they have. After all they have to sign the application. Ask yourself what kind of person you would want as a leader in your unit. I commend you for checking references. Many units do not do this. Do you mean petty larceny? The applicant is supposed to describe the circumstances on the application. Without knowing more I would not accept the application.
  12. From the "Pack Overnighter Site Approval Form" amoung the mandatory standards is: "Each family site is within 300 feet of a sanitary toilet facility." It does not say it must have flush toilets.
  13. Ok, lets try your story with another object not discussed in any Scouting literature... KAZOOS. Q: So Mr. Scoutmaster, you had a KAZOO in the scout trailer and you let the scouts use it whenever they like? A: Yes. Q: And on the day in question, Johnny SAT BY THE CAMPFIRE and PLAYED THE KAZOO and CHOKED ON IT WHEN ANOTHER SCOUT RAN INTO HIM. A: Yes. Q: Can you point to a single document, anywhere in scouting, that trained you to train boy scouts to use a KAZOO? A: No. Q: Can you point to a single document, anywhere in scouting, that trained you to train
  14. I try to be a really good Scouter (RGS). I know I am not perfect. As a Scout I have had very good memories dealing with some really good Scouters. And a very bad experience with a Problem Scouter (PS). My experiences as a youth define me now as a Scouter. I am very vigilant of looking out for the best interests of Scouts and am not afraid to stand up to other Scouters who may be doing things harmful to Scouts. For better or worse that is who I am - all shaped by my youth.
  15. Wow... Do you have any background about the Pack? What about the Troop or Troops?
  16. Wisconsin will be a little out of the way, sorry Stosh. I, however, live right off the Indiana Tolway. Shouldn't be much of a hassle to pick me up. As far as cameras go I had a new digital camera when I went. Made the mistake to use the memory card that came with it. Ran out of space after a couple days. Bummer. Make sure you have a large memory, especially for Yellowstone. There is a lot to photograph.
  17. I used to live in Wyoming and took may family to Yellowstone once but have never taken scouts there. Where are you from? Living in Wyoming I can tell you that you want everyone to be dressed well in the evenings as at that elevation it will get rather cold at night. You can still get snow in June. Daytimes are usually very pleasant in June. How do you plan to get there? I drove my family across the center of Wyoming where things are rather sparse. Planned to have lunch at restaurant on the way home but had to wait until late afternoon (nearly all the way home) to find a
  18. As a scout some 30 years ago I was a Senior Patrol Leader of a troop that was run by the Scoutmaster. I got a hold of a book I believe was called the "Junior Leader's Handbook" and had an epiphany. I discovered that there is something called a Patrol Leader's Council that plans and carries out troop meetings and outings. About the same time the Scoutmaster went to Florida on vacation for a few months. The first couple meetings after the Scoutmaster went on vacation the Assistant Scoutmaster did nothing and all we did was sit around and do nothing. I then organized PLC meetings and planned
  19. I have known scouts that did not even take one step. The tent zipper is opened just enough to get the job done. I did not realize this was happenning until one winter campout and noticed the evidence in the snow. Seems they did not want to leave a warm tent.
  20. A bag of popcorn - buttered even better. Smelly but gets the job done. Birch bark - from fallen limbs of course. Has a natural wax that keeps it from getting wet. Although I don't recomend it around scouts my favorite is gun powder. It will start wet wood everytime. A little goes a long way.
  21. "Call me cynical...I'm not willing to trust my entire estate to some lawyer, whose only interest is to find a way to get the BSA and their insurance carrier off the hook. For a couple of hundred dollars a year, I can sleep at night, and am also protected for non-BSA incidents. Where did I hear this before..."BE PREPARED"???" If you want to be cynical consider this... You purchase an umbrella policy. You file a claim. You get a lawyer hired by the insurance company. That lawyer has represents the interests of the insurance company. No different than Scouting's insurance. No different
  22. Here is California's Good Samaritan Law as it applies to non-professionals: 1799.102. No person who in good faith, and not for compensation, renders emergency care at the scene of an emergency shall be liable for any civil damages resulting from any act or omission. The scene of an emergency shall not include emergency departments and other places where medical care is usually offered. From what I have read the courts are saying the phrase "emergency care" really means "emergency medical care" so this law does not apply to this case.
  23. Bob White, Where does it say a Scoutmaster can be present a board of review. I don't have a copy of the Advancement Committee Guide Policies and Procedures handy but this statement is in the Board Of Review Training... "The Scoutmaster can introduce the Scout to the board members and may sit with him to hear the board's decision, but should not be present during the actual board of review." In any case the members of an Eagle board of review is at the discretion of the local council and the CR may or maynot have that privelege.
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