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  1. Hi everyone, New to the forums, I'm an Eagle Scout and Den Leader for my oldest boys' Den (just moved into Webelos). My middle is moving on to Tigers as well in the fall so I've been his adult partner for Lions and will be for Tigers. And who knows, maybe my daughter will join when she gets old enough (she's jealous her brothers get to do stuff!).
  2. Our Cub Pack had their Graduation ceremony the previous weekend, with the Scouts earning their next rank and then a cook-out and family campout followed. Good times, especially seeing the families all there.
  3. That's one of the things I refuse to do for my two boys - I will not make their Pinewood Derby car for them. They will chose a design and during our "Pools and Tools" Event, the Cubmaster will cut our their desired shape. It's then up to them to sand it down, paint/decorate it and anything else they want. It always frustrated me as a kid when you saw these Pinewood Derby cars that were obviously done by an adult and it still does to this day. My cousin's husband had this problem....he did a police car for his Lion Scout - with functioning lights (via a battery pack). Our Cubm
  4. We tend to keep it pretty basic on our overnighters. Our Webelos and AOL's will help with the cooking but we tend to do hot dogs, grilled cheese, chips or baked beans, etc. Since we usually need to leave early in the morning, we keep it to bagels and bananas for breakfast. Knowing my son, I always have a meal, like a pb&j sandwich (he likes hot dogs...not the kind the pack gets, because they are donated).
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