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    Convincing a Unit?

    So I am new to this forum but I have a big question. For the last 2 years my troop committee has chosen to go to a summer camp only 30 minutes away from our town. However, all of the scouts want to go to a camp that's a little farther away. Our SPL is siding with the committee claiming that since they're paying for the gas, they get to decide where we go camping. I'm curious on what everyone's opinion is on this subject. Also, how can we convince our committee (which has been very stubborn on the subject) to at least entertain the idea of attending another camp? Below I have a list of the arguments on each side to try and give you an unbiased, better understanding of our situation. Scouts (For other camp): - our current camp has very little merit badges - (our current camp) The staff is very unprofessional (swears and profanity everywhere) - (current camp) It's an out of council camp (we never see the staff or other campers again) - most of the older scouts said they would go provo for the other camp if we didn't switch Committee (against other camp) - the other camp is farther away - you have to take back country roads to get there - most of the adults aren't willing to stay the full week (either they come during the day and sleep at home, or they stay for 2-3 days) Again, opinions are welcome and advice is encouraged.