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  1. It's just balance to the few here marketing the program as unsafe against predators. Barry I appreciate that, thanks. Barry
  2. I'm sorry for your pain, I really am. But, I don't know why you are even here. I've talked to a lot of people about this subject and accepting for a couple of angry posters on this forum, nobody believes the BSA is haven for abused boys or predators. Sure, scouts were abused by bad people and laws were broken. The historical reputation of the scouting program holds it's integrity. I hope you get what is coming to you, but I also hope you get the help for getting a healthy mind and back to a normal life because telling off BSA members on a BSA forum is not going to do it. The BSA and it'
  3. I agree as far as not allowing such things, but not calling it abuse. Barry
  4. Yes, but when we are talking about 600 claims, skinny dipping and strip poker doesn't rate up their with some of the monstrous stuff being talked about. Barry
  5. I would have thought there would have to be some predator motivation to make a claim. I don't see a predator in your incident. A lot of scouts used to go down stream at summer camp to skinny dip. Claims? Barry
  6. I took qwazse's post as more of; YP has done all it can, not it's up to family and community. Maybe that isn't what he said, but I can't see changes improving YP guidelines at the unit level. Barry
  7. Really! Now that seems sticky. How, in a patrol method program where scouts tent with each other away from the adult camp, can an adult not create context for a youth predator? Barry
  8. Can it get safer than YP at the unit level? Maybe the changes should be toward reactions to abuse reports. Isn't that what the real complaint is? Barry
  9. Great post, but this one line sticks to me as the major problem. This generation does not agree as a community of moral behavior. Nobody in our neighborhood would dare bring up sexuality, much less abuses, because political correctness has confuse common sense morality. My neighbor who has two young boys quit talking to us when they found we voted for other guy in the presidential election. The neighbors across the street are nice folks as far as we can tell, but they obviously live a different lifestyle, and keep to themselves. There is no doubt to me that young folks today are confused about
  10. Thanks, that does help a lot. Still, I heard discussions of sex from scout filled tents late in the night that could be construed in that list. I'm not sure I'm completely over my dads talk of the birds and the bees. I wonder how many of these claims are acts from other scouts. Barry
  11. What constitutes abuse? We had one situation where an ASM lost his temper and hit a scout with his plastic coffee cup. The scout wasn't physically hurt AT ALL, but he and his parents were mentally worried the adult could loose his temper again. We reported the situation to district and council and restricted the leader from the scouts. We never saw him again accept at his son's ECOH. The family was satisfied with our actions, but could they go back on this litigation? We had another adult claim her son was a victim of abused because she heard scouts cussing near her son. Her son said it n
  12. I don't know that the culture will allow Scouting to get to it's roots. I had almost as many parents pushing their son to get elected into OA during their first year of Scouting. Many parents were irate when their son wasn't elected and demanded that the SM intercede. We live in a culture where each player of the youth soccer team is handed a trophy for just being on the team. That wasn't driven by the players. Adults encourage mediocrity so they don't have to deal with the emotions of disappointment they feel when their children don't accel. Barry
  13. Oh, I guess. But it isn't the same. One has to be careful of defending passion in spite of reality. When I was a Scout in the 70's, OA Arrowmen held more respect by scouts than the Eagles because they were selected by their everyday scouting actions within the troop. The respect of the Eagle came from scouts who independently put in the extra effort to earn the Eagle. And, that is a well earned respect of itself. But, when I became a Scout Leader in 1992, I found my Cubs getting continued lectures by adults to stay in scouting for the Eagle. The All Mighty Eagle. I'm not sure how m
  14. Over the years I heard the struggles of friends building or remolding their house. They found that if they weren't watching the building contractor crews in person, the crews tended to build toward a different plan, or no plan at all. I later had the same experience. There is the visionary, then everyone else. The problem with great visions is the people making it a reality don't see the vision, so they work to complete their personal vision of the task. If there isn't a visionary mentor watching, guiding and teaching, the vision fades into easy tasks that have little to do with the vision.
  15. It is interesting. Have to be careful though, National has a reputation of using research to justify changes that they wanted to implement before the research was started. Barry
  16. There is a saying in our district, "If you aren't comfortable in the weather, you didn't dress right!". Barry
  17. Interestingly hail is becoming the common concern the last few years in Oklahoma. A result of climate change? I don't know. But damage cost from hail far out weighs cost from other weather events. I'm not sure how well a tent will hold up to hail that breaks windshields. Barry
  18. Most troops in Oklahoma been there and done that a few times. It's not always cut and dried and the risk of moving 100 scouts and scouters can certainly be more dangerous than leaving in the tents. I will say that lightning was my greatest fear as a SM, and a member of high adventure crews. Of course Tornados are a risk here in Oklahoma. We had one patrol on a patrol campout that abandoned their camp in the middle of the night so they could drive out of harms way. There was no damage to the camp when they got back, but it was close. We had a huge storm during a Camporee with lightning hi
  19. And then what? No we don't have to have that discussion. The Oath and Law set how to judge others around us. Anything more is about who is judging, not the person being judged. The uniform code is specific. The discussion is really about how lenient we should be to ignoring the code. If you really want to pull your fitness generalizations, or rather unfitness, that is on you. My experience is youth are more accepting of other peoples physical and mental abilities and disabilities than adults. Ironic since adults generally view themselves as idealistic role models. Scouting is a great prog
  20. Wow! Let's see; long hair, ear-ring, nose ring, tattoos, body odor, bad breath. I guess we like to talk inclusion, but when it gets down to it,........ I think this discussion took a left turn into somewhere scary. Barry
  21. I don't know Latin Scot, I've watch a lot of scouts ask adults about their knots with a real curiosity. You may be offended with the appearance, but a lot of folks are very passionate about their scouting experiences and express it different ways. I agree with qwaze that when folks push the guidelines, "neat appearance" should be the overall guideline. I once watched a one legged scouter at the Council Scout Show, show off his wooden peg leg that had dozens of scout camp brands and signatures all over it. If a scout asked kindly, he might even let them sign it. He was very popular with th
  22. Yes, well this could be a Pandora's box. What if the unit choses to only recruit one gender? One member on this forum adamantly pushed letting units choose as long as they include both genders. His point was that since the BSA membership now includes both genders, they must recruit both genders. I think that is called bait and switch. Barry
  23. This is exactly me. When I was scoutmastering, I totally focused on all the scouts equally. And yes, my sons burned out once in a while, so I let them have breaks. We also didn’t discuss scouts much at home. Both my sons aged out even after I took a break from the troop. They could have taken a break with me, but they enjoyed scouting. My best memory of being with my sons was a philmont trek. My older son went as an adult leader. Scouts lead the treks, so I got to take off my leader hat. I was just a member of the crew, and we had a blast. Barry
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