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  1. This is terrific, I can't believe I've never seen this before. Thanks moosetracker, I'm sending this to my cub parents immediately.
  2. For the last 3 years or so, we've been operating our Pack with 5 committee members, including the committee chair, the chartered organization rep, and have let the CM and ACM be voting committee members since we struggled to have other parents volunteer for things. Technically I guess they had several roles as they were duing the duties of "advancement chair", etc. The CM, ACM, and CC are all moving on in February to join a Troop. We had a huge recruiting year this year, and now that 3 out of the 5 current members are moving on, we have a large number of parents that want to take on som
  3. OhioCM


    That's a great idea, dedkad. Readyman is unique because in most of the badges the academic portion involves learning in a way that is familiar to them from school. Forrester and Naturalist for example, the bookwork is learning about trees and life cycles, etc. Not "what would you do in this situation". We did this technique at summer camp last year. If you just ask the scouts while sitting around the table, what would you do to treat a cut or what would you do if someone broke their arm, you get some glassy-eyed stares and a lot of ums and ahs. But, if you lay on the ground and pretend t
  4. This is true - my father handed down his wood-handled pocket knife with the BSA log on it to me when I was 12, and I handed it on to my son after a good cleanup and sharpening. He doesn't use it as his primary knife when we do whittling or soap carving, but it's his "special occasion" knife.
  5. OhioCM


    Austinole - hopefully the "special" relationship between the Tiger Leader and the committee member, because I wouldn't wish the fallout from that situation on anyone. But, maybe it's not as unusual as I thought! The good parts of leadership have been on my mind a lot more lately since my son is crossing over this February and I realize I will miss it. All things considered, I'd do it again. The one on one time with my son is obviously the best part, but since I've been the CM they are now all "my" boys, and watching them grow up has given me back way more than I put in. 3 months left
  6. OhioCM


    I've been a Cubmaster for 3 years now. I probably don't need to recount the trials I've gone through as the CM over time, as we all go through the same thing. It seems like we've had some unique challenges in the Pack though, just to name a few: Had our popcorn kernel flip out and order several thousand dollars more popcorn than we could ever sell, leaving us facing financial ruin A committee member had an affair with the Tiger Den Leader (when their spouses found out - WHOA!) Parent went to the council office and tried to get me, the ACM, the CC, and the Quartermaster all forcibly re
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