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  1. E-Cigs definitely nullify the "second hand smoke" argument because, well, there is none! Yet the Tobacco Nazis continue to rebel against a HARMLESS product because,well, it LOOKS like smoking! GOD FORBID someone should be allowed to have a little enjoyment! Some folks need to get control of their OWN lives before attempting to control the lives of others, IMO. We had a leader who used E-cigs DISCREETLY, and was still scoped out and hounded by a Cig Nazi in our troop. My response? "Why aren't you commending him on trying to quit, instead of criticizing him for it?" Self-righteousness.
  2. Only boards we ever did with 6 members were Eagle boards, back when the troop picked the members, and a district rep. was present.
  3. I agree with Moosetracker here. If you have leaders who have frequent direct contact, or who attend activities/camping trips, they should be registered for BG check/liability/insurance purposes. Don't gamble!
  4. Cub Scout Packs Do. Not. File. Tax. Returns. Ever. Get a new CPA. The CO owns the unit and is responsible for reporting the financials. If they don't, it's their problem. We've told you this before,
  5. All good stuff here. There is no mention of votes or quorums in the CSLB or the Troop Commitee Handbook. I stopped the practice years ago. It's all consensus. No consensus? Table the matter until the next meeting. Still no consensus? CC decides with input and guidance from the CO or COR, if necessary.
  6. Agree with Fred! Our AC does the same thing, tracks partials, and dates for every rank requirement. Completely unnecessary, as the only dates that are needed for the Eagle application are the COMPLETED (Board Of Review) dates!
  7. Good question, the subject had never come up with us, as it was totally an adult-run function. I would think that a scout helping out with his parent present working at the function would be OK'd. (no uniforms!) Again, we (the troop and CO) would leave this to the parents to decide as parents, no "leader" involvement. We've only done a few of these over the years, mainly when our CO's building, the Legion Hall, burned down in the late 80's and the troop lost all of its equipment. The dances were a success, and the event goers were civilized and generous. The parent group was vigilant abo
  8. As an American Legion Troop, if the parents/leaders wanted to do a fundraiser at the Post with the bar open (no one under 21), such as a dinner-dance, they would be asked to run it as an event sponsored by "Parents and Friends of Troop XXX". Any planning would be done * outside* of troop or committee meetings, and the "group," chaired by a parent who is not a registered leader, would present the proceeds to the troop at a COH. In other words, the Troop itself would need to officially disassociate itself from the planning and execution of the event.
  9. The background check will be the deal maker/breaker. Not only do our leaders get checked by the BSA and Council, but by the CO as well, with the resources it has available. Our CO has the final word regardless of BSA/Council's findings/recommendations. Leave nothing to chance, ABC: Always Be Certain.
  10. BD you thunder-stealer, you! I've had to put up with a parent/leader like that for 7 years now. One of his sons just made Eagle. There isn't enough bandwidth for the stories I could tell. He's a real test of my blood pressure. Not a felon, but I can relate to what you're saying. Give him an app. and see if he can help "fix" things. My bet is "no".
  11. If it's the same as in our council, it's geared toward both the scout and the Eagle advisor/coach/other troop leader. You can get all the info and friendly advise just by asking someone who's had experience with Eagles.
  12. They're CHARGING for this?? Have the boy choose an Eagle Coach/Advisor and receive the same services 1:1, and for free. There is NO requirement to attend a Life to Eagle seminar. If Council tries to mandate this, they are "adding to the requirements." Tell 'em no.
  13. The US military now uses Velcro for all of their patches.
  14. The US military now uses Velcro for all of their patches. (On BDU uniforms)
  15. I wasn't aware that Youth Registration in 2 troops (in the same council, no less) was allowed! What other reasons would there be for it other than the above? A "numbers game" for the DE?
  16. The "Travel In Uniform Or Insurance Won't Cover You" myth has been around for years, You won't find it anywhere in BSA literature. Your attire when traveling, visiting, or camping is a Pack decision,.
  17. They couldn't have removed two boulder guys! Maybe they were stoned! Did they think they could rock our world and take it for granite?
  18. Amen! That's what turned me OFF to roundtables. Dry 30 minute slide presentations on poisonous plants, etc, with mile long URLs on the screen. That's what you DON'T do!!!
  19. Reservations, Medical forms, Rechartering are all responsibilities of the Troop Committee. Boy leaders, specifically the Scribe and SPL should be invited to assist/observe/participate in the process. Most will find it "boring". Older scouts (16-17) should be encouraged to learn the "adult" stuff--some will jump at the chance! These may be your Troop's future adults! !
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