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  1. OK so let me go through thse to respond.. CR-yes I'm the Chrater Rep and was asked to be the eCharter rep by this org since I'm already one for a sister organization as well as the IH there. Yes, only an IH can appoint the Charter Rep, but the sketchy thing here is that it involves a career move unit which was started before any Charter was obtained, then walked away from by the professional staff. Blackballed form district and council. Yes, I know it actually sounds like a pretty sweet deal with the level of beingvoluntold most leaders getinto. But the issue here is that we have around a 50% turnover rate each year in leadership from military moves, and the few local/permanent resident volunteers arethe only ones that are here long enough to keep things running on a year to year basis with consistency. The "let em fail and they'll learn" theory is great, we actually did it as a group before when we had some far worse staff who began blacklisting some of the elder volunteers. The problem was that the professionals were only temporary, didn't care, and just let things fail which only resulted in hurting our kids in the process. No one cares about yet another pointless knot patch or some throw away award councilgives out to someone who helped them get their bonus orpromotion, this is solely about ensuring the program runs for our kids (which is the whole core of why parents really volunteer anyway).
  2. OK, I'm reticent to even consider bringing this up since our council has had MAJOR issues before and when a bad member of the previous professional staff was complained about for some unethical things said, the volunteers who reported him were immediately blackballed from having any position on anything with council and were told they wouldn't be "allowed" to volunteer anymore. OK, so now the present. We have a brand new, very young, DE who came in and seemed like he was going to be very motivated and good. After all, he was a eagle scout and had held various major leadership positions in his council and with national as a youth. Now, he's turned out to be a nightmare. He's unilaterally changed our yearly calendar since our district chair hasn't been able to make it to the last couple of committee meetings. When the leaders tried to slow it down by bringing up the fact that all the units made their schedules for the entire year last summer and this wasn't going to get alot of participation since there would inevitably be conflicts. He just blew everyone off with an air that "we are just grumpy parents and don't understand that he's in charge". Then, the calendar item of planning for next fall's roundups and school talks came up and he scheduled open houses for teh Packs on wed nights. One of the older leaders, politely, made the suggestion that we should look at a different night since many families go to church on Wed. Apparently this really peeved him, because he just made a "pfft" sound and rolled his eyes like it was the dumbest thing he's ever heard of. That's in addition to him telling another leader who was asked by the DE's superior to find a Charter Org for a new unit and after teh group asked teh volunteer to be the CR since he was already once for them, the DE told him that HE was going to pick the CR. Aside from this guy trying to run a side business while he's working as a DE, he's managed to alienate almost every member of the district committee through his regular passive-aggressive lecturing about how we need to change everything we do, because it's apparently not good enough. Or, at least, it isn't as good as the district he came here from which only had about 1/3 the membership. I've also had several parents make comments about how he "creeps them out" because he has this obviously fake and poorly executed used car salesman personality and smile. I'm seriously worried this guy is going to run off our only effective district committee in several years. But I'm also worried about making any concerns about him known to council since I have no clue how that will turn out. This guy is creepy and doesn't instill confidence in his ability to do much beyond treat the district like his own little dictatorship. Anyone ever had a problem with a DE that just needs to find a career elsewhere? Suggestions? Thoughts?
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